Video Marketing Trends for 2021: Top Predictions from 18 Industry Experts

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The year of 2020 has turned the whole world upside down. Due to the global pandemic, we have seen more the enterprises and works move online than ever before. From local enterprises to massive initiatives, companionships have turned their focus to online and video marketing in an effort to adapt to the” brand-new normal .”

We have invited 18 passing digital marketing experts to share their thoughts and projections on how commerce videos will transform and evolve in the following year. Read on to find out what video selling tendencies you need to be aware of for 2021!

1. Live Video and Real-Time Shopping

Mari Smith Premier Facebook Marketing Expert

Live streaming video on Facebook gets the best organic reach and engagement–this has been the case for many years. Most recently, in their Q3 2020 Directions Report, top social media marketing mixtures provider, Socialbakers, revealed that Facebook Live was by far the most engaging format on the platform. Nonetheless, the same report shows that live video is actually the least exercised material form. This is a huge, untapped opportunity for smart purveyors as we head into 2021.

I’ve been a huge advocate of live streaming video for well over a decade, long before Facebook Live propelled( in 2015 ). And, I’ve always said that no quantity of advanced technology can ever take the place of real, live, in-person affairs. That’s when you can look into a person’s gazes, read his or her body language, and appreciation their vigor. But, the very next best thing is video, and peculiarly live video.

With our current unprecedented need to maximize virtual fits and happenings worldwide, if there’s one area marketers should perfect, it’s live video! Another key aspect of live video is it allows you to demonstrate clear empathy for your audience.

Those enterprises that can truly humanize their online proximity will win the day.

Facebook is determined to be a major player in the digital stream the enterprises and will keep investing in better pieces for makes. Since its propel in 2018, Facebook Watch, which showcases all types of video material, has grown to more than 1.25 billion monthly visitors.Facebook Video Success

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Facebook Video Success with Free and Paid Method

In 2021, we’ll learn a surge in live video coupled with real-time shopping on both Facebook and Instagram. The peculiarity is already available to a limited number of developers, but will be rolling out to more useds. Instagram alluded that the real-time shopping with live video is not just for online retailers of physical concoctions; the company is also working on ways to help all types of businesses as well.

Plus, Facebook and Instagram will have to keep iterating to keep up with what allures the younger demographic on apps like TikTok. With the doubling of Instagram Reels length to 30 seconds, the peculiarity seems to be taking off well, still further. And this will prevent growing in the coming years. Purveyors should hinder a close seeing on what emerges with rising social media apps, as Facebook will likely be quick to deploy same features.

2. Repurposing and Cross-Posting

Dennis Yu Chief Technology Officer at Chirorevenue and CEO at Dennis Yu

Videos on social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok are visible for a few hours before they are drowned out by incoming new material. Yet videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and websites can continue to build traffic for years.

And Google isn’t exactly interested in showing video results from the social networks, any more than a Ford dealer would want to promote Toyota.

The challenge we’ve been facing is displaying enough content to feed our website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the ever-growing list of video-hungry social networks. So rather than having to individually grow video for each one, even with implements that allow us to edit and resize for the format of each network, there is a simpler answer.

To cross-post and boost.

The enterprises that thrive in video will record long-form video( 10+ hours) to chop up into smaller clods that they can give across other social networks. The longer-form content will live on their website and YouTube, plus rewritten into essays, which will be key for SEO. And the short-form content will be revised for memes, horizontal videos, paraphrase placards, and other formats.

Because social networks are a pay-to-play proposition for delivery, the majority of our contact will come from boosting these announces to custom gatherings, neighbourhood places( for retail store and work business ), and to interest targets( for e-commerce jobs ). Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn share the same 3 theatre funnel formation for their ad arrangement- means that boost posts is the same methodology across all of them.

Businesses who realize that production of content must be done with an nose towards dissemination and boosting across multiple structures will expend heavily into workflow- appropriate tools, process, and people to enable content to be quickly chopped up and re-used. The pulpits natively are not in favour of this, for self-evident reasons, but expect to see more third-party tools and apps that allow for repurposing material abruptly, with an integrated ads factor to ensure distribution.

3. Social Media Algorithms and Video Content

Greg Jarboe Co-Founder and President at SEO PR

More than 428 million videos ought to have uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch in the last 365 eras. That up from 411 million videos that were uploaded the previous year and 361 million videos that were uploaded its first year before that.

So, one of the trends that we can expect to see in 2021 is a surge in video uploads to about 487 million- which is about 1.3 million videos uploaded a epoch, or 55,594 an hour.

Obviously , no one can watch even a tiny fraction of these videos. So, the most important new trends in the coming year will involve changes to the algorithms that these social media programmes use help to determine which videos get detected. This move beyond video SEO.

For example, Facebook’s algorithm uses signals like how many beings respond to, comment on or share berths to identify how high they appear in News Feed. It likewise prioritizes affixes that precipitate speeches and meaningful interactions between people.

Instagram’s technology squanders different ways, or signals, to determine the order of posts in your feed. These signals are used to help determine how your feed is said, and may be applied to 😛 TAGEND

Likelihood you’ll be interested in the content. Date the berth was shared. Previous interactions with the person affixing.

The goals of YouTube’s search and uncovering arrangement are twofold: to help sees find the videos they want to watch, and to maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction.

So, video SEO may help a new video get detected, but if it doesn’t get enough watch time in the first three to six weeks, then it won’t be recovered at a later date.

And Twitter scores each tweet exercising a relevant representation. The model’s score foresees how interesting and participating a Tweet would be specific to a used. A create of highest-scoring Tweets is then shown at the top of his or her timeline, with the residue indicate directly below.

So, you should monitor ventures like YouTube Shorts, which is being beta tested in India. YouTube Shorts is seeing short-lived, vertical videos “easily discoverable on the YouTube homepage( in the new Shorts shelf ), as well as across other parts of the app.”

YouTube Shorts Example for Greg Jarboe's Comment

If the beta is successful, then it “wouldve been” reeled out worldwide- and other social video stages are likely to follow suit.

4. WFH and Raw Content, Entertainment Video Platforms

Dan Knowlton Co-Founder and CMO at Knowlton

The global pandemic is going to have a big impact on how video is produced in 2021. I ensure there are still 3 key directions 😛 TAGEND

More focus on material that can be produced whilst WFH( Working From Home) e.g. podcast interviews via zoom More’ fresh’ user-generated content e.g. purchaser unboxings etc More focus on producing content that entertains( look at how pulpits like Tik Tok are blowing up, consumers go to the programme to be entertained)

More importantly, what can you do to tap into these trends and produce video in 2021 that blows up? Below are some actionable steps you can tale to gain inspiration and help guide your content policy in 2021 ;P TAGEND

Listen to The Business Anchors Podcast( It’s the only business podcast you’ll actually want to listen to at the weekends) Check out the Unicorn Facebook Ad Creatives Group for revelation from the top 1% of e-commerce Facebook Ads that have brought about $50 k-5 00 k revenue or have accumulated 1 million+ beliefs profitably Join The Friday Club( A weekly newsletter with the best Marketing content we have spent& initiated each week) Go to your favourite creators’ charts on LinkedIn, under’ activity’ click’ understand all’, click on posts and look at their videos for muse. What topics are they affixing about? How are they formatting their videos? How long are their videos?

5. LinkedIn Video

Viveka von Rosen Co-Founder and CVO at Vengreso

You know when LinkedIn finally jumps on board, that social video has Certainly cleared it.

If Video can make it on LinkedIn, it can make it … anywhere!

My prediction for Video on LinkedIn was going to be the fact that they would probably be adding video conferencing in LinkedIn Messaging, but they disappeared onward and propelled that this year! So there is now: Native Video, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Stories with Video, private video messaging on LinkedIn AND LinkedIn video conferencing through messaging.Viveka von Rosen Preview

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LinkedIn Native Video: Eight Policy to Help You Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

So what is my prediction? LinkedIn will continue to feed its UI( User interface) with aspects that make video even better. That might include better video pieces like 😛 TAGEND

New filters for native and video messaging( Maybe copying Zoom’s “Touch up my appearance” ?) More and better adds-on to Stories, better stickers, including templates, more options to create your own adds-on More video conferencing platforms( I entail, Microsoft does own both Skype and LinkedIn, so ….) Opening Live up to everyone, and maybe without the use of third party tools.

And perhaps educating its users about its new peculiarities? When I share that LinkedIn has all these video pieces, most tribes in my public are only aware of one or two.

As virtual remote selling becomes more the norm than certain exceptions, parties utilizing LinkedIn for Selling are going to have to get over their fears and start adapting to the use of Video for their benefit. It’s my hope and prediction that LinkedIn will make it easier for consumers to do just that.

6. Video Sequencing

Paul Sokol Co-Founder at Be Pro Events

With regards to video advertising, I believe we are going to see more video sequencing in 2021.

Video remarketing abilities have been available on Facebook and YouTube( Google) promote networks for years. This past year, LinkedIn became the last major video advertiser to open up this functionality . In other words, if someone watches a certain percentage of your video, they can be added into a particular pushing audience.

This audience tactic allows businesses to create” video ad moves” where individuals can be served up a series of videos as ads in a specific order. I too believe this also wants we are going to see more story-based content to create a clean consistent brand experience from video to video.

In fact, this is very similar to how network television registers project. There are currently 3 or 4 segments are broken down by business. Each segment needs to push ahead the fib AND likewise leave the viewer employed enough to stick around past the commercials.

With video remarketing, the “commercials” are the social pleasure your public takes between your video views.

As a simple example, you could run an educational video that exposes and ours into a specific problem for your target audience. Then, to all persons who watched more than 50% of the video, you can show them another video highlighting your concoction as the solution for the problem introduced in the previous video.

To maximize effectiveness, you would need to create a clean storyline between videos. The first video can concluded with a call to action such as, “… and that’s how that trouble drudgeries. Keep scrolling and in my next video I’ll share one of the best solutions I’ve meet for this “. Then the second video can start by picking up from the previous one,” Hey it’s me again! In my last video I talked about PROBLEM and in this one I’m going to show you …”.

7. Stop Motion Video

Donna Moritz Founder of Socially Sorted

A large-hearted video content direction we are going to continue to see into 2021 is Stop Motion Video. It’s already popular on Instagram and with TikTok and now Spool gaining in popularity, it’s a great video format for creating engaging content, including labelled content. Stop motion videos catch the eye and select us in and you don’t have to be a movie producer to create fun stop motion videos.

Want to get started? LifeLapse is a great app for both iOS and Android that lets anyone create employing times. They too share a lot of handy seminars to help you learn gratuities and subterfuges. A good gratuity is to think about what you can animate in the real world around you … that we wouldn’t expect. Have some merriment with it and get creative!

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8. LinkedIn Live Video

Brian Schulman Founder and CEO at Voice Your Vibe

Hubspot did a study finding 54% of consumers wishing to more video material from brands/ enterprises they patronize. Further, it’s been predicted that video will account for 70% of all MOBILE traffic by 2021.

Now more than ever, it’s the heart of it all that matters and I ponder the growth of live video streaming as one of the purposes of a brand’s heart-centered content marketing strategy will continue to increase, with media concentration on LinkedIn.

In 2021 LinkedInLIVE will come out of BETA and I foresee more and more industries will find their tones, tone their vibe, and lure their tribes by including live video in their commerce approaches on LinkedIn.

9. Unfiltered Conversations and Human Ordeal

Jessika Phillips Founder of NOW Marketing Group

I believe in 2021 brands are going to see a rise of the “Unfiltered” gossips. Meaning the shroud between brands and their patrons will be thinner, providing access and insight into what is at the brand’s core and the impres their patrons have as it relates to their relationship with the brand.

The name of the game will be creating a sense of belonging> buying, in our approach to market if we want to build a sustainable brand without the constant pay to play model.

Why? Even with buying Ads, aka tending, community and patriotism isn’t something for sale.

Anyone can buy from a brand once but unless the brand is delivering above& beyond their promises, that client most likely will not be back.

Not to mention, labels will have to work even harder at proliferating brand-new marketings if they don’t have positive social proof and people talking about them via unfiltered evaluates& dark social gossips( communications in the inbox labels can’t experience or evaluate ).

So how can we get ahead in 2021 to create a sense of belonging?

Video is one powerful implement that can help build a relationship with your customers, community and prospects a lot faster! Here are a few regions symbols should focus on video.

Telling authentic legends via video to give access to your label, highlighting firebrand temperament and use video to build awareness, cartel, transparency and parish. Brands should focus on using narrations on social media to reach three core ranges.

Awareness- forming videos that support who “youre ever”, your core culture, what you offer and use fibs to show up consistently with clarity and conviction with your themes. Consideration- utilize floors to share social proof contents, narratives from your current both consumers and overall the support of the community you’ve improved. Consider doing collab story videos and letting your audience speak on your behalf Conversion based stories that focus on offering VIP insider furnishes and access that compensations a steadfast society.

* all of these videos should be used in balance to truly grow the sense of belonging.

Video in email- more video emails to personalize your approach in the inbox to build relationships faster and help in the lucidity of your meanings. Video shoring sheets that build the sound and vibe you’re looking to invoke and increase overwhelm simulate. Video/ Gifs to stand out in personalized social replies Product videos for e-commerce that bring commodities to life vs a photograph

We will need to focus less on the tools and more on our skill. Building better #Hxperiences( human experiences) are likely to be the battleground. Our patrons want to feel that the government has the inside scoop, instant access, on-demand service and VIP treatment when, where, and how they demand it.

Let’s face it, 2020 simply sped up the rate of customer adaptation to a self-service approach to doing business online. Our patrons want speed, accessibility and ease-of-use of doing business with us , not just buying from us. Therefore, this has to be a mindset shift. Everything we do should revolve around house and enhancing its own experience , not just to gain the sale the first time. It will be a huge contributing factor to our clients continuing to buy from us again and again.

Human experience tendencies we will see skyrocket 😛 TAGEND

Messenger Marketing | Automation via Chatbots in the inbox for process and accessibility more than marketing programs. Dark Social | Foster and participate in niche social canals that customers go for real-time conversation& information in a neighbourhood that is comfortable to them. SEO via Page Experience Updates | Brands will look at ways of turning their website into an interactive asset hub that leaves their tourists a reason to return. Personalized Content | Brands stepping up their competition in providing content specific to their audience- working personalized video emails, audio letters and sharing a means of direct access when communicating with their purchasers. User-Generated Content Moments | Brands will concentrate on ways to create times, opportunities, and rewards for their audience to share UGC of their firebrand with photos, videos, affiliate relations, etc. Labels want to get their audience to help amplify their story. Relation Marketing( YAY !) | Brands will step up their customer-first culture and workflows of how they approach marketing and sales messaging. I believe that they will really focus on tales around their customers. Personalized Ads | Labels will invest a lot more on improving their ads administration abilities- developing ads that reach the right people with the liberty message.

Internally, symbol market will too change. Symbols will work to reinforce their culture internally and build a strong foundation so their team, customers and community want to support them organically and unfiltered. Firebrands will realize their most valuable influencers are their current patients, community members and team representatives. They’ll have to work their sell by commencing from an inside- out, mentality. The stronger the core label sense, the stronger the culture will be and the stronger the attraction to the brand. All particular aspects of the firebrand identity will create a growth momentum in a flywheel effect.

In short, the rules are simple. In order to better to triumph business now and in the future, we must present our symbols in alignment with our core send. Which must resonate with our clients on a personal level and have a service-over-selling approach, FIRST. Then, simply use on-line tool to amplify that sense in a way that is more accessible. In order to better to build and proportion business we must be comfortable with registering up unfiltered and continually work to out-care the competition.

1 0. New Video Ad Formats

Andrew Hubbard Founder and CEO at Hubbard Digital

I think video advertising across social programmes, peculiarly Facebook and Instagram will continue to grow rapidly. We’ll witnes new pieces being wheeled out across the pulpits, and as a result there will be new video ad formats created to support these features and placements. One sample that immediately comes to mind is Instagram Reels. When Instagram countenances advertisers to target video ads in Reels, there will be a push forward 30 -second horizontal video ads to support that placement. This is one example, but for every new video ad placement that appears, advertisers will need to create content that is tailored for that placement.

That precedes into what I guess will be the other large-scale shifting we’ll see in 2021- new levels of creativity from businesses and firebrands when it comes to video advertising. Continuing with this example, to succeed with Reels placements, business will need to create video content that is similar to the native content on Reels and TikTok. Short, super creative, and entertaining videos will become a core part of highly successful video ad blitz. Companionship that are able to move beyond what worked in 2020 and cuddle video creation using the same style that their purchasers are exhausting in 2021 are likely to be the ones that win when it comes to video advertising.

1 1. YouTube Playlists, A/ B Testing, and More

Stephan Spencer Advanced SEO Programme, Author, and Speaker at Stephan Spencer

We’re going to see video marketers boosting in a number of key areas 😛 TAGEND

YouTube playlists will represent an increasing role in video marketing in 2021.

Playlists are a missed opportunity for most video marketers to boost” watch hour” on their channels. Generating playlists around your company’s occurrences, proclamations, products and services precisely isn’t going to cut it. Use keyword research to figure out what beings are searching for on YouTube in your niche and organize playlists on those topics. Then link to those playlist URLs from your email newsletters, your website, your papers published abroad on the Web, etc. You can even use your full “play all” uploads register as a playlist. Vow to never again link to a YouTube URL that doesn’t contain the list= parameter tying to one of your playlists. For lesson, here’s my interview of Marisa Peer which will then lead to the rest of my videos on my direct: