Marketing Automation for Education: How to Get Started

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Sending valuable hard-earned, qualified visitors to your homepage to fend for themselves and then crossing your fingers is not a strategy.

My company, Kreative Webworks has been consulting on school enrollment marketing programs since 2011. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Choosing a school is a big investment for their own families , not only financially, but emotionally. Even if your school’s website absolutely rocks, merely stopping parents or students off on the site to “explore” everything that your academy has to offer is a bit foolhardy.

An initial see to your website rarely decisions in a referred application form. It time doesn’t work like that. When someone sees your school’s website, there are only two things you can be confident of 😛 TAGEND

They are at least considering a new institution, or they wouldn’t have found their channel to your website in the first place. You aren’t the only school they are considering.

Parents and students don’t make decisions like this spontaneously. They need to develop an feeling alliance with your institution, and a single seminar report dump — even about how wonderful you are — rarely trimmeds it.

Families need to build a sense of friendlines and confidence in your clas over period. This requires numerou touchpoints, which requires a strategy to “nurture” your causes through your enrollment funnel.

The good news is, with a well-planned strategy and the suitable engineering, head nourishing is able to primarily automated. This will free-spoken you and your enrollment team to concentrate on enrolling new students instead of the time-consuming pursuit of persistently altering strategies.

Stay connected to students, houses, and staff with expert marketing advice and all the tools it is necessary to, all in one place.

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How can you use marketing automation for education?

Many marketing departments and digital bureaux are using the marketing automation process to automate repetition market projects based on certain criteria or trigger contests. Specific acts such as sending a series of strategically-designed emails or even initiating a spontaneous dialogue with the school’s chatbot can all be pre-designed.

This isn’t just for efficiency’s sake, but also to help provide a more personalized event from start to finish.

You can use marketing automation software to design targeted email expeditions that are automatically personalized with the recipient’s name, and foreground informed about a related tier degree, thus creating a more personalized interaction.

The premise behind commerce automation is to mix software with a well-thought-out digital strategy. While sell automation can do a lot, you still need to have a plan in place to utter the most of this tool.

Marketing automation is more than email

Marketing automation is often misunderstood and involves more than merely sending a series of emails. Nonetheless, email marketing remains king, and should be part of your digital approach. We’ll go over that more in the following section.

In the meantime, let’s go over some of the ways your school can implement marketing automation to ease your workload and increase enrollments 😛 TAGEND


Students and parents of school-aged children are often more cozy tapping out words on a manoeuvre than they are actually talking to another human being. People expect quick responses today and don’t want to have to call for simple questions; especially as more millennial mothers are enrolling their children in school.

A simple chatbot can answer common questions or ensure you’re advised when someone contacts out. Most chatbot programmes allow for customization through A.I.( Artificial Knowledge) to commit a prospect, rebut their questions, and obtain their contact information for follow-up.

Behavior provokes

Proper marketing automation makes into account the behaviors of your precedes across numerou channels and should help you craft the most effective marketing approaches. You can sort contacts into segmented rosters based on specific behavioral criteria such as how often they open your emails.

You can also automatically send personalized emails to consumers based on a initiation event like crowd out a contact form on your area, sounding a “request more information” button, or downloading a lead magnet.

Then, we use a process called “lead scoring” which assigns a item cost to every action a parent or student takes, such as opening an email or clicking on a tie-up or downloading a booklet. Prospects that reach a minimum predetermined degree appraise are clearly more engaged with the school and go down a different, more aggressive follow-up path.

Social media affixing

Using marketing automation, you can schedule social media posts in advance to save yourself time and keep your postings consistent. Your school can create all the engaging content it demands, but if you don’t post enough or even at the times when your audience is most active then it’s wasted effort.

Platforms like Constant Contact allow you to manage all of your social media in one place. You can share content across variou paths and respond to discussions and mentions without ever leaving your account.

I recommend creating a content calendar to decide what you are going to post and when. Many of these poles can be event focused based on holidays or planned institution affairs. These pre-scheduled berths can be augmented with manual berths as ideas and current events dictate.

Effective automated emails your institution should route

The key to email marketing automation is finding effective ways to automate your digital marketing workflow to gain more makes without devoting more time.

One of the best marketing tactics your academy can implement is sending targeted, personalized and yes … automated emails. This will originate your job much easier, help you nurture induces throughout their journey from interest to retention, and supplying them with better tracking of expedition effectiveness.

According to Statistica, 306. 4 billion emails were mailed and received every day in 2020 and that figure is expected to more than 347. 3 billion by the year 2022. These are opportunities your academy can’t miss out on and proves that email commerce is still going strong.

If you’re unsure the types of automated emails your academy should be sending, here are a few examples you can start implementing today 😛 TAGEND


When a prospective parent fills out a contact form, create a sequence of automated emails that keeps them committed until the lotion deadline. In your content, you are eligible to include key the advantages of your institution, common FAQs, testimonials and videos, tuition report, and other relevant content that addresses your purchaser persona’s main wants and needs.

Segmented revises

With marketing automation, you can create highly segmented email rolls based on age, interest, gender, or gift amount. For pattern, segment parents into categories based on their child’s grade level. Rather than sending generic school-wide modernizes, you can send parents monthly or quarterly emails with information about curriculum conversions, what’s coming up in the school year, stand-out students, and anything that relates to their child’s age or grade.

School event

Set up an automated email series leading up to a large-scale school event such as a fundraiser. Start by hyping up the phenomenon and include general happening intelligence. Remind attendees formerly a week and ramp up the email frequency the week of the happen. Provide helpful material such as how to login( if virtual ), episode tour, how the money will be used, success legends, etc. to support a successful event.

Parent surveys

Send out inspections to receive productive parent feedback. Do this at the end of every school year so that during the summer, you can make any required alters or find out what you’re do right, and what you can improve. Survey responses that are particularly positive can be approached to write a full online review.

Final contemplates on market automation for education

To implement these campaigns and help you deliver potent develops, you can use Constant Contact’s email marketing automation tools. You can easily segment your contacts, automatically transport emails to non-openers, and compose dripping safaruss all in one place.

Marketing automation for education is much more than just sending an “automated” email every so often to garner new interest or support mothers with generic institution updates.

Sure, marketing automation makes some up-front planning and a little bit of technical and marketing expertise, but it’s almost always worth the investment.

How much should a school budget for sell? Well, how much can each new enrollment benefit your school’s bottom line? If one brand-new enrollment each month can off-set your school’s marketing investment, it’s probably worth taking a look at.

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