BOSSIP Exclusive: “SISTAS” Star Crystal Renee’ Hayslett Talks Faith, Fashion And That Famous Shower Scene

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Have y’all been watching “Sistas” ?

Crystal Renee' Hayslett

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BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janee Bolden recently caught up Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, who romps Fatima on Tyler Perry’s Sistas on BET.

The series follows a group of single blacknes girls as they steer their “complicated love beings, ” careers and affections through the ups-and-downs of living in a contemporary world of social media and quixotic tie-in purposes. Hayslett was recently announced as a series regular on season two. She plays the character Fatima, a paralegal at a esteemed statute conglomerate, who has a confident approach to dating and likes to keep her communication clearly defined and her options open. Fatima has been a tremendous asset to Andi Barnes( played by KJ Smith) at work, which heads them to forge a real friendship, but if you’ve been watching this season you know that Fatima has been forging ties with a brand-new kindnes interest who she’s actually connected to in ways she has yet to discover! In addition to acting on “Sistas,” Crystal is also a consulting creator on the show.

BOSSIP: How much input did you have into creating your courage Fatima?

Crystal Renee ‘: Fatima is loosely based around Crystal as far as her demeanor and her posture, but a good deal of the legends that I share with Tyler go to all of the different characters.

BOSSIP: How difficult is it to offset operating as a Consulting Producer and behaving at the same time?

Crystal Renee ‘: I consult with Tyler as far as things going on and what things we’re dealing with dating in Atlanta. The first season I was costume devise, I was consulting producing and acting and it was insane, so the second season I was like we need to find someone else to do the costume design because it was just too much. Season 2, both acting and consulting was a lot easier because most of my work is done on the front end so by the time we get to camera I can just concentrates on acting.

BOSSIP: Have you always wanted to act?

Crystal Renee ‘: Since I was a child acting has been a passion of mine. I used to give speeches on my mothers fireplace drapery, like credence lectures for an awardings picture, since I was around five-years-old.

BOSSIP: Same to Fatima, your religion is important to you. Can you talk about how your spirituality has helped you manifest your action points?

Crystal Renee ‘: My journey wasn’t the original excursion that a lot of people go through when they pursue behaving. My faith dallied a big part because there came a point in time where I had to leant my faith in God and allow him to order my paces. Even when things weren’t exiting the acces I thought they should. Peculiarly around the times when I started coming callbacks from auditions all of a sudden Tyler asked me to be his stylist and a costume designer so I was at a crossroads like,’ Do I take this profession or do I continue to chase this dream” and as you’re getting older you also crave stability so I was like’ alright Lord I’m just going to trust you on this and take this job .’ And everything objective up working out and I couldn’t imagine it to work out any better, for it to be on a are demonstrating that I actually helped develop, that I’m actually producing on. I was there from the very beginning of the see. It’s actually super smoke to see how things unfolded.

BOSSIP: What are some of specific comments you get from your friends about the testify?

Crystal Renee ‘: They adore it. My friends and family will be like,’ That was Crystal right there. Certain things that they know me .’ The past pair episodes with the shower situation I had beings making me who I hadn’t talked to in years talking about,’ Oh so this is what we’re doing ?’ One of my exes hit me like,’ Oh you evidencing out now ,’ and I’m like’ I’m just doing my job .’ My papa kept questioning my momma,’ Is it over? Is it over? Is it over ?’

Crystal Renee' Hayslett

Source: BET/ Tyler Perry Studios

BOSSIP: What’s it like working with Devale Ellis, who toys your enjoy interest Zack?

Crystal Renee ‘: I could not be luckier to have such an amazing situation collaborator. Devale he’s patient, he’s a coach, I learn so much from him and he takes the time to help me develop my attribute and my skillset. Because we shoot really fast, sometimes he can see me get overwhelmed and he’ll be like,’ Hey take a lash, you got this .’ And it’s vice versa very, like one day he came to me like,’ Crystal I was essential to carry this ,’ because he had a super long daytime and his brain was just fried, and I was like,’ I got you !’ So we lean on each other. We’re really good friends, I’m friends with his entire home, his wife. So it simply acquires on camera that much easier. I trust him. I super love D. We call him the Dad of the cast, because he’s like,’ Alright guys, we gotta do this today .’ He analyse us like we’re his kids.

BOSSIP: We checked his wife( Khadeen Ellis) your comments saying she almost jumped in the shower with you guys for the gender stage.

Crystal Renee ‘: Yesssss. I adoration K. She is so funny but she was so serious. One thing I love about his wife is she is so confident in their matrimony, because you really never know when you have stages like that with someone who is married. It was something I was apprehensive about. It was the first sex scene I ever had, I was super nervous and on top of that this man is married and I wanted to be conscious that there is a wife at home watching this. When I convene her there was an instant bond. It was funny because “hes having” announced, it was right before we had to shoot that panorama and he told her,’ Crystal is super nervous because we have to go shoot this shower incident .’ K was like,’ Girl you better become do your thing.’I think when she indicate that it really facilitated me like,’ You got this’. It was one less thing I have to worry about. She genuinely helped me.

BOSSIP: This show is a little wild, some of the storylines are doing the most, do you ever say this is a little extreme?

Crystal Renee ‘: It’s go hard-boiled or go home and let Tyler Perry do his thing. Once I generate my input on dating and those type of things it’s Tyler Perry’s show after that, so whatever he writes, that’s what we film. He’s known for the cliffhangers. It’s funny because when we’re reading the scripts we’re like, what’s about to happen next? We’re just in suspense like everybody else.

BOSSIP: We’re waiting for everyone to figure out that Zack’s brand-new daughter is Andi’s co-worker. How small is the world?

Crystal Renee ‘: What’s funny is the character Fatima has no idea that Zack is Karen’s ex. You know Zack and Fatima have only been out to dinner one time. Everything else has been at the house and the one time we did go out nobody grasp us. And he never says Karen’s word. It’s just an ex and every time he says something, Fatima is like,’ I don’t want to hear about her.’

Crystal Renee' Hayslett

Source: Kayla Madonna/ Kayla Madonna

BOSSIP: Is there a assignment in that? Do girls need to do less at home dates? Or at least know the ex’s name so they know they’re not going to get their mane to be undertaken by her?

Crystal Renee ‘: Absolutely. Communication is key. I think it’s important. There’s 50/50. Sometimes your past is your past, I don’t care but also I really want to make sure I don’t know that person because if it’s somebody that I’m really cool with then that’s a no go.

BOSSIP: That’s a real Atlanta thing more — Atlanta is so small the dating circles are like if you didn’t appointment such person or persons one of your friends may have or you have been able dated one of his friends, it’s one of those things that are actually precarious in certain cities.

Crystal Renee ‘: Yeah and that’s something I definitely touched theories with Tyler on. This city is so tiny. It really is. It’s like a dating consortium. And you don’t know who’s dated who. I’m happy we got to touch on that because it’s so true.

BOSSIP: What’s next for you? We adoration the contents you compose outside of TV, all the video tutorials you announce on social media.

Crystal Renee ‘: I’m auditioning, trying to book more trash. I’m really excited about the stage this has given me and the opportunities that wait in the future.

As far as the video seminars, I’m super creative and it’s something I “ve been wanting to” do. And I love revising. It’s something about creating the content and revising it and putting it out there and coming that feedback from certain people who tried recipes or took interior decorating projects that I had, my hair videos they enjoy those. It’s something I have a lot of amusing doing and something I surely want to take to another level with my brand, whether that’s something like having my own “hairs-breadth” produces or my own interiors cable. It’s something I unquestionably want to think about.

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