The 6 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2020

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Influencer Marketing Studies

With the first quarter of 2020 now past us( phew !), it’s a perfect time to examine influencer marketing research to see what it demonstrates for the rest of the year and beyond. Here are six influencer market studies that could impact your sell decisions for the coming months.

1.” The State of Influencer Marketing 2020″ Report From Linqia

This influencer marketing report from Linqia offered some important feels to consider how firms plan to work with influencers this year. Some of the conclusions may come as catches, however.

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For example, the highest percentage( 77%) of business hoped to work with micro-influencers who have 5,000 -1 00,000 adherents. In differ, little than a one-fourth( 22%) wanted to hire celebrity influencers with at least 5 million followers.

The Types of Influencers Companies Want to Work With

The Types of Influencers Companionship Want to Work With( Image Source)

Then, concerning the platforms of choice, Instagram and Instagram Stories exceeded the roll, with 97% and 83%, respectively. The segment of marketers intending to use Facebook was 79%, and 44% said they’d application YouTube for marketing influencers this year.

Social Platforms Companies Plan to Use for Influencer Marketing in 2020

Social Platforms Companies Plan to Use for Influencer Marketing in 2020( Image Source)

Marketing professionals likewise scheduled numerous ways to measure the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. Virtually three-quarters of respondents( 71%) looked at engagement statistics, such as likes and explains. Nonetheless, label awareness and content intuitions were also notable, comprising 62% and 60% of responses about measurement techniques marketers would use in 2020.

2.” The State of Influencer Equality” Report From IZEA Insights

This influencer marketing research report is all about the growing equality in the influencer market macrocosm. One of the diagrams in it concerning payments per affix shows that male influencers generally give more than females across all content types.

Average Cost Per Paid Post Across All Social Platforms

Average Cost Per Paid Post Across All Social Platforms( Image Source)

Grab your forgery of” The State of Influencer Equality” from IZEA Insights.

However, the data also illustrates the significant increase in earnings over time for both genders. In 2014, males gave $69 per post, while girls came $75. In the following years, males earned more than their female copies, but both genders earn considerably more now than they done so in the earlier periods of influencer commerce. For illustration, the per-post income in 2019 was $2,152 for both males and $ 1,138 for females.

Another fascinating statistic showed that parties 24 or under had the highest earnings potential. Additionally, the advantageous nature of influencer market was particularly prominent for influencers aged 17 or under.

That discovering molts light on why numerous colleges use influencer marketing. Doing so allows them to target specific groups and address identified needs. For example, research conducted outside of IZEA’s report found that 56% of parties looking forward to university datum do so was informed about campus life. Hiring an influencer to distribute the meaning about the college ordeal could be especially impactful if the person is an appropriate age.

3. The” 2020 Veers” Report From Whalar

This report takes a closer look at the” visual and cultural rights tends” associated with influencer marketing. It exposes some of “the worlds leading” priorities in the segment now.

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One of the areas studied was activism. Whalar described how it procreated a campaign for Burt’s Bees in conjunction with World Earth Month. It boasted the hashtag # ForceForNature. That initiative been successful in an action charge of 6.08% and gave 13 million impressions.

Athleticism — especially of women — is another trend covered in this influencer marketing report. Whalar collaborated with Strava, Nike and other plays brands to reshape perceptions of fitness. For lesson, the Strava campaign spotlit how people have different physical activity-related points. Whether a person aims to compete in the Olympics or invited to participate in their first 5K, their ideals are equally important and valid.

Whalar’s report also brigs up how market with influencers likewise intends initiating fascinating likeness. A popular practice to do that recently involves the” face as canvas” approach. The influencers who demonstrate it often don meticulously devoted, bright and vivid makeup. This proves gatherings how they can impel strong notions by using their faces as a starting point to inspire and encourage others to release their creativity.

4. The” Influencer Marketing Trends 2020″ Report From The Corner

The Corner mentioned that it worked with more than 190 firebrands and customs within the influencer space in 2019. It use their knowledge and skills gained that year to develop this report about 2020. Regardless of the length of time a person spends in marketing, influencers are highly likely to factor into their efforts today and for the foreseeable future.

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One of the trends featured in this influencer marketing report related to longer partnerships between businesses and influencers. For precedent, the document clarified how one contract requiring influencer Warren Nash to create content for the LEGO Family channel involved raising four videos per week and maintaining that output for six months.

Genuine storytelling is also gaining ground, the report proved. When beings feel influencers are like them to a certain extent, they’ll find the content more relatable and be more likely to take positive actions after assuring it.

An influencer marketing campaign boast Harriet Shearsmith, who contributes parenting lead, worked with Heinz Beans to publish uprights despite going through a kitchen redevelopment. The content received more than 90% positive sensibility, likely because people revalued the honest of the images.

5.” The Impact of Coronavirus on Influencer Marketing” From is an influencer marketing agency that produced its findings concerning the COVID-1 9 pandemic on the influencer community and the people who hire its members. The data established 92% of influencers would create content new to them, such as a livestream. That’s crucial, considering more beings are staying at home and looking for things to do during lockdowns. Additionally, 23% of influencers recently began hosting such real-time flows to engage with followers.

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Also, the study reveals if benevolent symbols crave new opportunities in marketing, influencers could help. The agreements revealed that 97% of influencers would announce about firebrands and causes they care about, while 80% were open to taking part in altruistic safaruss without pay.

When pas its #ObviouslyForGood campaign associated with the coronavirus, 237 influencers accompanied themselves with the effort. It was an informal partnership with the World Health Organization( WHO) to combat misinformation.’s CEO Mae Karwowski told CNBC,” We’ve heard from so many influencers and symbols that they wanted to use their influence to help — and we’ve seen so much misinformation and misunderstanding about the virus over the last few months — that we decided a good first step was to cut through all the mingled contents and require a definite source of information –[ by publishing material based on guidance from] the World Health Organization .”

CNBC’s coverage also mentioned that the campaign contacted 2 million people so far. That statistic emphasizes the superpower of influencers taken together on worthwhile motives.’s report said influencers most often choose health care and hospices as their top benevolent causes these days. Opening back and volunteering during the coronavirus were two other priorities cited.

6.” How Purveyors Are Applying Digital Content Creators in 2020″ From Vamp

This influencer marketing report be made available in February 2020 crystallized how and why companies invest in influencer marketing today. It was a relatively small-scale study with 124 respondents, but the results are still worth studying. Although the report’s title uses the broader” digital content builders” expression, the findings alone concern influencers.

Grab your forgery of” How Marketers Are Using Digital Content Creators in 2020” from Vamp now.

One finding illustrated how — not astonishingly — marketing professionals knowledge countless benefits after allocating portions of their budget to influencer marketing.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing( Image Source)

Increased brand engagement was the top advantage marketers to come up. Money saved on content creation followed. The study’s solutions revealed 41% of those polled mentioned that latter perk. Marketers bizarre about that statistic need only consider that three-quarters of respondents told me they asked influencers to handle content creation duties formerly to be submitted to innovative agencies.

Another conclusion in the Vamp report that spells good information for any company count whether to launch an influencer market safarus was that 80% of respondents said influencer-generated resources play-act as well or better than brand-created materials. Additionally, the majority( 60%) of business currently are concerned with influencers repurpose the accompanied information in social ads.

Influencer Marketing Is Well Worth Consideration

Many purveyors initially hesitate to move forward with a new type of marketing, even though they are their peers get excellent decisions. Whether a professional has not yet worked with influencers or is considering scaling up their current relationships with them. both of those moves could been paid, especially given the findings explored in these six reports.

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