Erasing mental health stigmas via digital content — Q & A with Donté Colley

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Donte Colley is a Toronto-based digital content creator endeavouring expres via mode and digital media. He aims to connect and empower global societies through genuine rapture, gesture, and a sense of self-love.

Read on for statements of incitement and revelation from Donte Colley.

GoDaddy Q& A with digital material founder Donte Colley GoDaddy: Tell us a bit about your business.

Donte Colley: With the expectations of obliterating the stigma encircling mental health issues, I aim to empower others to understand and recognize the challenges associated with mental illness to enhance their mental wellbeing and overall wellness.

GoDaddy: What provoked you to start your business?

Donté Colley reaching forward

DC: I continue to use social media as a artistic shop and a practice to offset other persons and myself smile. The internet is such a potent tool to connect with others.

The online world didn’t ever dish a positive intent for me. I found myself putting up a facade of who I was, which led to the loss me to believe that the real me wasn’t good enough, or parties wouldn’t acknowledge all the parts of who I am. The turning point for me was when I lost my sister to suicide in my last-place semester of high school.

Instead of trying to fit into a container that didn’t act me any purpose, I learned to understand and appreciate that I had a purpose all along before someone had an opinion.

Social media let me to step into my unapologetic soul and build a brand from the ground up.

What other beings was just thinking about me was none of my business. These pulpits produced me to find those who share similar fondness and use love as a catalyst for alter. That continues to encourage me to do likewise and spread a little more light on the internet.

GoDaddy: How does your business indicate who you are as an individual?

DC: My business is all that I am. Transparent. Candid. Optimistic. Determined. I’ve had many people on this journey “ve been told” that you can’t do what you affection, and I am now to prove them wrong.

Donté Colley jumping into the air

GoDaddy: How are you making a different future?

DC: We’re all a part of the perplex, and all I could hope for is to encourage others to lay in their segment because we are all so unique, legitimate and unreplicable.

GoDaddy: What’s it like to be an entrepreneur?

DC: It isn’t easy, but what comes easy is not worth having. The challenges that I’ve faced so far have been critical in the development of my firebrand and identity.

Building, creating and realizing isn’t a linear process.

It comes in waves, and it is important to allow ourselves to flow through the roadblocks. The agitation is temporary. The most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur is the results of the energy and attempt you exert into what you love. What you exert is what you will receive, and I’ll always stay where you are that.

GoDaddy: Where do you hope to be in five years? 10?

DC: 2020 was an important year. It is so essential to prepare ourselves and plan ourselves up with aims we would like to achieve.

Donté Colley leaning on car

However, it is just as vital to cherish the moments that are right in front of you. You never know what may to be implemented spontaneously.

With that said, the here and now is just as crucial as the there and coming. It’s imperative to stay sanded and recharge yourself with the things that flicker rejoice. Mental endurance and stamina are so important when doing things that matter most to you. Over the next decade, I will continue to do my part in uniting, spurring and encouraging others.

GoDaddy: What do there is a desire people known about being an entrepreneur?

DC: You have to want it and are ready to do the work.

Opening yourself up to people who you don’t know is an extremely vulnerable feeling.

However, challenging the status quo and hugging vulnerability has already led my label and myself to be the most significant it’s/ I’ve ever been.

GoDaddy: How important is community to you?

DC: It is so important. We are all in this together. Being a part of a community or telling others know that there is support for them is such a significant stepping stone in making yourself to the next degree. I hope I can be that for someone firstly as an individual as well as a brand.

GoDaddy: What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

DC: 2021 will be a year of more learning, increase and proliferation. It are likely to be challenging but reassuring. I am energized for what is in store and the kind of impact I can start globally. There is so much more work to do across so many different avenues.

Donté Colley framing a camera sho

GoDaddy: How did 2020 impact your business and what changes did you shape?

DC: 2020 impacted us all. In calls of my symbol, my work consists of a lot of traveling and social interaction. It’s been an adjustment but wreaking from home wasn’t something I was absolutely unfamiliar with doing. I frequently would waste many hours during the week editing and taking summons online.

Though creating a product and produce occurrence at this time was not easy, on the flip side, we’re working through it, and I know I is definitely not alone.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Donte. Check out Donte’s website for more information on him and his business. You can also connect with him on Instagram under @donte. colley and via TikTok, @dontecolley.

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