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Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

Everyone has eyes and ears, but not everyone can see or hear. The vision are similar, the din are similar, but the insight is different for each person.

Every Sunday Mass, the word of God is affirmed. Everyone hears the same proclamation; everyone attends the same liturgy celebrated. But the effect is not the same for everyone. There are some who come out from the Mass the same way as they entered. But there are others who, after hearing the same deciphers, participating the same liturgy, go home at peace with God, receiving enlightenment from God.

The Holy Spirit participates a big role in curing a person experience therevelation of God through apparently ordinary affairs. But for the HolySpirit to work, it needs openness from our duty, a willingness tolisten and make available our centers for the Holy Spirit to startworking and divulge what is hidden. The danger for some of us is thatwe don’t think God can astonish us with anything. When we insure ourlives too much, we don’t allow the Lord to use the Holy Spirit toenter “peoples lives” affording us new perspective on how we can look atthings. Let us trust in the Holy Spirit and take chances!

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