How to Write a Well-Researched and Great Blog Post in 14 Easy Steps

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According to research, 63 % of content marketers struggle to find brand-new clients.

This problem can be solved easily with blog posting, but most content marketers are afraid of blog affixing. If they are posting regular high-quality blogs, they’ll come brand-new results flowing like crazy. It is a required skill that you should have to be a good marketer.

In this blog pole, I am going to school you the art of blog posting. Most beings are afraid of blog posting, but it is not rocket science. It was only one easy prowes that can be quickly learned by just a little bit of practice and experience.

Recipe Of a Great Blog Post

A great blog berth not only depends on writing, but it also consists of SEO and other facets. Now are some features of the excellent blog pole 😛 TAGEND Readability

The article should be readable to the audience to be considered as a great blog post. Readability represents the simplicity of reading articles.

The Visual Appeal

The post should be visually engaging to the audience to catch the attention of the audience’s gazes. To make a blog post visually committing, you should contributed personas and graphics.

Value For The Readers

A enormous blog upright tends to provide value to its audience because it Is necessary for the blog post to add value to the audience’s life to generate traffic for an extended period. This makes me to the 4th point.

Congestion Generating Potential

The blog uprights which are considered to be great are the ones that tend to generate traffic with meter. Preferably than really developing traffic in the beginning and then gradually decreasing.

Gratuity For Writing a Great Blog Post

Before getting started, there are some things that I wanted to make clear are that writing a blog post is an art that can only be learned with term; it is just like learning how to drive a car. You will never be able to go if you haven’t practised it, even if you have all the knowledge of how to drive a car. It takes time and rule to get good at blog post, so I should be patient to blog announces. Now are some tips-off for writing a great blog post.

1. Choose a Good Topic


The first step of a blog berth formation is the selection of the topic. You should select a great topic to write a great blog post. Now at some gratuities for the nomination of a blog affix topic 😛 TAGEND

Identify Audience’s Interest

A great issue is that which has the audience’s interest, and the public can get some kind of value out of it.

Should Be Trending

The topic should be in the trend. Many pulpits help you to find tending topics.

You Should Be Interested In It

Most parties ignore this object, but it is as important as the first two points.

Because you must write a blog post on a topic, you’re interested in. Otherwise, you’ll be processing.

Make sure the topic you have selected has a clear subject.

So, you should choose a topic of your own interest to write a great blog post.

So should keep these 3 points in imagination while selecting a topic for your blog pole. If you fulfill these three requirements, then there’s a huge chance that the blog berth will be good. A enormous topic will too help you to get rank quickly on Google.

2. Select a Title

Once you’ve selected a claim, Now You’ve to select a great title for your blog upright; to select a great title for your blog affix, you’ve to do a little of keyword research. This how you should be doing the keywords experiment 😛 TAGEND

First of all, select a general keyword and search it on Google and indicate them down; now make a long tail keyword from them and then a name from it.

To make a title more eye-catching and attention-grabbing, one should be using headline analyzer tools to represent the designation more catching and attention-grabbing. There are some great free to use headline analyzer tools available to utter headline attention-grabbing. You should be using them to write a impelling name. A cogent deed will assist you lure sizable freight to your blog; to make it SEO optimized, employ your keywords in it but don’t use too much of them.

3. Take Document and Create a Draft


You should also be well aware of what you want to write and how you like to execute from start to end. This will help you enormously to write a blog post without any problems. Now that you’ve found out the right topic and designation. It’s time for the research. Now you need to do research and note down the useful things. You can use anything from an actual notebook to google docs.

Once you’ve completed the research, it is time to create a rough draft; that is how your blog will look.

It’s time to create an outline. You can try different outlines and choice which dress you the most.

Your blog post should have a heading because it’s much easier for the writer to write than a huge article. Similarly, it is much easier for the reader to read a blog post with thoughts and subheadings.

Usually, there should be 200 – 300 names in a heading to keep it interesting and to make it comprehensible. A smaller thoughts will too help to hook the public for a long period.

4. A Great Preface

” The first impression is the last impression .”

It’s also genuine for blog affixing as most people tend to decide; very, they will continue reading the clause or left open. So, to become people remain, you have to write a great introduction. Now are some examples of great introduction minds for a great blog pole 😛 TAGEND

The quote 😛 TAGEND

In this type of introduction, the foreword began with the mention. This introduction is quite effective in catching the audience’s attention so next time when you are writing a blog post, try starting it with a quote.

This technique merely toils if the quote itself is interesting; otherwise, it would never work.

Trivia or stats 😛 TAGEND

The introduction that starts with a trivia or a stat is quite an attention-grabbing audience. But don’t try to use an self-evident stat. This proficiency directs because people tend to be attracted to remarkable and singular things and recollect them for a long period. So that is why deceptions are so effective when it comes to creating a hook.

Question 😛 TAGEND

This introduction is quite useful for employing the gathering and becoming them speak the whole blog post.

An introduction that is memorable and attention-grabbing can fix your blog pole relatively efficient in render freight for a long time. Great introduction hooks the audience to the end, which is a great thing to generate more traffic to your blog.

5. Write In a Conversational Manner


To establish a connection with the audience, you should be writing conversationally; write like you’re talking to your friends.

Here are a few gratuities for writing conversationally 😛 TAGEND

Make thorough employment of the word you. Write short sentences. Write short-spoken paragraphs. Stay Casual.

By working on these tips-off, you can easily manufacture your blog pole communicative and readily connect with the audience. Which assists in both the long-term and the short term.

Try to write in a way like you’re talking to your friend, and by the way, you should treat the public as your friends.

It also increases the readability of the section. This is a great thing because the higher the Readability, the greater traffic will lure your blog upright. Which will increase your public base.

6. Add Images


Have you ever read an article with no epitome? The reaction will be no. Because no one likes to read exclusively the text. So, you should be using different portraits to increase the readability of the Article.

Images are also great for hooking the audience for a longer time. Personas also increase the readability of the section. Which helps you to engage the gathering and establish your connection to the audience.

Next, when you are writing a blog post, try to add desirable idols to Your post and then ascertain the results.

Never use irrelevant images that amuse the audience and divert their courtesy. Ever use related epitomes in your work.

7. Make It Scannable

No one speaks a full essay. Because beings tend to read the information in which they are most interested. So, it’s your duty to meet the blog announce more scannable.

To make blog announces scannable, you have to use different kinds of infographics. Infographics are a combination of personas and report. Also, use geographic, which is the combination of GIF animation and information.

Try to construct the use of short-lived wires and too make use of bullet phases so that it would be much easier for the audience to find out the useful information, and it also increases the readability of the blog post.

People are attracted to scannable blog posts. Try to spawn your blog upright more scannable, which improves the gathering experience the information very easily.

8. Readability


It is difficult for beings to read online compared to offline. This means you have to work harder to conclude your blog announce more readable.

So, try these gratuities to increase the readability of the blog announce 😛 TAGEND

Use small-time paragraphs. Employ big strings. Abuse likeness. Write in a communicative mood. Oblige application of adventurous and italics.

The greater the readability of your article will help you to generate higher audience retention. You should be working on increasing the readability of your blog post.

This can also help in getting grading on Google.

Higher Readability too facilitates the public bide relaxed and tranquilize, capturing their scrutiny quite easily and longer.

9. The Bigger, The Better

” Size matters now” for a blog affix. To write a great blog post, you’ve to write a bigger blog post. A blog affix that is between 2200 – 2500 has a higher chance of going graded.

Bigger blog affixes are also excellent for the public because it is much easier for a person to read a long blog post rather than search for small-time ones on the internet.

You should try to write longer blog uprights to get a great blog post. The width of blog affixes must be larger than the race as this will help in getting graded higher on Google.

It is also good for attracting brand-new gatherings to your blog post and converting them into a regular gathering. Which are quite a great thing for your blog, and you can easily establish an audience base by making your commodities better and longer.

10. Get Noticed


Now you have a blog post ready. It’s time for you to market your blog posts. You can a great blog berth, but without telling anyone, you’ll never get noticed, so to promote your blog on 😛 TAGEND

Social media business pages. Share it on your personal account. Mail a newsletter . Run ads on Google and other social media programmes.

To make your blog pole good. You’ve to market it across the internet so you can get noticed by the audience.

It is essential if your blog was related to your business.

11. Become an SEO Master


SEO stands for” search engine optimization.” In other oaths, it conveys an improvement in your website to make it more visible in search results.

When writing a blog post, most people exclusively work on the writing part and forget about SEO. SEO is the half one of the purposes of a great blog post.

To understand what SEO is, you have to understand the basics of SEO, which are the following 😛 TAGEND


When parties think of SEO, they think of keywords simply. Today modern SEO is quite different; it depends upon keywords but not entirely. You don’t have to use keywords like crazy to get noticed, precisely to use well-researched keywords.


Content is also a major part of SEO as it’s the main thing that establishes a connection between you and your public. Norberto

to stand out, your material has to be informative as well as artistic and interesting.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the SEO that currently exists off your website. It includes things like search engine optimization and using ads to get rank.

Ensure that your SEO is up to mark and ever try to learn brand-new SEO trends to better understand SEO.

12. Consistency

Now you have to publish your first blog berth. It’s time for you to work on the next one because consistency is the most important thing for a blog’s growth.

Consistency helps you to rank better on Google. It likewise helps you to establish a connection between you and your gathering. So, try to publish blog berths as commonly as you can.

Google and social media algorithms( Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc .) are routinely looking for brand-new material to promote.

Publishing blog uprights consistently help you to get ranked on Google very easily. It takes time to get graded on Google. You have to be patient and continue posting for a long period, and gradually you will start to notice the results.

13. Understand and Establish a Connection With Your Audience


Before starting to blog, make sure you clearly understand your audience and what they want from you.

Try to connect with your audience. Ask them questions like on which topics they require the next blog affix?

Here are the gratuities to understand your audience needs better 😛 TAGEND

Observe your contestants. You should be looking at your entrants and try to learn from them. What are they doing? Get to know your clients personally.

Conduct a survey

This the most straightforward way to be informed about your audience. Conduct inspects about anything you want to know about your audience.

These tips will help you to understand your audience more personally. Once you have a personal connection with your public, then they become your regular audience.

Establishing a connection with your gathering is really important. Because this will help you to understand what your gathering craves and when they need it. It too helps you to find content for the future.

Here some gratuities for establishing a great connection with your audience 😛 TAGEND

Write in a way you talk. Implement metaphors. Stimulate your readers. Participate your readers.

A strong joining with your public will increase your public retention.

You should try to solve audience problems and provide them with the maximum value for their content.

14. Time Start

” You don’t have to be great to start, but you’ve to start to be great .”

Most parties have all knowledge and knowledge, but they are somehow afraid of starting.

You can’t get all the answers in the first place. You have to start to get all the answers.

No one is great in the beginning. It’s the experience that concludes them great. So, my admonition is to just write the show, and you’ll do good at it.


Blog posting is easy and recreation to learn skill. Anyone can learn it with a little bit of effort and rehearsal, and it is essential for digital marketing.

In the end, I just wanted to tell you that you have to start. The blog posting isn’t rocket science; it’s just prowes in which you can get good with a little bit of rule.” Practice makes a man perfect.” You should never stop learning to become a great blogger. I hope that this blog has helped you to increase your information about blog announce writing.


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