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Top 25 Middle East Startups with Best Explainer Videos (2021 Edition)

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Explainer videos are short interesting videos that ask or demonstrate something about a business.

There are various types of explainer videos from the always trendy shown humans in vibrant hue combinations and inspired narratives to animated whiteboard storeys to the brand-new tend of live-action and flow graphics.

Explainer videos should generally be 30 -9 0 seconds in length, with a written write of around 200 utterances or less.

To craft an explainer video gather information from the startups that are doing it right.

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Here is a list of 25 fabulous explainers’ videos across a great variety of manufactures that should got to get inspired.

1. Trukker Technologies

Trukker is the most efficient Digital Freight Network that integrates challenge and supply for region freight services. Trukker exercises AI/ ML technology to simplify street freight and logistics operations.

The visuals in the explainer video present an revelation into the company’s function and its user-friendly interface. There is no voiceover but the video seizures you with its employing visuals and graphics.

2. Ekar

Ekar is Middle-east’s first self-drive mobility company. It provides users a system of thousands of car-share and subscription loaning vehicles in its app.

Ekar’s explainer video has no voiceover but the alluring visuals, text animations, and the spectacle of to-the-point information is what Ekar get right to make it to the list.

3. Lucky Egypt

Lucky is a go-to mobile app and website for instantaneous deductions and free cashback on all obtains. Lucky offers online and in-store rebates, cashback, and mobile recharge with exactly a few cases clicks.

Lucky’s explainer video is plainly explaining the companies purpose and its benefits. With light distinguish of pigments and exhibit of its app with a piece of committing background music, one can easily understand the message.

4. Adzily

Adzily is the first DOOH network focused on audience& targeting. Adzily is the first indoor advertising platform in MENA.

A very short and to-the-point explainer video. They rapidly melded the figures into the video showcasing their user locate and the reason to use its services. This 50 -second explainer video is a complete package to understand their platform.

5. CarSwitch

Carswitch is a car sale platform that took the entire process of selling a auto from the paws of the dealer& purchaser to its technologically advanced platform.

This 90 -seconds explainer video displayed the part interface of its pulpit in a simple and subtle route. The video had no voiceover but the use of sober shades and textbook livings and a piece of alleviating background music made this video top notch.

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6. Liwwa

Liwwa is a financial service platform that monies firms in Jordan and Egypt.

This 30 -second explainer video had everything that an explainer video involves !! From astounding graphics to engaging flows. This video paraded the entire process and affair of its services and insight into how the company toils.

7. Seez

Seez is a tech startup that developed the visualizes app. Its applied AI/ ML engineering to facilitate and automate the car shopping process.

The Seez app renders a smart-alecky search engine for online auto rolls, as well as tools and services that acquire vehicle shopping easier, faster, and more efficient.

They caused a simple video with flow graphics and verse animations with no voiceovers. This video explains how to use the platform effectively to get the best car.

8. Foodics

Foodics gives a cloud-based all-in-one restaurant management system. It provisions high-tech mixtures and real-time management to restaurants.

This explainer video creatively played with real-time idols. This video efficiently illustrated everything from user’s pain points to how to effectively use the platform to get the best out of your eatery business.

This explainer video creatively played with real-time images. This video efficiently asked everything from user’s pain points to how to effectively use the platform to get the best out of your eatery business.

9. Medicus AI

Medicus is an AI-based platform that converts medical reports into an interactive know that helps users better understand their medical reports in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way.

This 90 -second Medicus explainer video showcased how effective their stage is in understanding all complicated medical reports.

They use 2D characters, with amazing graphics and they also included a relatable scenario presenting the difficulties and the solution.

Good Work Medicus !!

10. Eat App

Eat App is a resulting eatery booking and table administration pulpit.

This startup video interpreted the open-ended working group of its platform displaying the user interface with a simple voiceover. Playing simple is what fixed them to this list!

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11. Toters

Toters is a platform that delivers goods from groceries to restaurant orders.

This explainer video had a signature of feeling and puns that seen the video locking. Toters had succeeded in showcasing their services in an entertaining course with added feeling.

Kudus to Totters !!

12. Hakbah

Hakbah is a fintech startup specializing in alternative saving and Savings Groups.

Hakbah explainer video had a bright selection and colours and graphics that retained us participating. With voiceover and affecting background music one can easily understand the functioning of the startup.

13. Unifonic

It is a platform that helps company’s to engage with purchasers effortlessly across variou channels: SMS, expres, email, etc.

They composed a simple video with 2D reputations with affecting graphics and enormous emblazon combining with a voiceover that support the functioning of the company and also discussed the pain times of the user to gain trust.

Amazing work there!

14. Instabug

It is a platform that delivers Real-Time Contextual Insights; sanctioning mobile units to accelerate their workflow and liberate with confidence.

This startup explainer video displayed the part purpose of their scaffold and how a customer can benefit from its services.

15. Tap Payment

It is a platform that attains online remittance easy, immediate, and secure for businesses.

Tap Payments started a simple and easy-to-understand video that focuses on every step a business goes through and how Tap Payments is a perfect finance solution.

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16. Veezeta

Vezeeta is an online healthcare platform that serves patients in each step of their healthcare journey through data and lore.

Vezeeta’s explainer video starts with a person having a bad headache to has a sweet transition where Veezeta has the solution.

Veezeta nailed in showing that it has a answer for almost all healthcare issues with a simple voiceover.

17. Mumzworld

Mumzworld is an e-commerce platform that caters to babies, babes, and children.

This short explainer video directly connects with the mothers out there.

The video had a pleasurable voiceover explaining how the eCommerce platform will cater to the needs of every father in this time of crisis.

18. Ziwo

ZIWO is an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Software( CCAAS) that renders a solution for companies to talk to their clients over the Phone, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

This startup explainer video had 2D courages and graphics which were committing. This startup video swiftly managed to show the problems and the solutions it brings to the table.

19. Amal Glass

It is a company that accompanies smart services for blind and visually impaired people.

This explainer video established real-time portraits of the products with a demonstration of how the products actually run and also discussing their benefits.

This video shows how transparent the company is with its product to gain beings trust.

20. Aumet

Aumet is a B2B online platform that sells medical makes and buoys healthcare companies.

This startup explainer video has unusually participating background music with an interesting graphic and subtle shade combination all of that with the information on what the company does.

This video is a complete package !!

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21. Careem

Careem is a platform that caters to the needs of daily life. From booking journeys, saying nutrient, browsing, and paying monies Careem got it covered.

This 30 -second explainer video deals all the roles that the company acts. The action graphics, text livings, voiceover, and the oppose of colourings gives the attention. Careem managed to show why it is desirable to the needs and requirements of everyday life.

22. Okadoc

Okadoc is a tech company that aims to improve healthcare equipment for cases.

This startup explainer video showcase how a consumer can select a doctor from a wide range of specialists and book an appointment and receive remainders.

The explainer video had no voiceover but it connects with the users as it shows the interface of the app with a piece of stunning background music.

23. Drawdeck

Drawdeck is a platform for stimulating and economical wall art.

Drawdecks explainer videos got amazing gesture graphics foreground their commodity. The verse inspiring and the background music certainly do justice to the video.

24. Matic

Matic is a platform that supports professional dwelling cleaning service.

This explainer video connects instantly to the homemakers around the globe. The video managed to show the aching objects of the user in a bitchy route and nailed it.

25. Udenz

UDENZ supplies Quick Appointments squandering the outcry piece to Find Nearby Dentists exercising AI Technologies.

This explainer video managed to play hurriedly with the graphics and text animations while speaking the core send. The video has no voiceover but the presentation of knowledge and people clearly caught the eye.

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It is crucial to understand the suffering targets of your target audience and the central meaning before prancing into an explainer video.

The explainer video should draw the gathering to anticipate why they need your product or service, and enforce them to move further down the funnel.

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Our Selection Criteria for Startup Explainer Videos

CreativityWell written dialogue Entertaining/ InterestingClear and simple explanationMusic choiceProperly defined CTAEngagement

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