Marketing Set up for the Target Group vs Marketing Without Settings

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Marketing that’s made for everyone (massive marketing), and not the target group, is the one used in traditional marketing, while the one that’s set for the target group was established with digital marketing. A marketing campaign that’s set up to the target group is cheaper and more effective to reach the goal – to sell a product or service.

Marketing strategy is a very important segment for anyone starting a new business. You should know that over the years, many companies have switched from so-called mass marketing to one that aims at the target group.

Depending on your product and business model, you can adopt either of the two strategies mentioned. However, you should know that marketing will be more effective for you if you target your consumers. That’s why some of the most famous companies use this strategy.

How to Target the Right Consumer Group for Your Business?

Segmentation is one of the most important processes in a marketing targeting campaign because it allows you to reach consumers who are really interested in your product.

Namely, before you start a marketing campaign, it’s necessary to do market research in order to get an image of the ideal customer.

Some items that will help you have a picture of your ideal customer may be the following:

  • Customer age (from-to)
  • Gender (both or only one)
  • Degree of education
  • Marital status
  • Annual income
  • Religion
  • Location
  • Income class
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic origin
  • Or anything else you need to know for your product or service

What Else Is Audience-Targeted Marketing Good For?

Any business that’s in its infancy faces the problem of showing its products or services to the right audience. The problem is that most don’t have enough financial resources to invest in marketing in order to reach a wide range of audiences.

However, today you don’t need huge financial resources to reach the target group. Digital marketing gives you the option of advertising through content (native ad) that you can run with a budget that’s accessible to everyone.

When you start a business, it’s always better to narrow your focus, because it won’t only help you save money, but will also help you build a stronger business reputation and plan an effective strategy for reaching your target group. In this way, your business will be more efficient, more profitable, you’ll build a loyal customer base, and build a long-term business.

Mass Marketing vs Targeted Marketing

Mass marketing, as the name says itself, is trying to reach as many people as possible. In mass marketing, the focus is on numbers, while targeted marketing tries to reach a segmented or specific audience.

Mass Marketing at a Glance

The easiest way to explain this type of marketing is that it’s similar to throwing a net into the river to catch as many fish as possible. This means that you’ll need a bigger net, a bigger boat, and also a lot of hands to help you. As this type of marketing is open to everyone, you’ll catch a variety of “fish”, both large and small, of different species.

Marketing channels in non-target marketing are usually of the traditional type, such as radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. This strategy focuses on low cost to drive high sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Marketing


  • It reaches a wide range of audiences
  • Maximum exposure to the product/service


  • It isn’t economically viable – it’s expensive
  • It’s difficult to measure its effectiveness
  • The profit margin is usually low
  • It takes a lot of manpower to realize it

Audience-Targeted Marketing

Unlike mass marketing, where you only display an ad to a wide circle of audiences, targeted marketing focuses on certain consumer criteria, i.e. to a refined and segmented target group.

With this type of marketing, the market is divided into segments or demographic data. So, you show and sell your products or services to a smaller audience, but to one who’s interested in them.

Targeted marketing takes time to develop, but it’s easier to measure its success than mass marketing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Tailored to the Target Group


  • Targeted marketing is cheaper and more affordable
  • It offers a large profit margin
  • It offers a better chance of overtaking the competition
  • It’s easy to build loyal customers with its help because this marketing is tailored to their needs


  • It often takes time to see results, mostly due to the testing that must be performed
  • Determining the target market requires a lot of planning and strategy

Every brand in the market is looking for the most efficient way to reach a wide audience. As a starting point, the best approach you might want to consider is targeted marketing, as it gives you the flexibility to reach an audience that might be interested in your products or services.

Unlike mass marketing, which relies mainly on traditional tools of presentation (television, radio, print media…), targeted marketing uses the power of technology and the Internet to reach a wide range of target groups. 

Using the Internet implies that some of the basic things brands choosing this marketing technique need to have are a website, social media accounts, Google ads, etc. Before they even think of results they can achieve via these tools, brands have to make sure that their online presentations are visible at all times. For that, they need quality hosting.

To run good marketing campaigns, brands need to build a dynamic website, so there’s a big chance it will require the MySQL database. The combination of MySQL database and MySQL servers supporting it is a winning combination. Make a little research and select an option that fits your needs the best. Support options that MySQL hosts have, as well as other features (uptime, response…), will help you develop successful projects.

All in all, MySQL is one of the most used relational database management systems and relatively easy to work with. But, in order for your website to be fast and smooth, servers mustn’t lag behind.

Also, audience-targeted marketing saves time and money during a marketing campaign, but it takes a lot of research and strategies to be able to determine the right segments to target your audience.

Why Should You Embrace Audience-Targeted Marketing?

1) High conversion rate: One of the reasons why you should adopt this type of marketing is that it brings a high conversion rate compared to mass marketing.

2) The metric is clear: Targeted marketing can be easily measured in terms of the results it delivers.

3) You give the audience what it wants: It offers your products and services only to those who might be interested in your offer.

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