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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to TikTok for Business

OK boomer.” VSCO girlfriends.” Old Town Road .” Even if you’re not on TikTok, you’re probably very well known some of its most permeating memes.

TikTok, or Douyin, as it’s known in China, is a social network where consumers share short videos, commonly set to music. Launched in its present form when China-based TikTok merged with lip-syncing app in 2018, the app has rapidly skyrocketed to racial dominance.

Downloaded 2 billion times, TikTok has 700 million monthly active customers worldwide, including 100 million active customers in the U.S.–up 800% in really over two years.

Among Gen Z, it’s ubiquitous: About 40% of TikTok useds are aged 16 to 24.

Contents1.The Benefits of Using TikTok for Business2. Native TikTok Video2. 1Quick Tips for Creating TikTok Videos2. 1.1 TikTok Video Size2. 1.2 TikTok Video Length2. 1.3 TikTok Video Orientation2. 1.4 TikTok Video Sound2. 1.5 TikTok Video Ideas2. 2How to Share a Video on TikTok2. 3TikTok Video Metrics3. TikTok Video Ads3. 1Types of Video Ads on TikTok3. 1.1 Top View3. 1.2 Brand Takeover3. 1.3 In-Feed Video Ad3. 2How to Create a TikTok Video Ad3. 3TikTok Ad Metrics4. TikTok Live4. 1How to Stream on TikTok Live The Benefits of Using TikTok for Business

Because the platform is still so brand-new, TikTok supports a big opportunity for early adopters to establish their brand vicinity, lock new–especially younger–audiences, and initiate brand-new revenue streams. B2C firebrands are already testing the oceans with influencer market expeditions, paid promotion, and shoppable video.

What moves TikTok peculiarly different from other social networks, nonetheless, is its immensely loyal and active locate. On average, TikTok customers open the app 8x per period and browsing for approximately five minutes each time–much longer conferences than SnapChat or Instagram. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a global enterprise, this is a marketing opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

There are a few key things you need to know before you is starting, like the different video formats available on TikTok and how to use them.

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Native TikTok Video

TikTok is wonderfully accessible to businesses of all sizes–all you need to get started is a smartphone and an internet tie. And there’s no distres to be perfectly polished.

Unlike most social media systems which curate spotlight reels of an idealized lifestyle, TikTok videos are unapologetically silly. They peculiarity teens accomplishing goofy dance numbers with their friends, middle-aged mummies lip-syncing in their kitchens, and even politicians poking fun at themselves.

For labels, it’s a magnificent opportunity to engage younger audiences. As The Washington Post‘s TikTok architect Dave Jorgenson told The Atlantic, the average subscriber to the newspaper is “’well over 40. So this is a really good way to, at the very least, get[ younger people] to trust the brand or to know the brand.”

Since starting to create TikTok videos in May 2019, The Post has amassed over 330,000 partisans with its quirky gives on being in the newsroom. Not too shabby for a 142 -year-old newspaper.

Learn From the Pros

In this micro-sketch, The Washington Post’s comics reporter defends with the video games reporter over who has the best job. As the punchline, the newspaper’s food critic ends their stalemate to announce he’s getting tacos.

@washingtonpostWho has the best job? ##thatssotiktok ##newspaper Kazoo Wild West standoff- washingtonpost

Quick Tips for Creating TikTok Videos TikTok Video Size

The aspect ratio for a TikTok is 9:16 — pretty much the horizontal default for smartphones. You’ll only need to think about this if you’re shooting from a camera and uploading to TikTok later.

TikTok Video Length

While TikTok video times are a maximum of 15 seconds long, users can string together various excerpts to create a video up to 60 seconds long.

TikTok Video Orientation

As a mobile app, TikTok was developed for horizontal video. It’s how most people already use their phones and–given the short segment of TikTok videos–it doesn’t make sense for sees to have to change orientation.

cover graphic for Social Video Specs Guide

Get the Social Media Video Specs Guide

cover graphic for Social Video Specs Guide Every different social platform has its own requirements for videos. Every single one is in this guide.

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TikTok Video Sound

Unlike the silent social video you might be used to on other feeds, seem is essential to the TikTok experience( it started as a lip-syncing app, after all ). Music forms the basis of countless video trends on the platform–check out Lil Nas X’s” Old Town Road” or The Living Tombstone’s” No Mercy” for some past examples.

TikTok Video Ideas

The Music Video Clip: A lip-sync or dance performed to a short clip from a song or soundtrack. The Micro Sketch: Short-form comedic interactions, often set to music. Ideal for cultural content that shows your brand’s fun side. The Video Meme: Short-lived video vogues which circulate rapidly on the platform, exclusively to disappear after a few weeks. Capitalize on these to get peculiarity on the “trending now” page and be discovered by new gathering representatives.

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NBA basketball players show off their revelry dances to the tune of “We Get Turnt Up.”

@nbaHeaded into the new time and decade like … @nuggets vs. @houstonrockets TONIGHT!( 7pm/ et, NBA TV) ##goodbye2019 ##nba ##dancemoves My Friends( We Get Turnt Up)- Mr. Hotspot

How to Share a Video on TikTok

In order to create TikTok videos, you’ll first need to create an account. If you haven’t once, download the TikTok app for Android or iOS. Launch the app and, when elicited, create an account. Once you have an account, you can start creating TikTok masterpieces of your own.

Launching the TikTok app and select the Create( plus signal) button in the bottom center of your screen If you’ve once recorded and edited a video, hand-picked Upload at the bottom right corner of your screen to upload your video If you’re recording a new video from scratch, you may want to select Tone from the top center of your screen to select a soundtrack to record your video with–adjust the audio excerpt as needed before recording–or, simply press the cherry-red button at the bottom center of your screen to begin recording Once you’re happy with your transcription, tap the red-faced checkmark at the bottom right corner to steer to the editing screen Help TikTok’s editing implements to adjust audio, supplemented filters, or use video results. When you’re ready to publish, tap Next in the bottom right corner From the final screen, add a video description, hashtags, or tag other consumers Tap Draft to save your video for later or Post to publish it immediately.

Pro Tip: Select “timer” from the right-hand corner to start a 3-second countdown for hands-free recording.

Learn From the Pros

In this TikTok video, Chipotle took advantage of the dance tendency around the awfully on-brand “Guacamole” by Jayo.

@chipotleNow this is a bop @jayo ##chipanddip ##chipotle ##fyp Guacamole- Jayo

TikTok Video Metrics

In order to access native metrics on TikTok, you need to switch to a pro report–a feature that any TikTok user can enable. If you don’t previously have a pro account, it’s easy to switch.

Navigate to your profile page and open the Privacy and Settings tab. Adopt Manage My Account Select Switch to Pro Account and follow the steps from there

Once your pro note has been activated, a new analytics button will be available under your history alternatives. There, you’ll find an overview of your carry-on, along with deeper penetrations on your weekly and monthly panoramas, partisan growing, and veering videos.

the Analytics dashboard in TikTok pro accounts

Image via TikTok.

Don’t worry too much about your follower count or number of views–instead, pay attention to trends over go. Is your follower growth trending upward? That’s a good signal that parties like your content and want to see more.

It’s also useful to pay attention to insights on individual videos. Once you’ve published a few cases different videos, you’ll start to see what reverberates with your gathering and can start to fine-tune your material accordingly.

TikTok Video Ads

TikTok’s highly-engaged Millennial and Gen Z public utter the app an ideal platform for marketers targeting young customers. And, with the app available in more than 150 business worldwide, shielding more than 75 expressions, advertisers can reach their target audience, wherever they may be.

But advertising effectively on TikTok makes some careful planning. The biggest mistake marketers constitute on TikTok is repurposing ad imaginative from other social media pulpits, like Instagram, without consider the issue how it comes across.

Evan Horowitz, CEO of ad enterprise Movers+ Shakers, explains that, in contrast to Instagram, “TikTok is so real, it’s so raw.”

When his firm was developing a TikTok campaign for Elf, a appeal symbol, he emphasized “it was really important to us that whatever we created for this campaign feel very native in the way that TikTok operates.”

The key to advertising success on TikTok is imitating the platform’s fresh authenticity.

Sort of Video Ads on TikTok

TikTok proposals several different kinds of advertising packages to symbols. In addition to their video advertisement offerings, the stage allows companies to create branded effects–like filters, lenses, and special effects–or hashtag challenges supporting audiences to create a specific type of video.

While we’ll be focusing primarily on TikTok’s video ad offerings, be sure to check out their advertising info page for a full list of interactive promotional options.

cover graphic for Social Video Specs Guide

Get the Social Media Video Specs Guide

cover graphic for Social Video Specs Guide Every different social pulpit has its own requirements for videos. Every single one is in this guide.

Get the Specs

Top View

Top View is TikTok’s premium ad offering. Top View countenances a sponsored video to appear right at the top of users’ feeds–like a native video–right when they “re opening the” app.

Quick Tips for Top View Video Ads

Aspect ratio: 9:16 Length: Up to 60 seconds Orientation: Vertical Sound: On

Learn From the Pros

To demonstrate the photo and video capabilities of the Reno 10 x zoom publication smartphone, OPPO mobile appointed this short TikTok video showing off the supremacy of the phone’s zoom lens.

Brand Takeover

Brand takeovers are TikTok’s take on a pre-roll ad. They play for three to five seconds when a user launches TikTok, before explain them their feed.

Brand mergers are also welcome to be working together with other interactive expeditions. For instance, when Elf Cosmetics propelled their #eyeslipsface hashtag challenge, they used a 24 -hour brand takeover to drive participation.

Quick Tips for Brand Takeover Video Ads

Aspect fraction: 9:16 Length: 3 to five seconds Orientation: Vertical Sound: On or off

Learn From the Pros

Vans worked this Brand Takeover video to drive traffic to its online collect by showing off its amusing personality.

In-Feed Video Ad

These ads appear in-feed just like native video content–the difference being that you pay to promote them to a specific audience rather than trusting your content to the whims of the algorithm.

Quick Tips for In-Feed Video Ads

Aspect fraction: 9:16 Length: 15 to 60 seconds Orientation: Vertical Sound: On

Learn lessons from the Pros

To promote their hyper-curl mascara in Japan, Maybelline partnered with influencer Reiko to create a cute in-feed video ad comparing love to eyelashes–you can’t always get your significant other( or your eyelashes) to do what you want. Thankfully, hyper-curl accommodates a solution to the latter, if not the former.

Image via TikTok.

How to Create a TikTok Video Ad

Think about your goals: What war do you want your gathering to take? Determine how much you’re willing to deplete to reach your objectives Once you have an objective in subconsciou, you can start working on your ad creative–TikTok has a built-in Video Creation Kit full of easy-to-use templates, reaching it easy for firebrands to design eye-catching ads that look great on the stage When you’re ready to share, sound Create an ad in the upper right hand corner of the TikTok ads homepage( if you don’t once have one, you’ll be prompted to create an account) You’ll be taken to the TikTok ads dashboard, where you select Campaign at the top of the page and choose Create Under information campaigns menu, hand-picked Advertising Objective–from here, you’ll be able to set a goal for your advertising campaign: Traffic, App Install, or Changeovers( hand-picked the one that best converges your goals) Next, hand-picked Aims to enter your campaign budget–you can choose between daily or total budget, depending on your goals( memorandum: The minimum safarus promote spend on TikTok is $50 USD) After you’ve caused your campaign, you can set up your ad placements( TikTok allows you to select the pulpits you’d like your ad to run on, including TikTok and its lineage of apps and websites )– if you’re not sure where you demand your ad to run or want to experiment, there’s an automatic piece you can try, which gives TikTok determine where your ad would accomplish best and place it for you Follow the elicits to enter the necessary information for loping your ad, including URLs, personas, expose identifies, lists, and keywords Next, complete the Targeting section to define an audience for your ads–use parameters like place, age, gender, communications, interests and inventions to attract your ideology public Determined up your budget, schedule, and span for an individual ad or ad group–like at the campaign level, you can set up a daily or total fund; hand-picked the scheduled duration for your ads and use the Dayparting feature to decide what times of era you want your ads to run( memo: The minimum ad radical spend on TikTok is $20 USD) Finally, defined your optimization goals–you can select between Conversion, Click, or Impressions–if you choose Conversion, follow the prompts to define a transition affair( i.e. a structure crowd or download) Launch your ad blitz and watch the clinks, thoughts, or transitions roll in

TikTok Ad Metrics

To view your results on TikTok Ads, log into the advertisement dashboard. The prime dashboard specifies an overview of your results, together with daily trends.

the advertising analytics dashboard in TikTok

Image via TikTok.

This is useful for understanding trends and measuring the overall success of your ad platform over go. In order to look more closely at safaruss, ad groups, and individual ad causes, navigate to the Campaigns page.

Using TikTok’s data filtering tools, you can generate reports. TikTok allows you to create custom reports based on data magnitudes like: Total payment, thoughts, clicks, transitions, sounds pace, changeover charge, CPC, CPM, and shift overhead. These are useful for understanding the success of your ad planned and optimizing your expend for future campaigns.

TikTok Live

TikTok Live is an exclusive squad. Unlike, say, Instagram who will let any old-fashioned Joe go live, TikTok’s live boast remains of its testing stage, so it’s limited to favourite creators with 1,000 admirers or more.

While we don’t know a whole lot about TikTok live( yet ), it’s still worth keeping in mind.

How to Stream on TikTok Live

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest copy of TikTok Open the TikTok app and touched Create( plus signal) If you have the live boast accessible, it are likely to be beside the red button at the lower end of your screen–if it doesn’t show up, your account likely hasn’t converge the requirements to enable live video Open the designation of your livestream and tap Go Live

Don’t fret if you’re not able to access TikTok Live just yet–most TikTok customers are in the same boat. Be sure to check out live videos from popular authors so you know what works well. That highway you’ll be ready when you reach the 1,000 -follower threshold or TikTok flattens out the feature to its broader consumer base.

Fun, accessible, and highly addictive, TikTok accommodates a life of opportunity for marketers–and an audience that’s ready and enthusiastic to watch.

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