7 Creative Landing Page Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign (With 14 Examples)

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Shower recollected: Where do marketers’* best* mooring page minds come from? Wait–do they get them in the shower?

While some purveyors might have their own personal muse, mantra, or go-to sources of inspiration( a luck shampoo, maybe ?), the rest of us are just kinda hoping for something to come to us. And although inspiration can strike at any moment, we don’t ever have the time to wait around for it to show up.

So, rather than hoping your next big arrive page idea will certify on its own, we decided to put together a schedule of artistic comings you can try for your next expedition. Whether you’re looking for the next large-scale intend trend or really a cool impression to get you thinkin’, we’ve wrangled seven interesting platform sheet notions that can help your business stand out and drive action.

But first! Let me march you through three tips-off to meet your brainstorming session that much better.

Why should you care about bringing inventive, surprising, or even remarkable hypothesis into your landing page intend? Doing something different helps ensure your page parcels the perforate it needs–both to leave a long-lasting impact on your visitors and, most importantly, get’ em to convert.

3 Things to Remember When Brainstorming Your Next Big Idea

1. Just like your ads, your bring sheets aren’t for everyone( and that’s a good thing !).

Your landing pages shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Rather, they should offer a snug, perfect fit for a very specific audience. In fact, niching down your safarus is actually better for preparing precedes.

Here’s why: Exclusively targeted customers who identify with the unique messaging and motif of your ad are going to click it. This self-vetting process ensures those who do reach your bring page are into what shapes you( or your one-off campaign) a bit different–which conveys a higher likelihood of marketings, sounds, and conversions.

2. It’s -AOK for your arrive page ideas to be a bit “out there.”

Unlike a core sheet on your website, mooring pages cater an opportunity to play with unique designings, colours, and even messaging that might not fit the rest of your label. Whether that represents get thunderou and flamboyant or trying out some new tagline, there’s nothing wrong with taking some calculated hazards!

3. Variances can help you find the best approach.

If you have a few different ideas and want to find out which approaching is best, you can run A/ B research on several versions of your landing page to see which proselytizes best. But what if( as is often the case) certain groups of tourists respond better to one account than others? That’s where Smart Traffic comes in.

Using AI, Smart Traffic learns and tests different land sheet variants to determine which one will most likely alter a specific type of visitor. So when someone brand-new arrives on your page, they’ll be instantly routed to the variant that’s the best match for them. In other words, extending variou discrepancies at once can help you drive the liberty theme to the right person, every time.

7 Landing Page Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Ready for some serious inspo? These seven shoring page thoughts will help get those artistic liquors flowing. Don’t worry, we’ve also included plenty of unique lessons to help you visualize your next masterpiece.

Hungry for more instances? Check out the Ecommerce Lookbook–featuring 27 high-converting landing sheets from Unbounce customers.

1. Play with contrast( darkness and light)

Just like a neon signed that stands out against a light sky, this imaginative disembark page speciman from Nathan Sports places colors neon textbook and pattern aspects over a dark background.

Landing Page Ideas - Nathan Sports

Not only is the purpose of oppose striking, but it’s a huge step away from their online supermarket layout. The neon emblazons on this bring page are uniquely restrained to this campaign and reinforce the importance of visibility when flowing at night.

Landing Page Ideas - Nathan Sports

Our next example comes from invoicing app Ballpark. Same to the landing page from Nathan Sport, the infinite above the fold relies on contrast to acquire the textbook pop. Not merely is the white header and green copy on a dark background eye-catching, but it also matches the notion( “Your business shouldn’t prevent you up at night” ).

Landing Page Ideas - Ballpark

But scrolling down uncovers the use of gradient to tell a story. The further you move, the brighter the sheet becomes. It’s funnily filling, and guests may feel compelled to keep scrolling out of pure curiosity–what’s this sheet building up to?( Spoiler: it’s a well-lit call to action .)

Watch how the page develops as you move 😛 TAGEND

2. Embrace a nature of colour

There’s a big, colors, beautiful macrocosm out there–why shouldn’t your land page be part of it? Color can be used as shorthand to communicate the feeling behind your sense, reap visitors’ gazes to a particular element( like a call to action button) or simply create visual interest.

Plus, as we received with the Nathan Sports example above, your arrive sheet is the perfect place to experiment with different colourings or designings that aren’t generally are connected with your brand.

In this example from SnackNation, colour takes centre stage. They use lively shades to set the flavor for their commodity and brand( because snacking ain’t a chore–it’s something people do to treat themselves ).

Landing Page Ideas - SnackNation

SnackNation likewise squanders complementary colors to highlight important information.( Top tip: A yellowish CTA will always stand out from a purple background !) But our favorite one of the purposes of this sheet is the bright burst of confetti coming out of the snack baggage. This adds an extra pop of hue and movement–and reminds us that colour doesn’t need to be realistic or functional to work for your arrive page.

Our next precedent isn’t a ground page, but it’s certainly a source of design inspiration.

Landing Page Ideas - Stripe

Stripe gets a lot of praise for this web design( and for the right reasons !). The doctrine is simple enough–a changing gradient background that spurts through different colors–and summary executions is brilliant.

The fluid living brings high-tech, sci-fi vibes to Stripe’s home page, but the hues are warm and inviting. The upshot is a futuristic-yet-accessible animation that reflects what Stripe’s brand is all about: Modern pay answers for businesses of all shapes and sizes–from neighbourhood momma n’ pop patronizes to Silicon Valley VIPs.

3. Make a fearless word with your imitate

Sometimes, a adventurous announcement can be simple. Other occasions, it requires copy that’s a bit more attention-grabbing. In either occasion, because standalone landing pages exist for a specific campaign( and don’t live on your website ), they’re a safe locate to play around with messaging.

This landing page from Trade Coffee features a strong headline next to a( apparently) strong beaker o’ joe. No lingo , no buzzwords–just a forceful announcement about their concoction.

Landing Page Ideas - Trade Coffee

“Damn Good Coffee.” It even kinda smackings you in the face like a shot of espresso.

This example is also a good reminder that shoring sheet headlines don’t need to be complicated or clever to be impactful. They can be simple, proud proclamations about your firebrand, service, or product.

Another place you can play around with daring or unexpected imitation is your call to action. Take this unconventional CTA copy from an Awayco bring page, for example.

Landing Page Ideas - Awayco

We’re loving the call to action–“I’d Like to Ride That”–for two reasons: Its risque play on statements wholly grabs the readers’ attention, and the use of first-person pronouns cures visitors imagine themselves going this board.

Further down the sheet is another CTA that expects visitors to “Free the Funk Today, ” which toy on the names of the boasted surfboard( “Free the Funk”) and still directs as a very clear call to action. This simulate ties into Awayco’s brand and speaks the language of their target audience–rock on, brah!

When coming up with new platform page opinions, don’t be afraid to go a bit “off script” with certain aspects of your duplicate. Look for little ways to inject your symbol, personality, and productivity, whether it’s in a headline or one of the purposes of an actionable CTA.

4. Set things in motion

Call me crazy but your arrive sheets don’t need to be static. Video content, GIFS, moving backgrounds, and little livings can help bring your landing page to life. With the right arriving sheet builder, there are plenty of ways to integrate campaign into your layout without doing anything too fancy( or hiring a developer ).

For instance, simply embedding video content gives you a much bigger opportunity to provide information quickly–without bogging down your page with never-ending text–and that’s exactly what our next pattern does.

As a marketing video platform, it’s only fitting that Promo would peculiarity a cluster of videos on their ground page.

Landing Page Ideas - Promo

Not exclusively is the header background a video, but there’s an part hall of videos further down the page. By giving tourists the chance to press play on whichever videos catch their attention, they’re inviting engagement, while also allowing visitors to explore the sheet and material at their own pace.

Landing Page Ideas - Promo

So, we’ve looked at embedded video and galleries, but what about livings? The likelihoods are endless–from inspired headers and button effects to moving backgrounds to … surprise countenances?

Landing Page Ideas - TunnelBear

This is a really fun example from TunnelBear where the bear pops out of the tunnel. The animation is a short, one-time effect that only occurs when someone arrives on the sheet. It’s simple, immediate, and most importantly, memorable. Even though it’s somewhat silly, it’s awfully on-brand–and it helps you remember their name.

5. Pull pilgrims deeper into the page–literally

The artistic web page from AB Architects is enough to make guests re-evaluate how they understand online “space.” Unlike a usual vertical page designing, moving gathers pilgrims forward into the page. It feels like you’re stepping down a long hallway–or moving through a gallery–with paintings from their “Living Services” portfolio on either side.

Landing Page Ideas - AB Architects

We love this entire concept because it challenges visitor apprehensions in such an unexpected, engaging road. Since this lesson was created by NextPage for an architectural conglomerate, we can’t say we’re perfectly surprised–but we are completely impressed.

Of course, it’s not always feasible to reinvent the arrival page, but this example helps as an important reminder that the very best online knows can be immersive and engaging.

6. Let tourists play with design ingredients

There’s something special about websites that provide interactive design experiences.

This example from Jigsaw uses a spotlight effect that requires visitors to move their cursor over the headline to disclose what’s hiding in the dark. This is directly in line with their messaging about creating a safer internet, but it’s also a very memorable experience for visitors.

Landing Page Ideas - Jigsaw

We see a same impact on Glyphfinder’s website. The background header comes to life with moving tiles that react to mouse changes. This allows visitors to firstly have fun and treated with the disembark page, before scrolling down to learn more about the pulpit( without distraction ).

Landing Page Ideas - Glyphfinder

We love that both of these concepts are immersive, interactive, and plain old-time amusing. But be bearing in mind the fact that your ingenuity doesn’t overpower the site’s functionality. The spotlight outcome used by Jigsaw and the scattering result on Glyphfinder website are both really cool–but for tourists on an older device or slower internet connection, it could lead to a stymie, negative consumer experience.

7. Ask for public participation

Interactive parts come in all shapes and sizes. Short the investigations and quizzes, for example, are simple additions, hitherto bump up guest participation by various notches( and can compose you some valuable purchaser data ).

In the illustration below, we can see that Warby Parker nudges website visitors through the funnel with a quiz that helps them preferred the perfect enclose. Not simply is this a fun, helpful lane to interact with their gathering, but the survey likewise serves as a retargeting tool for possible shoppers.

Landing Page Ideas - Warby Parker

If you’re not looking to create a whole survey, you can still incorporate audience participation as one of the purposes of your campaign. Take a look at this screenshot from Monday.com for another idea of how to collect visitor data and personalize their on-site experience without working a traditional induce form.

Landing Page Ideas - Monday.com

Any sort of prompt or battlefield who are in need of input to unlock the next step can help you convert high-quality pass and discover valuable insights about their goals or needs.

Border Buddy simplifies this concept even further by presenting exclusively two picks for guests who are ready to move forward.

Landing Page Ideas - Border Buddy

However you decide to engage with visitors–a survey, shape, quiz, or even an interactive flow chart–you just made your disembark page more valuable to you and your gathering. Not a bad epoch at the office.

Let’s Bring Your Landing Page Ideas to Life

Now that we’ve get those innovative juices flowing, you’re probably rubbing to take off and create a landing page of your own. Whether you start from scratch or use one of our handy landing page templates, it’s time to offset your dream landing page suggestion a reality. Let’s bring those shower guess to life!

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