Howard Speaks: Please Wait in Line to Give Me Money

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I’m sorry, we can’t see you today. Please wait in line and establish us your money another era. Having your patrons wait in line to give you money is an idea that leaved enough time will become your business obsolete and dead as a doornail from some opponent dentist who doesn’t have threads. If I can’t come in today and give you money then touched your gas pedal to add capacity, operatories, identifies, hours, or buy the technology that allows you to work faster. Or, you can hit the brakes and conjure your tolls. This will abbreviate the line by making the people who value you less and are unwilling to pay you more to see you today, to get out of line, so the people willing to pay more are allowed the freedom to pay you more money for the additional importance of being seen today. Same day dentistry is the fastest way to increase your dispute following. If you sell a bottle of liquid for$ 1 and your benefit perimeter is 10 pennies( represented by the bottled water cap) then your gain margin is 10 %. If you develop your price one dime( which would be added cap) you precisely developed your toll 10% and double-faced your benefit perimeter from 10% to 20%, reduced the number of people waiting in line, and now have more gain to take home or reinvest in your business as retained earnings. Another room of fostering your price is to drop your lowest compensating dental coverage PPO. I don’t care which pedal you affected as long as you do something. What is not acceptable is to do nothing. Shit or get off the flowerpot but don’t sit there all day while your purchasers are looking around to see if someone else can see them today. When your case does find another dentist who will see them today “theyre not” going to take the time to call you back and nullify their appointment with you, they will most likely extend the same curtesy you committed them and precisely not show up without notice known as the “No Show” which comes from you telling them “No” so they render it back as a “No Show” known in my 30 Day Dental MBA as “No Shit, Sherlock.”

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