Poor Thang: Kiely Williams Claps Back At “Ugly-Hearted” Mom Shamers After Sobbin Over Her 3-Year-Old On Instagram Live

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Don’t mess with a mama suffer and her puppy!


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Kiely Williams has been having a rough week away from her daughter and after letting out her raw feelings on Instagram, she’s been left to defend herself against obvious mom-shamers.

On Thursday, the 34 -year-old’ Cheetah Girl’ shared an emotional video on Instagram describing her struggle with being away for effort and kept separate from her daughter, Rowan, 3, whom she shares with husband Brandon Cox.

” I’m here at this lavish hotel for cultivate. I haven’t traveled without my kid since she was born. That’s like nearly three years. I like to make her with me if I had to go someplace. But COVID, you are familiar with. Each time I talk to her, she’s like,’ Mommy come home, ’” Williams uncovered as she began to cry.

In a second video, she admired operating fathers as superheroes.

” I don’t know how you guys do it, ” Williams said. “Especially if you have to leave for a long time. I merely feel like I’m miscarrying her, and my middle is broken. I gotta stop crying. This was like the first or second daytime so I guess it’ll get easier, right? I only miss her and I know she misses me .”

Swipe to see Kiely’s full mummy expres in the excerpts below, reposted by The Shade Room.

Unfortunately, Kiely’s video being reshared did not invite the most supportive narration. People taunted the momma in the comments, causing her to applaud back in another video in order to defend herself. Kiely said the comments sobered up her feelings and taken away from on her haters, calling them “ugly-hearted.”

” A bunch of f ***** g indifferent, ugly-hearted beings came on to tell me that’ it’s not that serious’ that’ people are dying in Texas, ’ like I’m not aware of that, that’ I’m shameful and stupid, ’” she acted.” They all came from The Shade Room, I don’t know these people. So it actually did work, it drew me out of my spiraling cascade of dip because now I’m like’ f ** k you people. What’s wrong with you? You don’t have a heart? You don’t understand that a person, any person could go through separation anxiety, could be experiencing mom guilt. Feeling precisely f ** ked.’”

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