Live, Work and Play Like a Local at The Student Hotel, Delft

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Live, Work and Play Like a Local at The Student Hotel, Delft

The Student Hotel mixes student housings with hotel rooms and longer-stay options so you can live and work alongside fellow traveler, locals and students- and its latest iteration, in Delft in the Netherlands, is designed with circularity principles in mind.

The space has been designed by Amsterdam-based boutique interior design studio The Invisible Party, in working with the brand’s in-house design team, according to the circular design principles of reducing waste and stopping objects and materials in use.

Opened on October 1, 2020, this new co-working and co-living space has taken up residence next to Delft Central Station in’ Nieuw-Delft ‘, the heart of the city’s green developing program.

” The Student Hotel has a strong and distinct label identity across its 15 websites, but for each new location they endeavour a genuine connection with the city, the neighborhood and the community ,” says Vivian van Schagen, benefactor and artistic conductor of The Invisible Party.” For Delft, we tapped into the technical DNA and biography of the city as the basis for our assignment investigate. This ultimately yielded this project its own identity and experience within the lines of the symbol ,”

The agency cleared circularity and parish central to the brief for their scheme and the outcome aims to be a welcoming hub where the community can come together- whether that’s neighbourhood inventors and creatives, international travelers or students from Delft University of Technology.

To make the students feel at home and render a visual link with the university, they deliberately elect fabrics, blueprints, etches and chassis with a technical theme in thinker; from computer grids to aerodynamic determines. These were working in partnership with the mischievous character of The Student Hotel brand and practical requirements of such a multifunctional gap with numerou public functions.

Co-working rooms, flexible working regions, gathering facilities and satisfy husks specify quiet and private areas for duty, study and engagements. The walls arouse guests through hand-drawn instances by graphic designer Monsieur Hubert and a mural by master Chantal van Heeswijk.

The Commons, the hotel’s restaurant, was inspired by the concept of a’ splendid coffeehouse’ and designed for neighbourhoods as well as clients to enjoy. Lush indoor planting, rounded formations and pleasurable colourings lightened the concrete towers and substantial glazing.

Curtains, industrial chandeliers and wall-to-wall banquet workbenches originate different regions and seating areas, where guests can dine convivially.

The heart of The Commons is the fifteen-meter long cocktail bar that double-faceds up as an open kitchen. The eclectic materials and color palette of recycled plastic counters, sky blue table stools, light red sofas and a recycled confetti screed flooring ensure that the room is always embellished, even before the tables ought to have set.

The use of recycled plastic is just one of the many circularity-driven design decisions in a project designed- driven by the motto” less is more”- in which the reuse, preservation of value and reduction of the carbon footprint were central throughout.

Chairs made from age-old jeans are paired with vintage parts and all the screws and bars designed to be easily removed so that the furniture is ready to be disassembled and repurposed or recycled at the end of its life.

All the hotel’s public faces are solely fabricated from recyclable substances, such as recycled plastic milk ceilings- and a item that is a sly wink for Dutch patrons is that the experience used to cover the walls is made from recycled Efteling garbs.” From a sustainable view, we have worked with suppliers and materials that are circular, environmentally compatible or upcycled ,” says van Schagen” An precedent is the impressive wall on enter; for this we made a recycled plastic wallcovering, designed with a Delft Blue color theme to which we contributed a distinct The Student Hotel color accent .”

What: The Student Hotel, Delft Where: Van Leeuwenhoekpark 1 2611 DW, Delft How much: From EUR6 9 per nighttime Highlights: The Commons’ fifteen-meter long cocktail bar made from recycled milk-bottle surfaces. Motif depict: Hand-drawn portraits by graphic designer Monsieur Hubert and a mural by creator Chantal van Heeswijk. Diary it: The Student Hotel, Delft

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