Three Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business in 2020: TikTok, Pinterest, Medium

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One of the essential questions every entrepreneur needs to answer is how to reach customers.

The internet and digital media, in particular, have changed the road “were living”, make decisions, and spend money.

And as challenger rises across various industries, enterprises are looking for new ways to gain potential patients.

Even though there are platforms that allow us to reach millions of parties organically, most ventures fail to do so because they don’t know where their standard audience is and how to target them.

Paid ads, on the other hand, can have a good return on investment. But there’s a obscured capability of contacting hundreds of thousands of people organically if you know how to use today’s rising platforms.

TikTok, Pinterest, and Medium are a few of these opportunities.

These are growing at a tremendous speed and allowing makes to tap into new gatherings. And the marketers who know how to use them have the chance to reach beings all over the globe without spending a penny on paid advertising.

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TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing platform that was founded in 2016.

Over the past few years, it has spread like wildfire and become the most relevant competitor of Instagram.

During the COVID-1 9 lockdown, millions of new consumers worldwide connected the social network to watch entertaining or school videos.

As of August 2020, more than 800 million people are using TikTok every month and the app has been downloaded more than two billion times.

The Content

The maximum duration of a TikTok video is 60 seconds. Yet the average length of viral TikTok videos is around 15 seconds.

Even though its user interface might firstly look embarrassing, creating and sharing videos on TikTok is actually really simple.

TikTok praises in-app start-ups, which means you don’t need a idea camera or video editing implements to produce excellent videos.

Instead, you can use its internal implements and form stunning videos with ease.

While most people think of TikTok as a platform to share dance videos, thousands of entrepreneurs and business actually use the network to share educational content.

The Audience

While more than 40 percentage of TikTok’s public is aged between 16 and 24, more and more older customers are joining the platform every day.

Most of today’s popular social pulpits first started by targeting younger generations, and formerly they got used to the network, older contemporaries joined.

Facebook started as a programme for students, more many of today’s grandparents scroll through their news feeds every day. And the same will likely happen with TikTok.

If you’re suffice an international audience, TikTok might allow you to reach more people organically than any other platform.

And if your target audience is less than 30 years old , now is the best time to create a marketing strategy for your TikTok channel.

Companies such as Spikeball, Vessi, or Gymshark are already using TikTok successfully and reaching millions of new potential clients every month.

However, whether you’re the expert consultants, coach, or trying to build your personal label, you might be able to benefit from TikTok’s massive reach. Even lawyers and doctors are using the scaffold to develop their brands and stand out from the competition.

The Assistances and How to Get Started

Even though TikTok’s gathering is growing soon, new creators still have great opportunities to build an audience through viral videos.

While it’s almost impossible for a pole to go viral on Instagram without having a lot of followers, it’s still likely on TikTok.

Right now, the app spares new designers and fresh content, so if you assemble the platform soon and share relevant content, you might get tens of thousands of views with ease.

And by position a link to your website or email schedule in your profile description, you can turn your TikTok audience into readers and compensating customers.

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Pinterest was founded in 2009 in the US and is a visual search engine.

Even though countless people know about Pinterest and are more likely even utilized it as a source of inspiration, only few people understand how to use it as an effective commerce channel.

Yet, thousands of today’s blogs and online occupations rely on Pinterest as their primary commerce source.

The Content

On Pinterest, you create horizontal likeness, known as Pins, to promote an commodity, a video, or a product.

When parties click on that Pin, they end up on your website to read a blog post, watch a video, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase.

Pinterest works for businesses that sell physical commodities as well as those selling digital services and products.

Creating visually appealing Bolts and writing engage replica is what matters most in order to see people click on your Pin and go to your website.

The Audience

More than 360 million beings use Pinterest every month. Yet what stands out is that over 70 percent of the subscribers are women with strong purchasing power.

According to studies, 47 percent of Pinterest useds browse through the pulpit to make a buying decision. These purchases are principally tied to significant life contests such as a marry, a child’s birth, or a relocation.

However, online organizations that don’t sell physical products can benefit from the massive traffic on Pinterest too.

Personal Growth Base, for instance, is a website dedicated to helping people to become their best selves. On its Pinterest page, the symbol shares Pins with blog posts’ claims to get parties to read its content.

Once you click on one of the Pins and read an article, you have the opportunity to subscribe to a weekly personal evolution newsletter. And if you like the content, you can join an online direction to dive even deeper.

The Interests and How to Get Started

The main benefit of Pinterest compared to other pulpits is that you can easily automate the marketing process.

Once you’ve created the Pins, you can schedule them with marketing implements such as Tailwind.

Pinterest is particularly relevant for two types of businesses:

A) Businesses with a catalog under the existing content such as blog affixes or YouTube videos. These companies can create a lot of content for Pinterest readily precisely by designing Pins for their existing content.

B) Businesses that sell commodities that are particularly appealing to women. Even though more and more guys are joining the platform, it’s still been characterized by females.

That’s why Pinterest is particularly promising for companies that target middle-aged women.

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Medium is an American online publishing platform that allows anyone establishing and share written content.

The platform was founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter. Today, Medium is one of the 300 most visited websites and anyone can sign up and share articles in a few clicks.

The Content

Medium is dedicated to writing and consists of blog posts and storeys of various forms.

While it might be hard for a mode brand to grow a significant audience on Medium, it’s an excellent sit for businesses that rely on content marketing through school articles.

If you, for instance, open a mindfulness app, Medium can be the perfect situate to share articles about self-care, mindfulness, or reflection. Those who read your affixes will likely be possible clients for your product or service.

Just like on Pinterest, Medium is also a great place to grow an email list for a knowledge-based company.

And if you’re selling online directions or a digital coaching carton, you might find an interested audience on Medium that you can turn into subscribers and purchasers through a simple call to action at the end of your articles.

The Audience

What distinguishes Medium from other stages is that more than 90 percentage of its consumers are college graduates. While TikTok is all about attention-grabbing content, Medium books demand more in-depth knowledge.

Even though Medium is a platform with a worldwide community, most of its users is set out in America and Asia. However, its European audience is increasing at a particularly rapid rate.

The Benefits and How to Get Started

With more than 100 million monthly readers, Medium is a big opportunity for those who share high-quality written content.

Certain niches such as self-improvement, tech, or entrepreneurship are particularly favourite. So if your business operates in one of these areas, you have the opportunity to reach your model patron by publishing related content.

In addition to its big contact, Medium also has a high domain authority. With a score greater than 90, the website outranks most other sheets. This offsets it relatively easy for marketers to create content that can be found through Google searches.

That’s why it might be better to start your firm blog on Medium instead of using your own website. But even though they are publish your company’s essays on Medium, you can also republish them on your website and vice versa.

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Final Thoughts

TikTok, Pinterest, and Medium are three effective ways to drive traffic to your website or online accumulate in 2020 and beyond.

Even though these programmes aren’t new, most firms don’t know how to use them effectively to reach their target audience. That’s why you can have a significant advantage by present it a try and tapping into these platforms’ gigantic audiences.

While all three programmes can be a source of free, organic commerce, your success and reach on each of them depend on your consistency.

On TikTok, you should aim to upload at least one to three videos per era. On Pinterest, you’ll need to schedule a minimum of ten Pins per daylight. And on Medium, your goal should be to publish high-quality commodities at least once per week.

The more content you produce, the higher your chances of success on these programmes. And even though you don’t need to pay for the contact, you’ll need to invest lots of time to drive free traffic through these platforms.

Last but not least, marketing your business on these scaffolds will simply work if you genuinely care about your audience and procreate content that is worth watching or reading.

With millions of videos and blog announces online, people can quickly distinguish between firebrands who care about their gathering and those that don’t.

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