In the News: PPP Loan Forgiveness Made Simpler

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Loan Forgiveness

If the thought of jumping through regulatory bands just to get the forgiveness on the Paycheck Protection Program( PPP) lend had you in braids, you got some comfort this week.

As more small businesses across America are looking to apply for forgiveness on the lend they received earlier this year, they got some good story. The US Small Business Administration and Treasury Dept. announced a brand-new, simpler have applied for PPP loan forgiveness.

The simpler application is for lends handed out for less than $50,000.

PPP loans were a big helping hand to millions of companies in the US as they strove with pandemic-related business close orders.

To find out more about the brand-new PPP loan forgiveness process, check out our report on it from earlier this week: SBA and Treasury Dept. Unveil Simpler PPP Loan Forgiveness Process

And for the rest of the week in small business news, check out our weekly summary below.

Small Business News Roundup for October 16, 2020

Here are the other headlines most important to small businesses and industrialists in the US the coming week 😛 TAGEND ClearSale and BigCommerce Prep Ecommerce Small Business

ClearSale and BigCommerce have come together to help small businesses address fraud as the vacation shopping season fast approachings. And this year, more than any other year, mainly driven by the pandemic, more beings are now going to browsing online. This represents fraudsters are likewise going to be just as busy.

Facebook Launches Season of Support for Small Business Holiday Shopping Rush

In a offer to help small businesses capitalize on the upcoming holiday shop season, Facebook has propelled its Season of Support initiative. With the brand-new give ventures conducting vacation publicities on Facebook or Instagram will receive free educate, market foundation and insights.

Fiverr Small Business Needs Index Highlights Assistances Most In-Demand

The semi-annual Small Business Needs Index from Fiverr exactly discovered the most in-demand works on its programme. And for this index eCommerce, dropshipping, and network developing meridian the directory of services that are small and medium-sized businesses “re looking for”. For freelances providing these services, it means they will be in more demand.

Texting to Main Street Businesses Up 450%( INFOGRAPHIC )

It is not surprising texting to regional business has shot up during the pandemic. What is astonishing is by how much, a whopping 450% overall increase in customer calls, texts, and Facebook Words per month. This according to a brand-new study from Numa. This study testifies one of the many natures the pandemic is affecting small businesses across the country and really around the world.

OpenText Making Electronic Signature Affordable for Small Business

OpenText, a leader in information management software and solutions, extend beyond its electronic signature offering to accommodate small businesses. Small businesses can now use OpenText Core Signature for hire and partners’ signatures. OpenText Core Signatures Collecting paper signatures can be a slow and cumbersome process.

Foldio3 60 Smart Dome Helps with 360 Product Photos

Foldio has announced the launch of its new render Foldio3 60 Smart Dome that helps you capture 360 deg photos with ease. Foldio3 60 Smart Dome works with various devices including smartphones, DSLRs and PCs. Besides capturing photos, the Foldio3 60 too helps to produce animations and videos as well.

45% of Small Businesses Have Earned Half or Less of Their Pre-COVID Revenue During Pandemic

The COVID-1 9 pandemic hurt companies of all sizes. But small businesses were hit hardest. If your small business is finding it hard to stay afloat during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Harmonizing to Alignable’s latest report, 45% of small and medium-sized businesses have stated that they have earned less than half of their Pre-COVID revenue.

34% of Small Businesses Struggling to Pay October Rent

In its recent Alignable Pulse Poll of 7, 726 small business owners, 34% of the respondents say they are struggling to pay their hire in October. This news comes as the pandemic continues to disrupt business operations across the board eight months on. The Alignable poll, which was taken in the first week of October shows the number is two percent higher than September( 32% ).

The 10 Most Annoying Phrases Said During Video Calls

Love them or loathe them, with the work-from-home era expres no ratify of quelling, conference calls are here to stay. Video calls have become increasingly prevalent throughout the pandemic, enabling crews to conduct business remotely. It’s important rally attendees present themselves in as professional light-colored as is practicable during remote meetings.

New Social Network Entre Promoted as a LinkedIn Competitor

Freelancers and industrialists searching for an alternative to LinkedIn should take a look at a new social network announced Entre. It’s been designed to supply everything needed to kickstart your enterprise in one spot. Small Business Direction contacted Michael Marra, the CEO/ Founder at Entre, to be informed about how this make folds into The Future of Work.


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