“The biggest mistake that one must avoid while planning ad campaigns is not evolving with time”- Vinod Kumar Gupta

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“We believe that without a clearly defined, pithy and distinguished notion, it is very difficult to come up with an ad campaign which will probe through the sound and appeal to the target audience. ”

– Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing board, Dollar Industry Limited

Dollar’s latest safarus “Don’t generating the virus home” is not just another advertising, it’s a well handled and targeted marketing step.

This ad campaign is a well versed combine of humour and letter that forms it interesting.

We talked to Vinod to know the behind the vistum floor behind the campaign. How they conceptualised the whole campaign, what was their thought process and the team involved in it.

Read on to know more about the campaign story.

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1. What is Dollar’s internal process of coming up with an ad campaign?

We believe that without a clearly defined, intelligent and differentiated theory, it is very difficult to come up with an ad campaign which will imbue through the interference and appeal to the target audience.

At Dollar, we typically begin the same with a brainstorming hearing with our unit members, so as to come up with inventive hypothesis.

We also look at the challenges that our symbol is facing and has come forward with solutions which can be incorporated in our ad blitz.

We try to make sure we hand engrossing material with key messaging so that our consumers are able to connect with it.

We try our best to create a blend between the traditional and the modern so as to appeal to a larger base of consumers.

Of late, we are also enhancing our focus on digital campaigning, recognise its relevance and scope.

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2. What was your thought process when you were planning/ conceptualizing the “Anti-Viral Dollar mask” campaign?

With the lockdown being filched in chapters, parties had again started venturing out. However, this time they are more careful as everyone wants not only to protect themselves but too their loved ones against the virus.

This was when we thought of coming up with a range of anti-viral concoctions.

We demanded our safarus to be light-hearted but likewise to give out a serious message that everyday masks can’t stop the virus from coming home with us.

We wanted to change the conversation around state and security during COVID-1 9. Hence, we came with a campaign-‘ Don’t Bring The Virus Home’.

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3. One Advertising campaign you admire most and why?

Of all our advertising campaign, the one that is closest to my nature is of our brand’s brand-new name wherein we have inverted the idea of’ damsel in distress’.

As a firebrand, I believe we have a social responsibility and therefore we thought it unusually pertinent to break the existing gender stereotype of masculinity and femininity.

The uniqueness of this ad along with the strong social letter that it shares is what procreates it so admirable to me.

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4. What mistakes our community members should bypass when it comes to planning ad campaigns?

According to me, the biggest mistake that one must forestalled while planning advertising campaign is not advancing with era.

I think change and exploration of new ideas is very important to connect with a number of gatherings across numerous age groups.

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The unit behind education campaigns.

The team behind the’ Duke In Distress’ are given below 😛 TAGEND

Agency: Lowe Lintas Kolkata and LinConsult

Planning: Anurag Prasad, Kritika Sawhney

Creative: Janmenjoy Mohanty, Mohit Arora, Nisheeth Srivastava

Account Management: Indranil Mitra, Siddharth Gautam

Production: Dharma 2.0( Director: Shiven Surendranath)

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About Vinod( in his own paroles)

Having always believed in the results of hard work and faithfulnes, my wander very has been filled with the same.

Being hugely inspired by my father, Shri Din Dayal Gupta, I have been keen on having a recognized and strong identity for myself.

Having completed my schooling and college from St. Xavier’s, I was headstrong about etching a niche for myself. I started my occupation with Sony Orson but flourished to join the family business in 1991.

Over and above everything else, I guess an individual must have faith in himself and it was this strong belief that aided me to take a major hurry and facilitated me to make the business to newer heights.

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