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May Holidays for Marketing Planning — 2021

I am Batman!

Okay , not really, but May 1st is Batman Day. While not an official May holiday, Batman Day is just one of countless recreation and zany reasons to celebrate this month. With holidays like Intergalactic Star Wars Day( May the 4th be with you !), Eat What You Want Day( May 11 th ), and Frog Jumping Day( May 13 th) there’s no reason to feel jumpy about your marketing this month.

Seriously. May has a plethora of instances to share with your customers — from public holidays like International Workers’ Day( May 1st) and VE Day( May 8th) to “weird” festivities like National Cellophane Tape Day( the 27 th ). Yep! That’s a thing. According to, there are no less than 20 vacations to celebrate on the first of May alone!

Need a reason to market to your purchasers this month? Just let me count the holidays!

May holidays — 2021

May 4th — Besides being Star Wars Day, for all the weather geeks out there who may not appreciate Star Wars Day( gah !), May 4th is also National Weather Observers Day. It’s a good time to point out the seasonal reforms that are happening and suggest some brand-new clothes, skincare commodities, or sunglasses and if nothing of that fits your business, think about what you can offer your customers to help them manufacture the transport from winter to summertime. If nothing else, help your supporters to step outside and see the forecast for a bit.May 8th — Mother’s Day. This time, think outside the box with personas of newborns of every kind of swine for Instagram, thanking your grandmother on Facebook, or Tweeting a shoutout to your mama. Besides being Mother’s Day, the 8th is also National Coconut Cream Pie Day, National Train Day, and National Archery Day. And, while Mother’s Day is the spotlit of the working day , no one says you can’t celebrate something else as well — or even instead.May 20 th — Endangered Species Day. This time, take a cue from the U.S. Fish& Wildlife Services with their youngster artistry game, exclusively put your own twist on it. Think about propping a contest on Facebook to see how many endangered species your followers can specify, or a photo search on Instagram.May 25 th- Geek Pride Day. Despite what you may be thinking by now, this day is not just for Star Wars supporters. It’s also for all the geeks and morons out there who love everything from modern technology and memorizing pi to science fiction stories and number two pencils. Get your purchasers guessing by sharing some interesting, or random, technical or technological actualities.

Besides daily vacations, there are plenty of weekly and month-long celebrations to taken due note of, including got a couple of my favorites: Reading is Fun Week( the second full week of May) and National Wildflower Week( May 3rd-9th ).

Of course, that gives me several plans for sell expeditions centered around National Wildflower Week 😛 TAGEND

Post an image of a wildflower each day of the week on your Instagram account and challenge your adherents to do the same.Give a packet of wildflower grains as a gift-with-purchase to your customers.Do a coincide fundraiser to raise money for your neighbourhood botanic garden, arboretum, or other plant-related organization.

Being a fan of both blueberries and cheesecake, my husband’s favorite epoch in May is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day( 26 th) but my favorite is Mother’s Day. I don’t have children myself, and I acknowledge all that my own mother did for me, but Mother’s Day, for me, is more than taking time to appreciate your mother.

Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate every kind of babies — from birth mothers to foster mothers, from godmothers to grandmothers, and even mothers whose only children are covered in fur and march on paws( or fly, or swim …). To me, Mother’s Day is a gala of unconditional adore, incredible strength and valour, and apparently incessant fortitude. But, it’s also about birth — the transition from nighttime to light-colored, from wintertime to summer. It’s about bringing forth new life.

Which, I make, is what the month of May is.

We’ve finally come through winter and it’s time to celebrate life! As a matter of fact, the month of May is National Creative Beginnings Month. So, don’t forget to be creative in your commerce this month.

When you trying to reach your email customers or affix on your social media programmes this month, think about spring in all its greatnes — newborn children of all species, springtime heydays in full bloom, and warmer daytimes ahead.

And, until next time …

May the fourth be with you!

For some more anniversaries and suggestions on what you can do to share them with your customers, download the graphic below. Or, get to work planning out the rest of your time with our full Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a complete list of festivities you can use to plan a successful year.

May 2021 celebration and marketing projecting infographic

Click the portrait below to download the full infographic.

May holidays marketing planning guide infographic

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