IELTS Speaking Actual Test in India & Model Answers

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Speaking Part 1 1 What is your worded?

Well, I’m” Alex Geller.”

2 Where are you from?

I’m from Dundrum city, which is located on the south-east coast of Northern Ireland. It’s about 1 hour south of the city capital. The metropoli is one the most beautiful neighbourhoods on Earth surrounded by splendid coasts, thick dense groves, high rolled mountains, and picturesque countryside.

3 Do you work or study?

At present, I am in my final year of graduation studying computer science at the George University. I’m eagerly looking forward to my graduation epoch, which is just a few months from now. Upon graduation, I am thinking of moving to Australia for my Master’s in Computer science which meets me really excited.

4 What outdoor pleasures do you like?

Outdoor acts are always fun, as they furnish a broader range of physical and psychological benefits. These also boost our intensity, help reduce stress, feeling, and improve our self-confidence. Some of the outdoor acts I like are birdwatching, gardening, strolling, nature photography, rafting, skiing, hiking, cycling, etc.

5 What outdoor task did you do when you were young?

When I was young, I used to visit any commons or open spaces with your best friend to watch the fledglings flying and they would fascinate us. Besides that, we adored adventurous undertakings, and we get hiking, trekking, and mountain biking on the weekends.

6 What is your favorite work on your smartphone?

One of my favorite works which is installed on my smartphone is Google Fit. This app allows me to be health and prevent fit systematically and conveniently. We just need to add our type of workout. Our stats& data regarding the workout will show up at the end. Overall, the app allows me to understand what kinds of workouts and activities work best for me without a trainer’s help.

7 Do you think about developing your own application?

Of course! Since I’m a computer geek and a good coder, I’d like to develop my own lotion, which is a business tracker application. With the help of this app, small business owners can move their daily marketings, the profits they’ve earned, and see how much they’ve lost. Through this, the owners can understand their business and patrons’ needs.

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Speaking Part 2

Describe a special day out when you didn’t invest much fund/ which provided free of charge less

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When and where this happened What did you do Who was just here with you And explain why it was special

Speaking Part 3 1 Should parties deplete more experience at home or used to go?

In my opinion, beings should match their meter. They should waste equal time with their families and with friends. Some beings is confident that used to go will freshen their attentions and reduce stress, while others think solitary life is much better than social live. So, they just spend their leisure time being an armchair person.

2 What is the impact of staying at home and expend age on social media?

There are more negative impacts than positive ones if private individuals keeps at home and spends epoch on social media. It imparts forth negative and zero interaction between siblings, the marriage, parents-children. This also makes an individual more lonely and isolated which worsens mental problems such as depression and suspicion.

Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3

Balance: to be equal in sum or cost, or to construct things equal in sum or cost Eg: The father poised her personal and professional life very well. Lone Life: being the only one, or not being with other same things, often by choice Eg: After the distressing death of their alone daughter, the old duo lived a lonely live. Armchair person: refers to a person who knows, or says they know, a good deal about a topic without having direct know-how of it. Eg: Although Mr.Mohan doesn’t have any prior know-how in writing examines, he turns out to be an armchair critic. Zero interaction: zero communication or direct involvement with person or something. Eg: The wealthy genealogy have zero interaction with the old-fashioned villagers. Isolated: far away from other homes, structures, or parties; remote Eg: Rose had to stay isolated for 10 days as she were positive for the Covid-1 9. Exacerbate: to shape something that is already bad worse Eg: Rose didn’t want to exacerbate the situation. So she resigned from her hassle.

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