What is RebateKey and Why Your Business Should Use It

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RebateKey is an excellent marketing tool that equips companies on a website platform like Walmart or Amazon ways to offer thousands of rebates and payoffs on their makes and labels for a chance to attract more customers. The purchasers benefit from the reduced cost of the products they purchase, while the dealer the potential benefits of the boost to their full-price auctions digits which increasing the number of their positions. This navigate will help you discover if RebateKey can work for your business.

What is RebateKey?

One gigantic difference between RebateKey and hundreds of thousands of traditional rebate assistances is that RebateKey does not require physical tickets or the mailing in of a Universal Product Code. It lets buyers to register their argue online and then simply is looking forward to their bonu check, overall creating a much better experience with its discount offer.

RebateKey was started in 2018 by over 30 eCommerce marketers who took the chance to join forces to develop a better style to promote their best and recent concoctions with shoppers. It has since been growing at a rapid tempo, largely thanks to word of mouth.

What is a Rebate?

For anyone unfamiliar with the retail rebate process, they are a type of discount that is offered retrospectively after acquisition rather than upfront like a ordinary discount. So with a product offered with a rebate advertising, the customer will initially purchase the item at full rate but on the promise that they can then claim the rebate last-minute and receive a partial refund. Ultimately it is an incentivizing marketing ploy to drum up interest in a commodity and get parties to purchase the product originally at full cost which then improves the store and product’s ranks better than service standards reject sale would.

How does RebateKey work for Sellers?

Rebate Key handles the entire process for both the buyers and the marketers. Both sign-up to the Rebate Key platform, with the sellers informing Rebate Key of what makes are offered with batches, and Rebate Key then finagles everything else.

The seller’s Rebate Key process looks like this 😛 TAGEND

1. Sign-up to Rebate Key with your email and browse details.

2. They mail URLs of products offering discounts.

3. Rebate Key promotes the products to registered buyers.

4. Purchasers make a purchase and open their order count on Rebate Key.

5. Rebate Key proceeds with the bonu and sends an email confirmation.

The rebate process begins after the buyer registers their epithet, email and succession ID number. The rebate key fund is then held for 30 days, after which the dealer must approve or worsen the bonu. Once approved, Rebate Key mails the money via check to the buyer.

Why Your Business Should Use RebateKey

There are a lot of incredible aspects for vendors on Rebate Key which provide a better customer knowledge and great value for fund. You is generated by unique shoring sheets, communicate with purchasers and integrate with Chrome Extension. Here’s a immediate work through all the reasons why you should consider using Rebate Key.

User-Friendly Platform Providing a Better Experience

The Rebate Key stage is very instinctive and easy to navigate. You can quickly set up rebate offers and RebateKey oversees the whole process from there.

Ethic for Money Purchaser will Recognize

By being able to offer such easy rebate renders, your consumers will appreciate the great value for coin you offer on your products. While RebateKey does not generate scrutinizes itself, the goodwill and charitable dismiss provided by the good deals is impossible to help increase positive feedback.

Useful Chrome Extension for Adding Rebate and Coupons

The Chrome Extension available with RebateKey establishes it even easier to add rebates for your customers to claim their rejects in the future.

Landing Sheets for User Transition

To help drive up consumer transitions, RebateKey has a landing page creation feature that can help you start arriving pages for your commodities. This establishes more visibility to the rebate offer and the commodity itself and obligates it easier for the customer to acquire the claim.

Multiple Online Marketplaces

RebateKey works with multiple online marketplaces, including 2 of the very biggest in Walmart and Amazon.

Ability to Contact Buyers Via Internal Messaging

Another splendid piece of RebateKey is the ability for sellers to contact buyers via the special internal messaging work, whether they purchase through Amazon from Orlando or Walmart from San Diego.

Pre-Approval of Each Rebate Check on Auto

While RebateKey organizes the entire rebate assert and money fee process, each marketer still retains sovereignty over each buy rebate.

Substantiate Via Facebook Messenger

Rebate Key also provides support with contact available through Facebook Messenger for quick and easy communication.

Access to Distributes and Discounts for Your Purchaser

Every seller can use RebateKey as a one-stop-shop for all their special proposals, which saves period and vigour and saves everything planned. This includes discounts for small business owners looking to save on everyday items.

RebateKey Pricing for Sellers- It’s Even Cheap at Full Price

Sellers exclusively pay $2.95 to RebateKey per sale or rebate assert by buyers. This signifies if a single bonu campaign arises in ten claimed refunds, then the total amount the marketer was necessary to RebateKey is just $29.50.

Extrapolate that to a much more successful campaign that results in a hundred pays, all of which are full price-paying marketings that help improve the shop’s ranking for the produce, and the total is still simply $295.

Using RebateKey for Amazon

There is so much eCommerce website competition online these days, and that is doubly so for the bigger online markets like Amazon and Walmart. But while race lists are high, customer amounts are much, far higher. Amazon Prime alone has nearly 100 million subscribers, so giving your business a visibility enhance with a service like RebateKey is absolutely worthwhile.

Setting up a RebateKey account for an Amazon ship is simple and you can do it from your browser. The very first step is to create a seller’s account by providing some details such as your busines refer, address and website, as well as your contact email address. You will too be asked to enter your median make sales volume and the sort of commodities you’d are happy to rebate.

The RebateKey dashboard then peculiarity all the options for submitting a rebate safarus. To set up the campaign, there is a requirement enroll the following information 😛 TAGEND

Name of the rebate make Brief description of the product and product category Images of makes Unique produce ID number Number of rebates in the campaign and expedition segment Dismis percentage offered in rebate

Is It Worth It? A Brief RebateKey Review

It is worth weighing up the pros and cons so here we will have a look at the primary benefits and compare them to less advantageous a number of aspects of working with this rebate system for the purposes of an Amazon store.

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of RebateKey is that you know all your pays are covered and secured. The make bonu ID system too ensures patrons cannot shape the same purchase more than once.

Another pro is that all the external transaction generated by the product rebates will be diverted to your Amazon store. The Facebook Messenger points of contact is also good, though more on this below when we go through some of the cons.

One more pro for this RebateKey review is the automated mail after every rebate check so you know exactly which reject tickets have been claimed and when.

And so to the cons. While the Messenger contact point is good, the lack of assistance via telephone feels limiting. A phone number for personal contact would greatly improve customer service.

There is also the oft-unspoken negative that is the majority of rebates being more likely to be claimed due to the ease of claiming them online. With the old-time mail-in rebates, many of them would have been forgotten about or lost, but it is now easier for the customer now as well as for the seller.

Alternative to RebateKey for Sellers

RebateKey is not the only service available for Amazon to take advantage of. Now we go through a few of the alternative firms that provide similar features.


Snagshout offers cashback and price reduction codes for produces bought online with the pays paid directly into the customer’s PayPal account. This is an even more streamlined service than RebateKey’s check-sending method but does of course limit the number of customers to those that have a PayPal account.


Vipon offers lots of cash savings on makes you succession on the Amazon or Walmart site. They too have a parts organization and instructions for regular customers to reward them for several acquires via their site.


Cashbackbase lets patrons find 100% cashback products that they can buy and be fully refunded for if they are not happy. The area also offers coupons from Amazon and Walmart supermarkets to help them build sales quickly.

Who owns RebateKey?

As previously mentioned, the website was started about three years ago by over 30 successful e-commerce people who were looking for a better acces to promote their concoctions to more target customers via rebate campaigns.

One of the co-founders is the wonderfully appointed Ian Sells, and another Leo Limin, and together these two people banked more businesses to join them in creating an easy-to-use rebate and coupon ordeal for both customers and online shops.

They run the pulpit locate from their headquarters in Sheridan, Wyoming.

How does an Amazon rebate work?

To submit an Amazon rebate order claim for an item, you must follow these instructions carefully.

First, you purchase an part that has a rebate offer available on it and ensures the rebate offer deadline has not overstepped. The produce details and info will have the deadline for purchase. It will too have a postmark deadline, which is the deadline by which you must file the bonu claim.

Secondly, once you have received the package, go to the RebateKey website and sounds their alternative for Amazon rebate campaigns( you will need to set up your history firstly ). Complete the rebate way by enter the order crowd or degree ID for the products you purchase before the postmark deadline. And make sure to read all the fine print to see if there are any other conditions or modification of the bonu process.

Be aware that once you click to submit the rebate affirm after entering the say ID for your concoctions, you can no longer return the products for any reason.

Finally, you simply wait for the 30 daylight time period to pass, the seller will then approve the rebate and RebateKey will send out your check in the mail.

Is RebateKey against Amazon TOS?

No, it does not go against the content list of the Amazon and Amazon Prime ToS “because hes not” a review-generating busines. The words of the Amazon platform perfectly do allow price reduction on concoctions. Nonetheless, it explicitly states that you cannot reduce rates in exchange for a review. As a review is not offered, it is perfectly fine.

Of course, vendors will hope the increased marketings that the rebates render will organically lead to a review or two, but a review is not part of the service and a review that does arise out of the bonu expedition will be a genuine review from a genuine customer.

Is RebateKey allowed?

Again, it is 100% legitimate because it “ve got nothing” to do with creating a review. All the Amazon and Amazon Prime stage restrictions on such services relate to creating inspects , not offering reduced prices.

How do I sell on RebateKey?

To sum up, here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell on RebateKey 😛 TAGEND

Create a RebateKey account, and set up the rebate safarus, including costs. Publish and promote your rebate expedition to increase purchases. Approve all legitimate rebates generated by RebateKey. RebateKey now does all the work and mails the checks out.

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