Strategies to Improve Study Spaces at Home

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Residência Familiar / Ruetemple. Image Cortesia de Ruetemple

Residencia Familiar/ Ruetemple. Image Cortesia de Ruetemple

In early 2020, along with the implementation of worldwide social isolation measures, we publicized several articles in order to help our books increase productivity and comfort in their home offices. After months of continued lonelines, inspections show that more than 80% of professionals want to continue working from dwelling even after quarantine aspirations. In additive, a good number of companies are similarly satisfied with current work practices, showing a high tendency to adopt this practice indefinitely, since the majority of members of corporations observed that remote piece was as or most productive than face-to-face work.

However, with respect to children and home studying during the course of its pandemic, the result was not as positive. One of the main reasons for this difference is that it can be difficult to get students to concentrate and cause themselves for a long time in front of screens. Lack of physical interaction with other children is also a contributing factor. Yet until the world situation improves, it is likely that the return to class will continue to be postponed. With this situation in psyche, we decided to share in this article a series of efficient strategies to transform study rooms at home into better infinites for learning.


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