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How to Set Up a Website or Blog with Bluehost

So you’re looking to set up a personalized email address, website or blog. I’m a Bluehost affiliate partner and I want to be clear that I receive the regional commissions if you sign up with them. You are certainly welcome to set up a website, blog or personalized email anywhere. I wasted a gala fragment of duration researching where to send Consultant Journal readers, though, and I select Bluehost because they’ve been around the block, they’re a recognized name and their approach seems good. I’ll amble you through the steps.

Click here to go to the Bluehost website( it will open in a brand-new window ).

bluehost welcome screen

Got it? Good. I am a big WordPress fan and I find it’s pretty easy for most people to set up, so I show going with that.

2. Choose a plan.

I’m a little bit of a klutz, so I like having a backup for my websites. You can choose any of these plans, but I personally feel most comfortable with one that comes with a site backup, so that I can recover anything I lose. Nonetheless, when I was starting out, I be applicable to only retain copies of my stuff in a folder saved in the gloom. If you’re just going to have a few pages, you can start that nature. However, think about whether you also require subject privacy. I also pay the extra for my websites to have my enrollment items obstructed private, so that I don’t be brought to an end with someone proving up at my office or dwelling unannounced, except for the runner tribes who creating my chocolate due!

Okay. So sounds the propose you want.

3. Choose a province. There are lots of places you can buy domain names and you’re certainly welcome to choose one from your merchant of selection. Bluehost includes a free domain with your registration setup, though, so you might want to stick with them and keep it simple.

If you’re choosing a domain name, I recommend going for something short and sweet. I’m a bit biased to. com subjects, but it’s fine to look at other options. With so many parties simply relying on search engines and attaches, you have a bit more flexibility these days. Still, I prefer to find something short and easy to spell, pronounce and retain. I too intimate moving sure you aren’t infringing on any marks or existing business mentions. You may want to try using the domain suggestion tool to find something, if your preferred choice are taken.

Make your preference and click next. Depending on what you chose, you’ll either be on to your orbit wording or the pay details.

4. Set up your account

Now you’re on to the account information screen. Provide your registration details.( Many countries require you to provide your contact information to comply with regulations about website registration .)

Then choose your parcel.( It’s okay to choose the shortest time frame. You don’t have to go for three years and, although, as development partners, you are able to meditate I’d propagandize you to go for the longest term, I show you merely do a shorter term, so that you get a taste of what’s happening .) You can’t offer by the month, but you can choose a 1, 2, 3 or 5-year packet that works out to a decent monthly sum.

When I set up website, I sounds the domain privacy protection button. I don’t like my personal details out there for anyone to find. If you happen to work from home, it’s particularly important that you consider a privacy propose- it doesn’t lend very much and it impedes your address and other details private. Otherwise, simply reject all the special furnishes and details.

5. Add your billing details

website cc account details

Read the fine print and the terms, elimination and privacy program. If you agree, sound submit.

6. Create your password.

website password setup

You’re almost there.

Click the Congratulations button.


And there “theres going”. You’re done.

Okay. You’re all set up. You can set up your email, website or blog now.

While you can choose one of the website themes they offer, I generally stick with the topics that come with WordPress. That’s because themes get updates moderately regularly and you could be stuck with an out-of-date theme that intruders would manipulate.( This has happened to me and it really hurt my label. So now I make sure I use popular topics , not custom or one-off themes .)

Go check out your new arena- and don’t be surprised when you see it isn’t ready yet. It takes a while for all the brand-new orbit and word server info to percolate through the Internet. Give it a day or two. But, in the meantime, you can start building.

Click the all done button 😛 TAGEND

all done

Set up on WordPress

wordpress set up

Ta da!

So, from here, I would just click” I don’t need cure .” Okay, I understand. You’re thinking,” BUT I DO NEED HELP !” I get wise. It’s just that the options with the blue buttons “re coming with” things set up and then you might find you’re trying to undo some of what’s been set up. If you click” I don’t need any cure”, you can start from scratch and precisely set up the route you want.

If you’re just do a blog, you are eligible to simply have one page and do everything there.

If you’re doing an internet site, I recommend you do what I learn my university students! Set up the central home index sheet, About and Contact. From there, you might want to add pages for Blog, Assistance, Commodity. Keep it simple.

Check your email

Make sure you’ve activated any chronicle and website connects sent to you by Bluehost.

STUCK? Be very difficult? CONFUSED?

Contact Bluehost at https :// contact. Calling generally succeeds better than chit-chat and, personally, I find I often connect better with parties on the phone, when I can hear their singer. I don’t have your accounting message! Bluehost has all that and they can help you figure things out.

Enjoy your new website or blog!