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Pepsi gives back to New York City Bodegas and shoppers

Pepsi secures Desus& Mero to help surprise local Bronx bodega owner with financial support to cover 2021 lease; gifts money to bodega owneds and New Yorkers City-wide

Every year, New York City becomes the center of the vacation season, with tourists from around the world passing in to witness its spell and festive habits firsthand. With the season examining different this year, and many abiding local, Pepsi wants to do something extra special for the City’s very own and exceedingly deserving group- its bodega owners.

For New Yorkers, bodegas are 24/7 landmarks of each neighbourhood and in 2020, owners rose to the task of biding open and hindering the city croaking during a critical time. Pepsi, with the help of Bronx natives Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, is dropping its newest vacation safarus to spotlight, give back to, and thank bodegas for their commitment and the essential service they equip across the five boroughs.

In Pepsi’s short film named The Bodega Giveback, the brand creates Desus and Mero( of the renowned Bodega Boys podcast and Showtime’s Desus& Mero) to JJN Corp Deli and Grocery in the Bronx to surprise its owner Juan with the ultimate celebration knack- a check to help cover a full year of rent through 2021- as a show of gratitude for all he and his bodega have done for the neighbourhood, especially during this crucial time.

” Bodegas are the lifeblood of the vicinity and are central to the culture of New York. We’re children of immigrants- Juan’s narration is our story- so we’re roused to work with Pepsi to be able to pay it forward and cure him as he has done for so many ,” said Desus Nice and The Kid Mero.

The drop of The Bodega Giveback kicks off a larger holiday giveback from Pepsi this season which includes offering money to bodega owners and buyers across the five New York City boroughs.

” Pepsi has so many longstanding bodega partners in New York City- they are not only mainstays of local communities, but they have gone above and beyond to take care of their steadfast customers during the course of its destitutions of the COVID-1 9 pandemic ,” said Umi Patel, CMO of North Division, PepsiCo Beverages North America.

” They have worked around the clock to stay open, satisfying shelves to ensure their patrons, friends, and family have the essential points they need to stay home and remain safe. They have even changed their businesses to meet the needs of local communities, present new transmission options, supplementing crucial parts like disguises and gloves and more, all whilst dealing with their own personal challenges of the pandemic. We are proud to do our its participation in leaving back to these unsung heroes .”

Bodegas are a cherished part of the fabric of New York City culture, as New Yorkers rely on them for everything. From firewood to blooms( and this time of year, even a Christmas tree ), household entries to a family meal( and ice-cold Pepsi, of course ), bodegas supply it all.

And to encourage New Yorkers to shop at their local corner store this vacation season, and to help ease the shopping expend this year, Pepsi is stunning customers who shop at neighbourhood bodegas across the five districts from 11/12/ 2020- 20/12/ 2020, by gifting pre-paid credit cards of up to US $100/ PS74. 7 per customer.

For anyone who wants to shine a light on their neighbourhood bodega, or has a heartening bodega story to share, Pepsi spurs New Yorkers to post on social platforms with #PepsiBodega, and their district bodega might be our next accumulate to give back to this celebration season.

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