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How to Display Accolades and Awards on Law Firm Websites

You’re proud of your law firm’s awardings and accolades. And, your website provides the perfect opportunity to let promises is a well-known fact that you’re respected throughout the industry.

But, before you fill your page with accolades, take time to develop a strategy for exposing them. Otherwise, you gamble littering your site with invokes that don’t actually are important for consumers.

Below, you’ll learn how rule house website apportions and compliments is an indication beneficial when properly displayed — and what you can do to perform them as impactful as possible.

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Benefits of displaying apportions on your law firm website

At first glance, it might seem obvious that law firm allotments are worth showing off. Why not take advantage of anything that locates your rule in a positive daylight? Dig deeper and you’ll discover that strategic use of awardings and compliments can deliver a variety of benefits.

Set your house apart

In a crowded sell, how are you able depict consumers that they should work with you instead of contesting statute conglomerates? Labelling aids, of course, but awards is appropriate to signal that your practice deserves respect. In this mode, accolades exposed on a website resemble a memento speciman at a boxing gym — an instantaneous and obvious ratify of your influence.

Build trust with future buyers

Today’s choosy clients aren’t willing to commit to exactly any attorney. They want to know that their solicitor is highly respected by clients and throughout the legal profession. The claim digital messaging can give you a head start, but some expectations will only be swayed by credentials. Joe DiPietro evidences this in the instance below.

Joe DiPietro displays his awards as part of his Bio on his law firm websiteA list of accolades can show that you’re an arbiter in your niche.

In addition to your J.D ., buyers wishing to honors that authenticate your abilities and your track record. Awards, like ratings, add a component of social proof that even the slickest commerce campaign will struggle to reach.

Show your commitment to your practise place

Should you run a niche rule conglomerate that simply treats a restricted selection of cases, your chief commerce goal may not involve attracting the highest possible volume of purchasers — but preferably, alone procuring high-quality leads that are likely to convert. This may be easier to accomplish if the awarding page on your website primarily invokes specimen within your rehearsal area.

For example: If your conglomerate strives high-level findings in a specific area of personal injury law, you might be eager to let purchasers is a well-known fact that you’re a Litigator Award Winner for Premises Liability and Catastrophic Injury. If you mainly represent underprivileged consumers, you’ll want to display accomplishments such as paying the Lloyd O’Hara Public Interest Law Award.

Underscore your practice’s appraises

While many law firm allotments recognize excellence in test or other major exposes of legal knowledge, accolades referencing your has pledged to moralities should also be shown off. Many of these are granted by authorities within the law manufacture. Apportions outside of your area are also worth displaying, so don’t be afraid to highlight that Better Business Bureau Eclipse Integrity Award.

Improve constitution conglomerate SEO

Awards can be a amazingly strong tool for enhancing law firm SEO. Many are inherently keyword-oriented. What’s more, pursuing words often resonate most natural in a roll of gives than they do when haphazardly forced into blog berths.

Whether included in attorney bios or tradition place blurbs, award-related phrases such as “best criminal lawyer in San Diego” or “top 100 inquiry lawyers” can instant improve your SEO game.

How to highlight honors on your law firm website

How you present law firm accolades on your website contents. If they clutter your website, these marks will be opened by negligible is beneficial for your pattern. In fact, these can actually drive leads away if they detract from your law firm’s website design.

No one tactic is right for every practice, as a lot depends on how many apportions you’ve payed and from which constitutions. Still, these simple suggestions should give you a basic plan to seeing how to represent the most of attorney gives and accolades.

Be squeamish

With attorney recognition, caliber trumps sum. A small number of prestigious and highly relevant gives will excite website visitors far more than an exhaustive list of mentions. Determine which importances absolutely matter to your clients and set the others aside.

Relevance is particularly important when determining which accolades to reference. Not every form of notoriety warrants attending on your website.

Press mentions should be reserved for clear affirmations. It’s exciting to see your law firm highlighted in print, but journalistic notes are unlikely to impress expectations. Keep this in mind both as you mention gives on your website and in future marketing emails.

Create a dedicated sheet for ordinance conglomerate awardings

While it’s tempting to register apportions on your homepage, in practice area explanations, and everywhere else, these may be more effective if contained to a particular area on your law firm website.

This tactic won’t work for all law houses. For example: If you’ve only payed one or two manufacture bestows thus far, they won’t examine peculiarly affecting when forced to take up an entire page on their own. In this situation, the few accolades you’ve deserved will reverberate more when referenced on the homepage or about us page.

Highlight individual awardings within advocate bios

While awardings dedicated to your law firm as a whole are best exposed on a specific recognition-oriented page, those granted to a particular attorney may be more relevant in the bio slouse.

Awards can be highlighted alongside each lawyer’s academic history and overview of work experience. This provides the perfect opportunity to showcase academic separations that you might prefer to separate from your main law firm award page.

Make dedicated give sheets easy to scan

You may be proud of your long roll of awardings, but website visitors will find these ponderou to look at if they’re all jumbled together. Instead, construct charitable implementation of subheadings and bullet stations.

If possible, divide apportions into categories. For speciman: If you’ve been recognise on several occasions by the American Bar Association or another respected expert, use a subheader to reference “the organizations activities” and bullet points mentioning relevant years or categories.

Trey Porter Law places award logos on the home page of their law firm websiteA restriction selection of badges from award-granting forms can quickly get the point across.

Some law conglomerates prefer to highlight recognition with symbols, as Trey Porter Law does above. Such approaches can reorganize your website by avoiding rambling utterances. But with too many logos, your page will appear even more cluttered.

Don’t forget paralegal awardings

Many law firm pages focus on attorney accomplishments, but paralegals likewise deserve recognition. If your firm’s support staff has been reputation by the National Association of Legal Assistants or another noteworthy organization, mention this accomplishment in your paralegal’s bio or on the primary gift page.

Include brief justifications when necessary

Some apportions speak for themselves. Buyers will never struggle to understand what it means to be a Top 10 Criminal Defense Lawyer, for example. They may, nonetheless, be confused by separations such as the Lead Council Rating or Super Lawyers Rising Star.

When clarification is required, add a sentence or two about what the honor in question means and why it matters. Jurewitz Law Group does it on their principle house website.

JLG is kind enough to explain what their awards mean on their law firm websiteDescribe awards if you don’t feel confident that readers know what they represent.

Clients want to know that all the legal professionals they working in collaboration with deserve their confidence, so they’ll be pleased to learn that your practise hires the best of the best.

Level up your law firm website

Your law firm’s award page is only the beginning. If you need additional commerce ideas to improve your website, you’ll find inspiration in The Download from Constant Contact. You’re also welcome to browse our legal services marketing blog.

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