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Trends to Witness in the Staffing Industry Post-COVID-19

71% of staffing firms expect the industry to come back stronger than before.

– The 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth

The staffing companies are set to emerge as stronger than before post-COVID-1 9 pandemic- the pandemic that is closely synonymous with crisis and skepticisms. While most of the horizontals within are experiencing decreasing revenue and profitability, staffing fellowships from the legal, healthcare and education are experiencing better growth.

Despite the fact, COVID-1 9 has propelled countless challenges for the staffing industry to tackle throughout this year, it has principally catalyzed functional, structural, and operational changeovers across the sectors, bringing in staffing vogues that initiated the alteration and transitions within the processes.

These trends and transformation are not limited to the COVID-1 9 time. Apart from thorough staffing data conduct, robust communication, and contingent worker stretch, there are a few other veers that the staffing industry can expect to witness post-COVID-1 9 pandemic 😛 TAGEND

Remote Working

To cope with the financial loss due to the economic slowdown, staffing businesses gradually started considering remote working with a motive to save the operational costs and adhere to the stringent social distancing norms.

The fluctuating employment market will be demanding these staffing companies to follow the remote working veer post-COVID-1 9 as well to hire unexpectedly skilled employees beyond geographies and ensure sustainable staffing business. Technological advancements and more efficient Work From Home( WFH) policies are inevitable for staffing businesses to do away with all sorts of driving barricades and get the maximum advantage out of this emerging work culture trend.

Digital Timesheet, Hiring, and Onboarding

Digitalization has already toy an essential role in better managing the COVID-1 9 crisis by ensuring task management through precisely a few cases taps and better heath safety of the on-site workers.

Moving onward, the importance of the digitalization and automation of various staffing procedures such as timesheet, hiring, onboarding, etc ., appears to be increasing through the deployment of AI-based and Saas-based staffing solutions. Whether it is digital timesheet handling through geofencing technology or digital onboarding through video interviewing, staffing firms, technological mixtures have been providing the staffing companies a digital-edge and will be playing a pivotal role post-pandemic as well.

Staffing companies not eliminating the conventional approaches will be facing a myriad of challenges in enduring the crisis and survive in the market.

Gig Economy

With so many employees laid off globally due to the increasing staffing business uncertainty and COVID-1 9 economic crisis, the global market is inundated with talented and skilled workers with imperceptible full-time opportunities.

Until the job market gets better and customs start gaining earnings to render full-time staff like before, the staffing firms are likely to be heavily focusing on hiring independent workers for short-term commitments through project-based hiring platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Pay Per Hour, etc. This trend will be helping the staffing business to get their ball rolling while also managing the costs well to get the business back on track.

Many firms have already launched on their travel to embrace these trends fully and incorporate the required transformation to thrive in the post-COVID-1 9 future. Have you?

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