Joe Biden’s Campaign Disputes Ever Turning Away Ice Cube & His Plan

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Ice Cube

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Over the past few weeks, Ice Cube has been at the receiving dissolve of some extreme slander for working with Donald Trump and his expedition. While he maintains he was trying to help black people and the Internet says backward and forward , more details prevent emerging.

After it was announced he “helped” Trump’s administration with a plan for Black America, items spilt disclosing he was trying to keep the meeting as hushed as possible. In the bigger picture, Ice Cube positioned himself up to be a pawn in the MAGA marketing scheme-and a few weeks before the holding of elections , no less. The rapper even became as far as calling out Democrats and Joe Biden for allegedly turning him and his hope away.

Recently, U.S. House Representative Cedric Richmond opened up about Cube’s accusation on SirusXM and revealed that Cube’s side of the tale is untrue.

“I like the facts of the case that Ice Cube is getting engaged in program. I think that is a good thing, nonetheless, formerly you embark on going into it, one, “youve got to be” honest, but two, you have an obligation, I make, to see it through and to be thorough with it, ” Richmond said in an interview with Joe Madison. “Our plan is very thorough. I won’t say he has a skeleton plan, but he has an outline of things, he has an outline of things that should be done.”

“It’s not as comprehensive as our plan. And so that’s what we told him, and the offer to stay participated was not,’ we’ll talk to you after the election, ’” he said. “It croaked like this:’ Here’s my cell number, anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think, you know, we need to talk about further, just pick up the phone and call.”

It seems” Ice Cube wanted the ascribe but didn’t want to do the office” is basically the tale the campaign is attaching behind. Meanwhile, they had a plan with action items and direct already underway, but were willing to incorporate his propose if Cube reached out after doing his research on actionable items.

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