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“The most crucial aspect in concoction differentiation is to solve a problem and make it accessible and user friendly.”- Omkar Patil, CEO Infigon Futures.

– Omkar Patil, CEO, Infigon Futures

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Marketing is one of the most dynamic realms in the world. Marketers have to innovate continuously and produce outcomes in a short span of time.

Are there any growth implements or proficiencies that use basic principles and at the same time differentiate our mixture in this ever changing marketing world.

To figure out answers to these questions, we talked to a Marketing Growth Specialist- Omkar.

Read on to know more about his commerce rise and company’s commodities and ideas.

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1. Tell us about your life journey Omkar.

As a student, I’ve always been involved in countless extra-curricular undertakings.

In Class 12, I did an internship in Sales Positioning at Motilal Oswal.

While I was pursuing engineering, I continued doing internships at various organisations like SBI Mutual Store, DSP Blackrock etc.

I had always been highly interested in the field of Sales and Marketing.

I felt indeed intrigued by this field because of how it can influence the psychology of consumers and determine the branding and market standing of any conglomerate.

My reason for starting Infigon times back to 2019 when I started a Youth Organisation called Maharashtra Sanghatan.

The main motive this organisation helps is to create a platform for interaction, exchanges, group collaborations and associations amongst students who come from diverse educational backgrounds.

Most students are restricted from comes into contact with other students from same educational backgrounds.

However, in the workplace, “theyre supposed to” connected to diverse people with different educational experiences and subject expertise.

This may become a hindrance in their productivity at work if they aren’t acquainted to it. The organisation slumped to greater statures and we speedily amassed 7500+ student members.

We organised various events and episodes like MUNs, National Business Championship Conference and many other social awareness and cultural episodes.

While interacting with thousands of students and parents who come from different backgrounds, we discovered a common pattern- fear.

Students had fear in their subconsciou regarding their career, employability, academics and other mistrusts.

We tried to address them at “individuals ” but these queries only kept increasing.

Upon further investigation, we came to know that there aren’t any organisations that provided with dedicated guiding or mentorship business.

Most counselling fellowships work at a very limited capacity and don’t cover the whole spectrum of mentorship the questions that students today face.

All these issues were narrowed down to 3 A’s- Availability, Affordability and Awareness.

There is a general absence of availability, simply a select few organisations address this sector and are moving in more limited infinites.

Affordability- counselling services are very expensive and on average penalty Rs. 25000/ – for a service that extends to simply 1 month. Awareness- there is a lack of awareness amongst most people, and they simply don’t realise the need nor implication of counselling busines.

Hence, we decided to establish Infigon Futures, to create a platform that can provide inexpensive education and busines mentorship services to students nationwide.

It is our mission to start our business accessible, user friendly and customized to the needs of every student.

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2. How marketing growth procedures have progressed in the last few years?

Marketing skills have advanced unprecedentedly in the last few years.

However, with Infigon being at its inception and swelling stage, we are yet to explore such improvements.

Our key market strategy is to aggressively promote exercising the conventional marketing procedures at our jettison and within our financial and endowment faculty within the organisation.

Our key programme is to associate with various class, colleges and institutes and so far we have attended over 70 episodes within about two months.

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3. How do you think a business should means the concoction or services for their business? What is advisable to the major accumulation behind selecting the product innovation, differentiation or niche?

In my opinion, gratifying to a niche doesn’t matter. The most crucial aspect in product differentiation is to solve a problem and make it accessible and user friendly.

For instance, Dream 11 catered to the betting and fantasy gaming industry in association with IPL for the past 3-4 years. Yet it was limited to placing gamblings prior to the match.

A new entrant, Fantasy Games app made it possible for players to prepare bets every 5 overs during the entirety of the parallel.

It drew the notion more participating and increased the victory likelihood. This caused consumers to change to this app and the app tremendously gained as much popularity as Dream 11 with no extra sell.

Similarly, at Infigon we are striving to induce vocation lawyer accessible nationally and make it heavily user-friendly.

Career counselling so far has been restricted within local faculties with no national cores.

Most students have little or no access to career counselling and being the first App-based service provider, we wish to pioneer accessible and fee services across the country.

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4. How do you calculate your commerce growing and what are the indicators of a desired commerce raise?

Our key sell procedures comprise associations with institutions, colleges and universities and digital commerce.

Our target was set at associating with 30 colleges and colleges within 3 months which we transcended in advance by employing with more than 70 colleges before April 2021.

We review forward to setting new targets as we originate. For our digital marketing, we are attempting to emulate date and following by extradite regular material on many social networking locates.

We’ve seen a virtually 140% proliferation in all our social media handles on a month-on-month basis.

We plan to aggravate this growing and weigh it regularly through number of likes, opinions, shares etc.

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5. What “wouldve been” your admonition for Purveyors during these tough times?

The pandemic is one way in guise for marketers.

This is the time that internet habit and screen day has increased tremendously nationwide.

Ramping up marketing strategies on digital, social media and influencer channels is highly lucrative.

I’ve often heard my peers and batchmates who are fellow inventors complaints about the huge costs of paid social media sponsorships.

My advice to purveyors is to not places great importance on boosted commerce approaches that are unfeasible and avert full attention towards conventional policies.

The pandemic is a good time to aggressively promote on all social media handles and build an organic attendance in the domain.

You can always invest in paid sponsorships at a later stagecoach when you gain receipt.

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