8 hacks to get cheap and free Greggs

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Greggs has been a student-favourite chain as long as we can remember and we’ve observed ways to get their red-hot gives and sweetened things free of charge( or as good as )!

greggs bakery with sausage roll, doughnut and coffee

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We couldn’t imagine uni without the capabilities of coming a red-hot Greggs instead of a supermarket dinner distribute … after all, it expenditure a lot less and can be more filling!

Whether it’s the breakfast baps, sausage rotations or that classic jam-pack doughnut- there’s something for everyone. The hard part is lastly deciding what you demand when you get to the till. What if they don’t have any fresh sausage wheels out of the oven? Nightmare.

As cheap as Greggs is, and is likely to be, we still want to give you the tips and ruses to get as much cheap( or even free) nutrient as is practicable … why wouldn’t you use them?

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Free pizza and bakes greggs pastry on top of a bag on a table

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One of the best freebies we’ve ever had is a free slice of pizza and a doughnut from Greggs, and all you have to do is download the Greggs Rewards app and sign up.

By doing this, as a new customer, you’ll get a reward- which can range anywhere from a slice of their pizza to a doughnut or even a coffee.

In the past, we’ve also received vouchers for a free Lucozade or cookie as we hadn’t utilized the app in a very long time, so keep an eye out for these. Best abused when you’re out and about and super hungry … nothing better than a free, yummy snack!

Pay 44 p for a sausage move

What if we told you that you could get a Greggs sausage roll, sizzling from the oven, for simply 44 p? Well continue read … we’re going to save you 61 p a roll.

Iceland sells both four and eight compress of Greggs( yes, actual Greggs) sausage rolls.

Usually, we’d roll our eyes( a bit like you want to do now) and say it’s not the same. But honestly, contribute us a blind taste test with these fresh out of the oven and one from Greggs directly and we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Of course, you could go the whole hog and get your Greggs sausage roll for free …

Get a free Greggs sausage roll, vegan roster or sweet plow cakes buns pastry shop display

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As a student, it’s important you make the most of your student rebate and offers while you can. Much like the McDonald’s free cheeseburger/ McFlurry trick( when you buy a meal and see your student card ), you can do the same at Greggs.

Every time you buy a sandwich transaction at Greggs, you are entitled to claim a free sausage roll, vegan reel or a sweetened treat. Every. Time.

We’d also advocate claiming your freebie when any family members or friends buy a sandwich administer, stirring it totally free for you!

Get 50% off your Greggs order

It’s a big saving, and one we all hope we had…

The staff discount at Greggs is 50% we are therefore heavily propose making friends with someone who works there, especially as( as far as we know) there isn’t a limit on how much they can buy in a period. We’re not saying requesting them to to introduce the whole shop home but, hopefully, you’ll be able to ask for a few bits.

If you work at Greggs, tell us know if there are any more perks by messaging us on Facebook– we’d love to know more.

Get free Greggs coffee greggs coffee cup on a table

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Coffee proposals are a big one to pop up on the Greggs Rewards app and appear not only when you sign up as a brand-new app user, but seldom at random levels subsequentlies to encourage you up! They’re great to use when you’re out running errands and need a pick-me-up.

Just make sure your notifications are turned on so that they can send you a propagandize notification when you have a freebie accessible. Otherwise, it may be hard to know when they’ve lent something to the app or, like us, you may forget to check!

Oh, and make sure you check the expiry date of your freebies very- there’s nothing worse than going your telephone out to redeem a freebie, simply to find that the code expired the day before. Classic money mistake.

Free Greggs for Vodafone customers

If you’re a Vodafone customer, tally yourself luck. The Vodafone Rewards app, VeryMe, contributes away free Greggs coffees, sausage rollings, sugared treats and more to their customers.

All you have to do is log onto the app, top to the payoffs section and exchange your code in-store by scan it at the till.

To stay up to date with what freebies you can get or when, without having to constantly check the app, look at the Student Deals section of the website or sign up to our Daily Deals Newsletter or Telegram modernizes( straight to your telephone ).

Make cheap broils at home baking doughnuts hand pressing down cooking

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You might think this a little bit of a elongate, but we’ve tried to realize sausage rollings and other baked goods at home and they’ve turned out huge!

The more gives you conclude, the cheaper they will become, although we’d show getting good quality ingredients for the best possible taste.

For example, making their Sausage and Bean Melt broils at home should cost around 40 p. If you purchase the puff pastry from Lidl( about 90 p ), implement half a tin of beans( 20 p ), a small amount of grated cheese( literally pennies) and some sausages( Iceland have 30 for PS3 ), that’s all it is necessary to!

Collect remunerations on the app

So, let us get this directly … you can be rewarded for every delicious purchase you make at Greggs? Yes! You can collect payoffs for every transaction, and you’ll likewise get exclusive app-only talents from them.

In the Greggs Rewards app, you’ll have six different embos placards( for each category of tasty treat ). Every time you purchase a savory concoction, you’ll gain a stamp on the corresponding card- cool, eh?

Once you’ve mustered nine stomps in a single list, your 10 th of that list will be free.

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