What Is ePacket Delivery?

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ePacket delivery is one of the most popular shipping methods offered by sellers from China and Hong Kong. For good reason – it’s one of the most wonderful delivery options for international ship with the ability to monitor your ePacket tracking lists through China Post.

Products acquired from China were previously sent by sea. This plan transmission could be expected to take over eight weeks. Now, ePacket tracking shows that most prescribes are delivered within 30 eras. Your ePacket tracker will likely reveal that many packets arrive sooner.

There are various circumstances to build the most of ePacket delivery, including ePacket regulations, the point of your purchaser basi, and how to track ePacket gives. This template will consider these topics and more.

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What Is ePacket?

ePacketis a shipping option offered by merchants in China and Hong kong residents. It originated as an agreement between the US Postal Service( USPS) and Hong kong residents Post, and has now expanded to include dozens of countries. It allows for faster delivery of products coming from China and Hong kong residents to a number of countries.

How Does ePacket Work?

ePacket shipping allows your customers to receive their carton in a reasonable period of time, while allowing them to move their order in real-time during the wait. The bringing process starts with the carrier in Hong Kong or China bringing the carton to the border. From there, it’s sent to the customer’s destination through an international carrier. After traverse the end borderline, the package is picked by a neighbourhood carrier in countries of destination, which is then responsible for delivering it to the customer’s address. The ePacket shipping time goes based on the location and the delivery approach.

What Is ePacket Shipping?

You’ll often visualize Chinese suppliers offering ePacket shipping on Oberlo. As the appoint marks, ePacket shipping was designed to serve ecommerce purchasers, giving them receive their dictates faster and at a lower cost from online storages that root items from China and Hong kong residents. Any supplier can offer ePacket shipping as long as their parcel fulfills the terms of the ePacket delivery.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

ePacket transmission started as a quick and low-cost shipping solution for conventional and dropshipping business carrying parts to the US. With season, ePacket has expanded into more than 40 world destinations, such as the UK, Canada, and Australia. A local carrier treats the ePacket delivery to the final destination. By local, we signify carriers operating within the package destination country — USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc. Each carrier has its own rewards, package dimensions, and give process.

What Are the Requirements to Use the ePacket Delivery Method?

Based on information provided by USPS, there was still several requirements that need to be met when it comes to the package or allotment being ship utilizing ePacket give. These requirements have to do with the weight and facets of the product, along with the price of the product.


The weight of the parcel being carried cannot outperformed 2 kg( 4.4 lbs ). This load includes the product, the filler cloth, the shipping box, and any other packaging material. The only exception to this weight settle is when shipping to Israel, where boxes can weigh up to 3 kg( 6.6 lbs ).


The value of any produce being sent cannot be more than $400( US Dollars ), and must be carried from China or Hong kong residents to one of the countries eligible for ePacket delivery. These countries are covered further down.

Minimum Package Size

A regular container should not have a portion less than 14 cm and thicknes less than 11 cm.

A rolled up packet should have a minimum length of 11 cm. Additionally, twice the diameter plus the section should be more than 17 cm. For cartons smaller than this, merchants often use a larger box and computed in filler information to are benefiting from this ecommerce shipping method.

Maximum Package Size

The longest side of a regular pack should not be more than 60 cm. Additionally, resources in the amount of the portion, thicknes and summit should not be greater than 90 cm. The longest slope of a rolled up container should not be more than 90 cm. Additionally, twice the diameter plus the portion should not be more than 104 cm.

What Are the Benefits of Using ePacket?

The list of countries that have access to ePacket is constantly growing. This is not surprising considering the many advantages of the utilization of ePacket delivery.

1. Faster: Standard methods of shipping from China to other countries of the world frequently make months. ePacket transmission gives people much faster delivery era. Of course, you’re still no pair to Amazon’s delivery periods, but you can reasonably expect your delivery to reach your client within three weeks.

2. Cheaper: ePacket has lower shipping paces so you can price your commodities more competitively.

3. Door-to-door China ePacket tracking: ePacket bringing furnishes patrons the option of end-to-end tracking without extra cost. Being able to track the ePacket easily on official websites such as EMS and USPS offers a huge benefit.

4. Free returns on any undeliverable entries: Another is beneficial for clients is the sense of security from is recognized that any undeliverable entry is returned, without any additional expenditure. This in turn improves the customer-merchant relationship, as the online sellers will be able to provide indemnities on any containers that were not successfully delivered to customers.

5. Payment of postal practices: Any custom-mades, functions, and/ or taxes must be paid by the recipient of the shipment. As the ePacket delivery goes through regular custom clearance, purchasers might be required to pay any pertinent taxes and duties.

Prior to the introduction of ePacket, the China EMS was the major alternative relied on for cheap transmission of customer produces. The downside of this was that it would often do more than a month for customers to receive their seeks. Other alternatives were far too costly, peculiarly compared to the price of the product.

Keep in spirit that it’s not possible to offer free shipping on all products. Some don’t fit in the ePacket size or value requirements. ePacket give procedure must be sent from either China or Hong Kong, means that if particular dropshipping merchants have products carrying within the US, customers cannot benefit from ePacket shipping in that specific case.

ePacket Countries 2021: Which Countries Have ePacket Shipping?

As of April 2021, countries that are able to benefit from the cheap China Post’s ePacket service include 😛 TAGEND














Great Britain


Hong kong residents











New Zealand





Saudi Arabia



South Korea






United kingdom government


United Position


Packages can be sent to all states, territories and military domiciles within the United States.

Average ePacket Shipping Times

A package shipped to the United States takes an average of 10 -2 0 days to arrive from the year of shipment. Other destinations may find slightly longer or similar ship days based on practices, vacations, and other postpones. However, ePacket shipping is still a more efficient option than other ship solutions out of Hong kong residents and China. Considering the loudnes of parcels processed in bulk along the road to their destination and the number of stops a packet goes through, ePacket is still reasonably fast. Plus, most ePacket bringings include ePacket shipping tracking, which allows customers to gain peace of mind by monitoring their parcels while they are on the way.

ePacket Tracking: How to Track ePacket from China

One of the greatest benefits of using China Post’s ePacket shipping service is the ePacket tracking equipment. It can be tricky to keep track of all your parcels, peculiarly when carrying a large amount at once. Customs, foreign postal services, and other roadblocks might retard the tracking of any single entry, let alone a large number. Tracking information can be valuable to customers wanting to know the location of their transmission.

Tracking likewise facilitates prevent any customer concerns viewing scams, if say, their carton is not delivered within the given time frame. ePacket shipping too peculiarity ePacket tracking and bringing proof in the US Postal Service network.

The ePacket tracking USA codes must be obtained through your supplier. You can move ePacket shipments by using USPS, ePacket China Post , or places like 17 track.net.

You can find a tracking system by going to see Oberlo> My Orders. The tracking code can be seen next to all of your fulfilled orders.

If you’re subscribed to Oberlo’s Boss plan, you’ll be able to click on the concoction and you’ll realize the shipment status instantly. This is what you’ll is displayed when you click on the concoction 😛 TAGEND

However, if you’re subscribed to Oberlo’s’ Explorer’ propose, you’ll need to track your require manually exploiting an external website — we recommend using 17 track.net.

ePacket and Dropshipping

When it comes to dropshipping, most makes are manufactured in China or Hong kong residents, conveying numerous suppliers are also based in this part of the world.The ePacket shipping alternative is one of the reasons why dropshipping makes are relatively inexpensive to source.

The benefits of buying a cheap item can be negated if had to deal with expensive ship and long wait times. These parts can cause online shoppers to reconsider their purchase at the checkout. ePacket transmission drastically chips down the shipping time for dropshipping prescribes. Fast shipping facilitates maintain your business’ positive affinity with your purchasers, both new and returning.

People want instant gratification so increasing send periods will only used in order to reach more sales. A core rationalization behind Amazon’s domination over other retailers is the ease of acquiring a product with low send durations. ePacket shipping means you can meet the needs of your purchasers with the benefits of moving the give.

With the undeniable interests that ePacket shipping volunteers your business, it should be one of the main considerations for you when deciding which commodities to dropship. ePacket is a very reliable option for both brokers and purchasers. If the majority of your clients are based locally, you will have the speed of bringing to use as an advantage. Reliable and timely delivery is an essential factor when starting a dropshipping business.

The ePacket delivery is offered by brokers as a shipping option from China on websites such as eBay, AliExpress, and Oberlo. However, the ePacket shipment is not limited to time these.

Pro Tip: Use Oberlo, you can quickly find products that have an ePacket delivery option accessible using an overlay filter.

Using China ePacket tracking and transmission modifies the game for ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to buy produces from dropshipping suppliers at a low cost, while maintaining quick ship experiences for their customers.

Custom-builts With ePacket Shipping

Customers may have to pay for usages or taxes on their concoctions. This isn’t an ePacket shipping question but an international shipping one. The ePacket delivery goes through regular habit clearances, which is the reason why the customers might require to pay any applicable taxes and duties. For best-selling components, you may want to contact your suppliers to be informed about patronages fees.

Additionally, it may also be beneficial to ask the shipping merchant if they are aware of any obligations or taxes owed on arrival to the destination. They might have an idea beforehand of the regular ship taxes/ tariffs that may incur.

Notably, commodities with ePacket to Canada, or other international countries, may have slightly higher shipping costs and lengthier bringing days. Often, free ePacket shipping is only for the US. You need to look up the countries you act manually are responsible for ensuring that ePacket tracking and transmission is available internationally.

Hence, if you always target the same countries, you might want to check if they have ePacket before importing them into your accumulate. This helps to ensure that every customer benefits from the ePacket China pole give option.

You now have a strong understanding of ePacket — congratulations! Now, you’re ready to incorporate this transmission alternative onto your ecommerce store. Doing so is likely to improve customer satisfaction and boost your changeover rate.

Summary: ePacket Shipping in 2021

You now have a strong understanding of ePacket and– congratulations! Now, you’re ready to incorporate this bringing alternative onto your ecommerce accumulate. For more gratuities and pranks on how to improve your ecommerce purchaser event feel free to have a look around our blog.

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