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The Zizz, online @ Living Record Festival

The Zizz, online@ Living Record Festival

The Living Record Festival claimed responsibility for “a gala of ground-breaking grassroots digital art”; very much the complete opposite in presentation to what we might be seeing in fringe theaters above pubs or under railway domes. Putting their fund where their cavity is, they have commissioned digital yields, many from theater firms whose live reveals have been shelved in the last year. This includes Chewboy Yield, who have had to reschedule their 2020 see, Tethered, three times so far! So it is with genuine compassion for their plight that I settle down for such contributions, The Zizz. It opens …





A short produce specifically for digital intake, “its one” for people who like to ponder over the sense long after a picture has finished.

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The Living Record Festival claims to be “a celebration of ground-breaking grassroots digital art”; very much the terminated inverse in presentation to what we might be seeing in fringe theatres above saloons or under railway arches. Putting their coin where their speak is, the government has commissioned digital creations, many from theatre companionships whose live substantiates have been deferred in the last year. This includes Chewboy Make, who have had to reschedule their 2020 demo, Tethered, three times so far! So it is with genuine compassion for their predicament that I settle down for their contribution, The Zizz.

It opens very much inline with that digital remit; the screen glints, then a snippet of a Tv shopping path with its suave salesman( Georgie Bailey ), before chipping to Doz( George Craig ), alone, dishevelled, in an almost bare chamber. A bowl of nutrient moves across the floor which he consumes eagerly, as if he hasn’t eaten for a long time. And throughout everything there is, there’s a very exasperating buzzing fly that he can’t fairly catch , no matter how frantically he tries. But what does this have to do with those opening snippets, and why are all the windows plowed up? So many questions previously after really one minute. Questions are, in fact , not just in my psyche, they are singer aloud onscreen, most telling of which is “But what if there is something else out there … that is the mighty question”.

Things continues in a very peculiar and confounding behaviour as Doz perceives himself transfixed to a small TV that appears in the chamber. Odd letters flick across the screen, before it starts to display much the same footage we have just seen of Doz in his own lonely office. So, we find ourselves watching Doz watch himself. It really is all quite strange. Strange more compelling.

So many questions, so many thinks on what it all means. But I’m fastened at home watching. There is no one to ricochet expectations off come the end. And therein lies a major problem. For me, this is a show that relies on store you on edge, tense, waiting for something to happen, something to be revealed. The quandary is that when you’re viewing on a computer screen at home, it’s not so easy to build up that pressure, and the support does abide for it. In a theater space, the tension would be thick in the air, and come the end there would be that moment of silence, the public unsure if it is the end, before the applause. Then the soft babble as beings “ve been trying to” obligate ability or fanny of what we have just evidenced. All that is missing now. Instead, as it concludes, well I just close the screen and check the football values. That after-show joy of dissecting the bit is lost.

The Zizz is damn strange, and I actually am left scratching my pate. But it is well made and feels a excellent fit for The Living Record Festival. It’s 15 hours of wondering what “the hells going on”, wondering if that fly is really there or if the buzzing is in his head. It’s a depict I want to get like, a picture I did like, except I’m not certain relatively why , nor what it was really trying to say. I have some thoughts, but I won’t discuss the matter here, instead watch it yourself and describe your own conclusions.

Written by: Georgie BaileyDirected by: Lucy Betts, Georgie Bailey and Hal DarlingCinematography by: Hal DarlingProduced by: Chewboy Productions

The Zizz is playing until 22 February as part of The Living Record Festival. Full details are available at the below link.

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