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Your patrons should be front of subconsciou at all stages of the video marketing process — from creation to distribution.

Brent Chudoba, CEO at Biteable

Video Production has progressed at a awfully gait in recent times. What was earlier a complex specialized undertaking has now become simple and a do-it-yourself task. Says the CEO.

To know how video creation is evolving, what is its future, and how organizations can leverage video marketing, we talked to Brent.

Read on to know his take on video creation& marketing.

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1. Tell us about your life journey Brent?

I grew up in a military family, so we moved around quite a bit when I was younger. My dad was in the Army, my mom was a teacher.

Sports were a great way to quickly make friends and soccer was a focal point of “peoples lives” from persons under the age of about 7 through 22.

I was recruited to play soccer at university but knew that Manchester United wouldn’t be calling me to turn soccer into a professing.

So, I tried to flip that work ethic on the training ground into my studies.

I terminated up following the money, which led me from uptown — where I went to school at Columbia University — to downtown and “Wall Street”.

After several years in investment bank and private equity, I went fleck by the operating bug. I wanted to go help build a company instead of playing an investor and advisor role.

The desire to stay close to marketing was again to follow the money. This time it was revenue. I’ve always liked being close to the action and close to what drives a business.

Sales and commerce are always at the tip of the spear. Like my earlier years playing soccer, sell is a team sport.

Marketing, particularly online, has a lot of data which tolerates squads to hold each other accountable. When you earn, you earn as a unit and you work hard to see the research results pay off.

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2. How Online Video Production has progressed in the last few years? What are the possibilities it presents to Marketers currently?

Online video simply retains going bigger and better. Two things have happened that really skyrocketed the demand for video 😛 TAGEND

Video commerce has been proven to workThe world’s preceding social media stages have become video-first

Access to video production tools has steadily increased alongside this demand for online video content.

Instead of complex, expensive video editing application, video editing has evolved into browser-based video preparing — no talent or instructing required.

Where beginner video creators were once furiously googling rules on how to import video into complicated editing software, purveyors today use tools like ready-made online video templates to get the job be done in order to minutes.

These simpler, accessible online video production tools apply purveyors the monarchies to deliver top-tier content with little-to-no fuss. The potentials this presents to marketers are endless.

Anyone can create attractive, effective video material. Anyone can level-up their sell strategy with video. Everyone should — or you’ll be left behind in your competitors’ dust. Text and image-based marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Video is the brand-new normal.

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3. What are the effective Video Marketing strategies small businesses can adopt in 2020?

As with all types of marketing, there isn’t one perfect-fit strategy for every business.

Align your video marketing policy with your brand’s destinations and objectives, do some study to be informed about which scaffolds your public spends their epoch on, and then launch a few video troubles.

Learn what works for your brand and audience and what doesn’t.

The wonderful thing about video commerce is how many options you have to work with.

There’s not just one type of video that spawns answers. Infographics, explainers, promos, listicles — the roster gone on.

The best type of video for your symbol depends on who your label is and what your business does.

One thing’s for sure: video returns better results and retains more date than any other type of digital marketing creative.

Really, the best video marketing strategy is to use video in your marketing approach!

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4. Can you share an interesting/ successful Video marketing campaign you have come across?

Something I’ve loved attending over the past year was how people and firebrands worked video to stay connected and overcome the hurdles of COVID-1 9.

Many of our clients turned to Biteable to communicate with their units and purchasers when face-to-face “re no longer” an option.

My favorites were the marketers who employed video commerce to get artistic. One lesson that stands out to me proves the supremacy of video market on any scale.

Marketing professional and Biteable user, Katie, was furloughed in the pandemic and looking for a job.

The market was saturated with tens of thousands of other people in the same boat, striving for the same few capacities.

Katie use our online video journalist to create an #OpenToWork video and affixed it to LinkedIn with incredible success.

Not merely did she score herself a brand-new position, but the date generated through her out-of-the-box video developed her system by over 100 new connections.

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5. What missteps businesses should bypass when it comes to Video Marketing?

The biggest video market mistake a business can realise is to avoid video for horror of costs or season limitations.

Video marketing no longer requires a huge, expensive external video start crew.

Online video make is affordable, speedy, and delivers professional-quality reactions. I predict, there’s nothing scary about video.

One common mistake to avoid is losing seeing of your video’s goal: to engage and communicate with the audience.

Your customers should be front of recollection at every stage of the video marketing process — from creation to distribution.

Video marketing doesn’t work if your video isn’t worth the audience’s time.

Throughout the video commerce process, keep coming back to 😛 TAGEND

Why would your public want to watch your video? What does it offer them or what trouble does it solve?

Don’t beat around the bush.

Most beings generate video material about a 3-second chance to convince them it’s worth their age.

Use a hook in the first three seconds of your video to draw your public in, and formerly you’ve got them, wow them with the rest.

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