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Describe A Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested In – IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

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Who you talked with? When you had the conversation? What was special topics? And explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer

Last month, I decided to meet one of my first friends informed about her well-being since I hadn’t filled her for the past one year due to Covid. We went to see a eatery, dictated some snacks, and started discussing our professional life and family matters.


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Initially, I experienced our speech, but soon the discussion turned towards COVID and lockdown. She explained how lockdown negatively affected her mental health and impacted her family’s financial mode. I was disheartened and baffled to be acknowledged that. I tried to console her, but this conversation manufactured me disagreeable. Since March 2020, I had received a lot of horrid word from my near and dear ones. I thought it would be rude to change the topic since she was deeply hurt and wanted to talk about her destitutions. Then I hurriedly finished my dinner and told her that I need to go home early, and took her browse. It amused her, but frankly, her question seemed complex. Over the past few months, I have encountered many people who were mentally or financially affected by Covid and Lockdown, and it becomes me feel bad that I cannot do something to see them happy.

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Vocabulary Stupefied: to outrage or disorient somebody Eg: Upon the revelation of mine proletarians determining diamonds, I was stupefied. Disheartened: disheartened or sad Eg:His sudden coincidence left their own families discouraged. Encounter: to come across something or someone Eg: They claim to encounter a ghost while driving on the superhighway late in the night. Distracted: to have the judgments sucked apart Eg: Something doesn’t look right with him as he seemed quite amused.

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