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Can You Convert a Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page?

If you’re expend a Facebook Profile to market your small business, you’ve probably been told at least once that it’s important to use a Facebook Page instead. After all, Facebook Profiles are meant for individuals — not symbols. And as a result, you’re likely missing out on some of Facebook’s powerful commerce an instrument for your business if you’re still use a Facebook Profile.

Or maybe you’ve heard the story that Facebook is now inviting content inventors to earn money on the platform and are looking to build a Facebook Page in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ll outline the difference between a Facebook Profile and Facebook Page and answer the far-famed question, “Can I alter my Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page? ”

Table of ContentsWhat is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page ?Can I simply convert my existing Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page ?How do I create a Facebook Page for my business or label ?How can I get people to’ like’ my Facebook Page ?How can I take advantage of Facebook’s new Monetization tools for Content Creators ?

What represents the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Profile is a place for individuals to share information about themselves. If you’ve set up a Facebook Profile before, you’ve probably supplemented content such as a sketch photo, your current city or hometown, your interests, and lent beings you know who are on Facebook as friends. A Facebook Profile is a great way to stay combined with friends and family online and share updates with them.

A Facebook Page, nonetheless, is conveyed for businesses, pioneers, public figures , nonprofits, or brands. Think of a Page as a space to connect with your allies or patrons. Facebook Pages too come with peculiarities such as Insights, Ads, Permissions, Monetization, and more. These riches are the reason a Page is better than a Profile if you are marketing your business or hoping to monetize your material on Facebook.

Can I really alter my existing Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page?

In the past, Facebook allowed users to proselytize their Profile to a Page by simply engendering a Page based on the information already rendered and translating the Profile’s friends into Page fans.

However, this is no longer an option.

Instead, you will need to create a brand-new Facebook Page for your business from scratch. Don’t fret — it’s easier than it chimes. In prescribe to organize a Facebook Page, you will need to have a Facebook Profile.

How do I create a Facebook Page for my business or symbol?

Luckily, generate a Facebook Page is pretty simple.

To create a Facebook Page, follow these steps 😛 TAGEND

Go to sheets/ createHere, you will be asked to provide basic informed about your Page, such as: What would you like the name of your Page to be? If you are creating this for your business, stick with your business’ name so your clients will be able to easily find you. If you’re creating it as an craftsman, material creator, or public figure, use your name.What category best describes your Page? Facebook has a vast directory of categories, so simply start typing the keyword( s) that best describe your business or symbol and adopt the most pertinent option( s) from the dropdown menu. Facebook allows you to choose up to three categories for your Page.A description of your Facebook Page. This can be a description of your business( “Portland’s best donut browse! ”) or a short description of what you do( “Skincare enthusiast and former stylist, sharing all of the must-know confidentials to better skin.”) The limit is 255 attributes, so keep it short and sweet.

Keep in knowledge that Facebook accepts anyone to create a Page, but merely official representatives can create a Page for an organization, business, label, or public figure. In other paroles, “youve been” your local coffee shop’s biggest supporter, but unless you work for the company and have explicit consent to create the Facebook Page, you should stick to sharing your passion for their cold brew and stellar customer services on your own Profile instead.

A screenshot of the Facebook

Once you click’ Create Page, ’ you will be able to add a profile envision and encompas photo. These are optional but it is strongly recommended that you add your business logo as it will help your fans soon identify your business or brand.

( Don’t have a logo for your business hitherto? Check out our LogoMaker .)

After your Page has been created, Facebook will provide you with additional steps to set your Page up for success, such as give additional information( website URL, physical business locale, hours of operation, phone number, etc .) and contributing a call-to-action button for your Facebook Page so users can click through and start patronage your business immediately.

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How can I get people to’ like’ my Facebook Page?

Starting a Facebook Page from scratch can be intimidating. But have no fear! Here are a few go-to techniques for coming your Facebook Page in front of your fans and customers in no time.

Invite your Facebook friends to’ like’ your brand-new Page

Once you’ve created your new Facebook Page, Facebook allows you to invite your Facebook friends to like it! Your Facebook friends looked forward to receiving a notification about your brand-new Page and that you have invited them to follow your business on Facebook.

Share the link to your Facebook Page in other sell materials, such as on your website, your other social media profiles, and in your emails.

Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Whenever you want to promote a new marketing canal, it’s important to tap into existing ones. Your email register is a great place to start since these tribes have already opted in to receiving commerce emails from you and are likely some of your most engaged both consumers and backers. Constant Contact allows you to easily add your social media sketches to your emails. It’s also important to add your social links to your website so visitors know where to find you.

Make sure that your Facebook Page is easy to find

This one may seem self-evident, but if your Facebook Page isn’t easy to find, well … no one’s going to find it.

Here are some tips-off for optimizing your Facebook Page to be easily found in a examine 😛 TAGEND

Add all of the applicable information such as your website URL, address, and other identifying information.Use idols for your spread photo and profile persona that are obvious and representative of your brand, such as your logo or a photo of your store.Make sure that your sheet is published. You can check this under Page Settings, General, Page Visibility.

How can I take advantage of Facebook’s new Monetization tools for Content Creators?

Similar to TikTok and YouTube, creators have options to monetize their content on Facebook.

From in-stream ads to Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager, there are many ways to earn money as a builder on Facebook.

Most recently, Facebook announced even more paths for content pioneers to make money on Facebook. This announcement included 😛 TAGEND

Earning revenue for short-form videoOpening monetization for more material creatorsAccelerating fan patronage

What’s the most important takeaway from Facebook’s announcement? Content inventors must publish from a Page , not a Profile, and have at least 10,000 followers in order to take advantage of the monetization tools. They is required to be at least 18 year olds, located in Facebook’s list of supported countries, and be compliant with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.

You can learn more about monetization alternatives on Facebook by see the Facebook for Creators hub.

Congratulations on your brand-new Facebook Page! Now what?

Now that your brand or business is on Facebook, the opportunities are inexhaustible.

If you are ready to get started with Facebook ads, takeadvantage of Facebook Live videos, or are simply wondering how often to post on Facebook, we have all of that know-how — and so much more — on the Constant Contact blog.

And, as always, you can reach out to us on our own Facebook Page if you ever need assist getting started. Our team is always happy to chat via Messenger!

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