Adding a K9 budget line

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Deanna Kjorlien, President, Green Dog Pest Service, Gig Harbor, Wash., and one of her four-legged employees. PHOTO: DEANNA KJORLIEN

Deanna Kjorlien, President, Green Dog Pest Service, Gig Harbor, Wash ., and one of her four-legged hires. PHOTO: DEANNA KJORLIEN

Deanna Kjorlien, ACE, president of Green Dog Pest Service, Gig Harbor, Wash ., notes that pest administration firms can benefit by adding K9 bed bug inspection to their service offerings.

“We touch fewer skin-deeps( than traditional inspections ), and are incredibly fast and less invasive, ” she points out. “People are working from dwelling, students are in’ school’ at home, and the elderly and physically minorities and vulnerable don’t crave service personnel in their seats for a long time. But everyone who is worried about bed bugs still wants to know whether they have them. As I’ve told customers, the only thing worse than stay-at-home orders is stay-at-home orders with bed bugs. Our service is appealing for those reasons.”

Kjorlien admits that the COVID-1 9 pandemic affected her marketing intentions “quite a bit.” With the pandemic still in play, expending a contracted work like hers establishes appreciation for many.

” Our K9 bed bug inspection line of work really expects zero mistakes, and that’s always our goal ,” Kjorlien says.” Our PMP patients stray from international corporations to solo motorists. Some of our clients be applicable to own their own K9 teams; they recognized the importance in the services offered, but they don’t have the time to deal with the dog training or employee turnover. There are good margins on our services, so our purchasers make money, free up staff for sales or production labour and, since we are never play-act pest domination managements, we aren’t competition. Other purchasers precisely consider us part of their liability protection plan since we are an independent inspection source .”

At press time, Green Dog is exploring expansion into other pest sensing business, as well.

” Invest in hiring the right people, those who will fit your firm culture right from the beginning. Then spend the money on appropriate training ,” she hints.” Employee acquisition and turnover are far costlier than provide loyalty-building perks like a 401( k) programme or health insurance. Training is more cost-effective than determining corrects, and your honour is priceless .”

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