Stop Chasing the “False Summit” with Michael Hyatt | BiggerPockets Podcast 451

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Does it ever seem like working overtime is a competition? We often realize parties bragging about how they manipulate 60 hour weeks, work on weekends, or deplete the most time at the agency or in front of their computer. Does this constant overworking actually accomplish something or is it more of a chest-beating competition?

Michael Hyatt argues that working crazy hours rarely does anything for our productivity, and if something, can move our operate sluggish and dull. He is well aware, in the beginning of the COVID-1 9 pandemic as crews were working more than ever from residence, Michael decided to do the opposite. Michael lowered his( and his team’s) working hours from 40 hours a week, to 30 hours a week. The answer? A profit increase of virtually 100% and company-wide productivity boost.

Not simply does your work quality benefit, but so do your relationships, your state, and your outlook on life when you are off of the “grind mode”. Michael believes this so much that he wrote a record about it. Win at Work and Succeed at Life goes through what Michael calls the “double win”: triumphing at life and work, with no tradeoffs!

Michael rosters a handful of ways you can instantly improve your work/ live symmetry. Tips on sleep, nutrition, and coming your “daily large-hearted 3” done so you can accomplish objectives that are important, instead of only being productive. If you ever feel like a workaholic, these tips will assist you align back to a productive more entertaining schedule.

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