How to Help Your Local Business Get Found Online

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Marketing Podcast with Mike Blumenthal Podcast Transcript

People say a lot of things about SEO – it’s dead, it’s all subterfuges, it’s too hard.

Here’s the thing- SEO, including and maybe especially neighbourhood SEO, is certainly not dead – it’s more alive, necessary and vibrant than ever.

It has shifted to become more of an integrated, foundational and tactical one of the purposes of the overall commerce pasty, but take it lightly or dismiss it and you’ll ascertain yourself needing to pay affectionately merely to survive.

Here’s the hard part of about regional SEO- Google pretty much prepares the standard rules, keeps tally, and owns the game, so they will continue to see how they can use local examination standings to make money- there is no getting around this point, but savvy marketers are still finding gold by applying the techniques that allow them to show up in local and organic directories as the game is played today.

My guest for this week’s escapade of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Mike Blumenthal, the undisputed king of neighbourhood SEO. Blumenthal is the owner of Blumenthals, one of the founders of Local U, as well as GatherUp, a review service that helps neighbourhood occupations. He and I discuss the ever-changing world of local SEO and how you can keep up.

Blumenthal’s goal to contribute to local business do better and be better through feedback and re-examines. He specializes in developing and assessing feedback and examine strategies for location-based transactions, neighbourhood examination consulting, Google Maps, and regional pursuit optimization.

Questions I request Mike Blumenthal:

What is intent behind Google My Business? What are the most important neighbourhood higher-ranking factors? What will the Google 3-pack was like in 6-12 months from now?

What you’ll learn if you impart a listen:

Why there is confusion around Google local business listings Why neighbourhood PR is important Why the words used in Google assesses are important for your standing

Key takeaways from the chapter and more about Mike Blumenthal:

Learn more about GetFiveStars. Learn more about Local U. Predict Blumenthal’s Blog. Check out the Moz Local 2017 Presentation- Are Words the New Links ? Follow on Twitter. Connect on LinkedIn. Email mike @blumenthals. com.

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