8 Things You Must Know Before Signing Up For An Affiliate Program

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8 Things You Must Know Before Signing Up For An Affiliate Program

In the last few years, I’ve signed up for different affiliate platforms as a digital purveyor. Promoting my affiliate tie-ups through my blog and other means.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes some of which have to do with factors I didn’t consider before signing up for these affiliate planneds. The fact is that affiliate marketing is a lucrative style to make money online.

You don’t need to create your own product preferably you promote someone else’s product and give a certain percentage of the sale as a commission.

A lot of amateur affiliate purveyors want to have their reduction of this boom industry that’s expected to reach $8.2 billion in spending in the US in 2022. That’s fine, you want to earn passive income online. But there are influences you need to consider before you join any affiliate program.

This is to ensure that you prevent any sadness, and impel the time and resources you invest in promoting a concoction worth noting. That’s what I will discuss with you in this piece.

Before we dive in, let’s look at the basics.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply employed, it is the process by which an affiliate promotes someone else’s product and in turn, earns percentage points of a sale established through the affiliate associate as a commission.

Here the affiliate recognizes a concoction they want to promote. This product can be physical or digital. They sign on for it and use different methods to convince their public to make a purchase through their affiliate links.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing is for anyone who feels they have a strategy to convince an public to make a purchase. However, most people who engage in affiliate marketing are Bloggers, YouTubers, Social Media Influencers, and Podcasters.

This is because these inventors command the attention of a large audience through their blogs, YouTube directs, and podcasts.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main point.

Here are 8 influences you should consider as a novice before you sign up for an affiliate program.

1. How suited is the affiliate program to your niche?

Before you meet an affiliate platform, make sure you research to find out if the commodity you want to promote is ideal for your public.

Any product you miss your public to purchase must be in line with what they care for and what your niche is all about. For instance, if your niche is Health& Fitness, it will be counter-productive to promote credit cards to your audience.

You can’t compare it to when you pitch a supplement to them. They are more likely to engage with the latter than the former.

One thing you are able to be borne in mind is that presenting the wrong make to your gathering lessens your official in that niche.

Why? Some of them will have the impression that you don’t know exactly what their problems are. Plus how best to help them.

2. Approaches to promote your affiliate link

After you have identified a suitable product for your niche. The next ingredient to consider is how best to promote your affiliate link.

All makes are not the same. Too, ways to promote them are different. The promotion method that works for a product in the Parenting niche may not work for the Marketing niche.

Some affiliate planneds limit “youre going to” approaches through which you can promote their produces. This they territory in their periods. There are cases where you are not allowed to run a campaign on Google targeting some keywords, for example.

As an affiliate purveyor, it’s left for you to figure out the method that will guarantee ensues without going against the terms of such an affiliate program.

Blog uprights, YouTube videos, email safaruss, and social media posts are some of the most popular procedures affiliates use to promote their links.

3. Payment methods for commission made

The main reason you promote someone else’s product is to earn a commission.

That’s the wage for the time and exertion you invest in convincing your audience to make a purchase through your affiliate links.

That’s why you should pay serious attention to the payment method of any affiliate planned you want to join.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than giving huge commissionings only have discovered that you can’t be paid.

Why? because the payment methods of that affiliate platform are not supported in your country. Many affiliate programs use PayPal as their remittance method. An sample here is ActiveCampaign’s Affiliate Program that bribes board only through PayPal.


This service is not available in some developing countries. Even some of its alternatives is likely to be snags that you may not be comfortable with.

The idea is to take your time and remember the remittance methods to see if it is possible for you to get paid for the commissions you earn.

Most affiliate curricula territory their fee programmes in their terms and agreement. And you must agree with them prior to submitting your application for such an affiliate program.

4. Cookie life

When your gathering click on your affiliate join, there is a duration for them to make a purchase after clicking for the commission to accrue.

If a buy is made outside such duration, the commission doesn’t count. This is what cookie life simply means.

Always check for the cookie life of affiliate relates for any affiliate program you want to join.

Again you can see this in their expressions. Cookie life wallops the amount you can make in commissions.

It’s better to have a longer cookie life so as to give enough time for the affiliate link to count for you.

Some affiliate curricula have cookie life of 30, 45, 60, 90, and even 120 dates. For example, GetResponse’s affiliate planned has a cookie life of 120 -days.


5. Periods& situations

These are rules, guidelines, and controls that you must adhere to as you attach an affiliate program.

Some of these terms and conditions may not be in your kindnes. That’s why you need to take time and if possible get a legal expert to construe them for you if you can’t.

They involve promotion methods granted, payment procedures , committee, terminu, impostor, etc.

You should keep these terms in thinker, abide by them so as to continue to be active on any affiliate platform, and too give your commissions.

6. Commission rate

The commission rate these affiliate platforms pay should matter to you. It is because of this that you invest your time, power, and resources in promoting their products.

While some affiliate programs have high commissioner for human rights frequencies, others have low-toned paces. Although it all depends on the product or service, you must make wise hand-pickeds in this aspect.

Some affiliate curricula have commission rate ranks which are one-time and recurring. An example is GetResponse that liquidates $100 one-time commission or $33 monthly recurring commission.


Some are also based on the number of customers who subscribe to their service apply your affiliate link.

The idea here is to examine the commission rate and decide if signing up for an affiliate program is worth it.

7. Payment threshold

Before you can withdraw your commission, and receive pay, it must reach a certain amount. This is not the case with all affiliate curricula as some don’t have any minimum threshold.

Some affiliates won’t have the composure to wait for their commission to reach a specific amount before they can withdraw it. They prefer to withdraw it immediately as they pay it.

This minimum fee goes per affiliate platform. Some have theirs of $50, $100, $200, etc. For example, if you sign on for the Clickfunnels affiliate curriculum, you have to earn at least $ 100 in commissioning before you can get paid.


Whereas on ConvertKit, there is no minimum payout. Once a commission is approved, you must pay immediately.


8. Affiliate kit and brace

To effectively promote a product or service, you must be provided with an affiliate pack. By this, I make different implements you need.

Examples are email swipe imitation, videos, written critiques, different sizes of placards, epitomes, etc.

You have to check for all these before you submit an application for any affiliate program. Some affiliate curricula disclose this in their terms.

You can also see them in your dashboard when you are approved as an affiliate with them. Another is support. There is no way you won’t need the assistance of an insider of an affiliate curriculum you join.

There are eras you will encounter challenges and you’ll need cure. That’s why some of these companies allocate you an affiliate overseer who will assist you and likewise be your guide.

Wrapping Up

Affiliate marketing is a cool way to make money online. But you have to bear in mind things that matter before you sign up to promote any product or service. Otherwise, you may waste your time, vigour, and natural resources promoting a commodity that in the end won’t be worth it.

I trust that the tips-off in this article will be your usher the next time you want to join an affiliate program.

Guest author: Chuks Chukwuemeka is a Content Creator, Blogger and Digital Marketer and likewise the founder of Depreneurdigest.com, an online business blog. He specializes in helping small businesses grow their online attendance through blogging. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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