Baller Move: Russell Westbrook Generously Leaves NBA Bubble Hotel Staff $8,000 Tip For Their Hard Work

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Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets - Game Three

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The NBA bubble is sports’ most successful venture in this crazy COVID-1 9-infected world. Not one single NBA player, coach, or squad faculty were positive for the pandemic sicknes one time since the bubble’s inception. Although just about every single player who isn’t in the bubble right now would rather be there compete for a championship, the information was cooped up on the Disney campus since July and going home was probably a welcome relief for numerous. If that time in Orlando was hard on the multi-millionaires, imagine how difficult it must have been for all the hotel employees and campus staff who had to be cooped up with them to service the owned with janitorial business, food, laundry, and all other means of maintenance.

According to USAToday, this actuality was not lost on Houston Projectile baller Russell Westbrook and” the brodie” fixed sure that those folks knew how much he appreciated them. Word is that Westbrook left the housekeeping staff an $8,000 tip when he checked out of his room. Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks confirmed that story with Westbrook himself.

Spoke to Russ Westbrook. Confirmed he left a charitable tip& thank you letter to housekeepers in the bubble. He didnt disclose the amount

“They took great care of us. Took the time and exertion to do their job at a high level. That was the right thing. I are happy to do the right thing”

— Taylor Rooks (@ TaylorRooks) October 6, 2020

Westbrook has been known for his magnanimity and philanthropy work throughout his busines. The Houston Rocket’s star won the 2014 – 2015 NBA Cares Community Assist Award for his community outreach design. Russell founded the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation in 2012 which is dedicated to supporting community-based education and family service programs. It too are in place to sanction adolescent to believe in themselves.

The Rocket were bubblized from July 9 to September 12. Taking care of athletes who had God-only-knows happening in their rooms for three months was likely no small task.

Shoutout to the brodie.

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