Broadway Stars Slam Actor Chad Kimball for Saying He’ll Disobey COVID-19 Safety Orders

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Broadway Stars Slam Actor Chad Kimball for Saying He'll Disobey COVID-19 Safety Orders

The Broadway community is hurling Tony-nominated actor Chad Kimball for saying that he will disobey the governor’s orders for COVID-1 9 safety.

Washington’s Governor Inslee really announced restrictions on religious services.

” Religious services will be limited to whichever is smaller: 25% tenancy indoors or fewer than 200 beings. Choirs, strips, and ensembles won’t perform during services, but soloists will be able to. Facial encompass will be required for congregation members, who won’t be allowed to sing ,” the governor’s office announced.

Chad wrote on Twitter,” Respectfully, I will never earmark a Governor, or anyone, to stop me from SINGING, let alone sing in worship to my God. Kinfolks, absolute Supremacy subverts Absolutely. “Thats really not” about safe. It’s about POWER. I will respectfully disobey these unauthorized degrees .”

For those that don’t know, Chad had his breakout persona on Broadway while playing a cow in Into the Woods. He last-minute received a Tony nomination for the register Memphis and most recently was starring in the Tony-winning musical Come From Away until the Broadway shutdown.

Chad was one of countless Broadway actors who tested positive for coronavirus back in March, right when the pandemic was hitting New York City severely. Broadway registers have been shut down since March 12, 2020 and they will be closed until at least May 30, 2021. There’s still a chance the supports will go dark even longer than that.

Members of the Broadway community, including countless well-known wizards, are calling out Chad for supporting a risky judgment of the COVID-1 9 pandemic. The community is working hard to make sure we can end the pandemic and parties in the live theater industry can safely go back to work after months and months of hardship.

Sharon Wheatley, who was in the original Broadway cast of Come From Away with Chad, tweeted,” I respectfully completely and entirely disagree with you. I respectfully feel you are very much on the wrong side of this. I FaceTimed with you when you had Covid, Chad. You were very sick. I recollect. It scared the shit out of me. I love you like brothers and sisters, but I disagree with you. [?]”

Tony nominee Eva Noblezada, married Broadway stellars Patti Murin and Colin Donnell, Billy Eichner, and many more have called Chad out on Twitter.

Read all of the tweets below. While some of them didn’t referred Chad directly or reply immediately to his tweet, they apparently are all about the actor.

I respectfully completely and wholly disagree with you. I respectfully feel you are very much on the wrong side of this.I FaceTimed with you when you had Covid, Chad. You were very sick. I retain. It scared me.I love you like a brother, but I disagree with you. [?]

— sharon wheatley (@ sswheatley) November 15, 2020

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No one said you can’t sing. You can sing. Alone. In your own home. Possibly for the rest of your life, after this tweet. https :// CHMznO5dZc

— Patti Murin (@ PattiMurin) November 16, 2020

Tried to think of something clever to say but just got more and more angry.

246, 000+ deadEntire manufactures closed down, including the one you’re in.A medical community full of people putting their lives on the line to take care of others, including you.

This is fucking silly https :// uxNVJxNjLf

— COLIN DONNELL (@ colindonnell) November 16, 2020

Please be safe. This sounds really scary.

— Iain Armitage (@ IainLoveTheatre) November 16, 2020

It’s the SINGING in all covers for me !!! https :// wwhUlgUqTy

— billy eichner (@ billyeichner) November 16, 2020

if you guys need something to read while you sip on your nightly alcohol, ta da https :// yprTufh6RK

— livevamaria (@ EvaNoblezada) November 16, 2020

Honestly though…nobody wants to hear those pinched manners anyway….

— Colin Patrick Hanlon (@ ColinHanlon) November 16, 2020

Just investigated his tweet. Apparently he blocked me long ago( lol ). Anyway, to be able to go from sucking cock on the DL, to praising Jesus and voting for Trump- that is some TONY worthwhile scope right there.

— Scott Nevins (@ ScottNevins) November 16, 2020

The ones who quote the Bible most seem to be the ones who follow its doctrines the least. This is not about you and your need to sing your kudo anthems. I’m almost certain selfishness is frowned upon in that big-hearted diary of yours. Wear a concealment. Take care of your chap humans.

— Kazee He/ Him (@ SteveKazee) November 16, 2020

When the music director takes away your solo. V4cqziFJSz

— Gideon Glick (@ gidglick) November 16, 2020 XUUNg4h 6Ud

— Neil Haskell (@ NeilHaskell) November 16, 2020

It certainly doesn’t seem like too much to ask that when you go to gatherings of up to TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE you to refrain from engaging in utilizing your well-trained diaphragm to aerosol spray everyone around you with Covid.

— Jarrod Spector (@ jarrodspector) November 16, 2020

Chad, you voice a great deal like the Republican councilman I listen say “I WILL have a huge family Thanksgiving! Government can’t tell me how many beings I have in my house.” Its ignorant. It’s arrogant. It’s selfish. It scarcity ALL empathy for other humans except yourself. Unacceptable.

— Julie Reiber Bennett (@ juliereiber) November 16, 2020

Much like his vocal cords, this won’t age well. https :// BPky1kDrWH

— ellyn marsh (@ ellynmarsh) November 16, 2020

Chad, I know I don’t know you well, but I am compelled to respond to this- this is NOT about strength or tyranny. This is very much about glancing out for your fellow human beings. This is about sacrificing things temporarily for the good of all. No one is stopping you from

— John Tartaglia (@ johnnytartags) November 15, 2020

Loving your God& celebrating how you wish at home. But faith is a gathering& rendezvous spread this deadly disease. Just the same as theatre& group fitness etc must be paused, school singing, too.

— John Tartaglia (@ johnnytartags) November 15, 2020

There’s no ability to be gained now by anyone. I’m not sure why you’re viewing it that way. This is a worldwide issue- governments of all kinds across the globe are dealing with this. You have a lot of affect. Please rethink this post- you may save some lives in the process.

— John Tartaglia (@ johnnytartags) November 15, 2020

Oh. https :// OWo5xjygp 1

— Jessica Vosk (@ JessicaVosk) November 15, 2020

Dude…This isn’t submissive at all really.

— Marty Thomas (@ martythomasbway) November 15, 2020

Sing. In. The. Shower. GOD WILL HEAR YOU. I PROMISE. This is wreckless, perilous& irresponsible to people who support you. https :// S7qfxXNFsW

— Marissa Rosen (@ TheMarissaRosen) November 15, 2020

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Chad this is an ass downwards proclamation, respectfully. https :// 2bEKwV683B

— Drew Gasparini (@ DrewGasparini) November 16, 2020

No, brother. Respectfully, I have to disagree. You had Covid, our industry is in shamblings with no signaling to come back anytime soon, we’ve all been unemployed for 8 months and have lost so much. I’m pretty sure after 250,000 fatalities God wants you to save lives. Sing to him from home.

— Mauricio Martinez (@ martinezmau) November 16, 2020

Yikes. I pot God would rather you and the gathering stand safe than to spread a deadly virus to each other. My church has been doing zooms since March and the choir accumulates virtually and sings and it is beautiful. This isn’t about taking away freedom it’s about health

— Marti 2021 (@ MartiGCummings) November 16, 2020

You had COVID and recovered. So now you take no officials responsible for curing others not get sick- even if they die. Is it’ passion thy neighbor’ or’ bolt thy neighbor ‘? No one is going to tell you not to do your part to prevent sickness and fatality – you wanna sing! Very Godly.

— Bobby Pearce (@ bobbypearce) November 16, 2020

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