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6 Similarities Between Professional Athletes and Entrepreneurs

Professional athletes and industrialists be similar. From the ability to create objectives and recognize them through, to the understanding that there will be many obstacles along the way, they understand what it takes to be successful.

As a onetime professional baseball player turned inventor myself, I am often reminded of how the same characteristics that helped me on the baseball diamond now contribute to my success as a business owner.

I want to touch on six similarities that I realize between professional athletes and entrepreneurs, and why I feel professional players turned business owners have a major advantage. We are seeing so many athletes start the enterprises and firebrands both during and after their playing daytimes are over, and it’s a trend that I repute will simply continue to increase.

Success Requires Dedication

When I was younger all I is ready to do was play baseball and once I determine one of the aims of becoming a professional baseball player I knew I must be given to dedicate all of my time to practicing and training. I obliged relinquishes and while your best friend were out having fun I was practicing.

I knew that the only way I was going to make it was to put in the time and effort. I required it bad enough that I was willing to dedicate every waking hour to advancing my baseball skills.

The same applies to starting a business. You have to put in the effort and period if you want to succeed. There are always going to be parties willing to work as hard as you are. It’s the little extra dedication that spawns the difference.

Not “Afraid youre going to” Fail

In baseball, winning is everything. It’s the goal of every participate and every team to go out there and acquire video games. While winning is great, I also knew that there were going to be some recreations we would lose.

You cannot be scared to lose. It’s part of the game and it’s what performed us better as individual players and as a crew. Business involves the same mental approach. While I’d love to win over every buyer and country every transaction, I know that there are going to be experiences where we miss out.

You have to go into every situation willing to accept the outcome, even if it’s not favorable.

Every time you miscarry plies a lesson to learn from that will induce you better. If you miscarry seven out of ten hours at the plate in baseball, you’re likely to become a Hall of Famer — think about that for a second and give it sink in.

Winning Requires a Team

In baseball, while my personal stats is extremely important, those alone would not win tournaments. Winning necessary a squad. A team of like-minded actors all focused on not only playing to his own highest ability, but working together as one unit. A well-oiled machine.

Building a successful business also requires a team. When I co-founded my business I concentrated on establishing the best team. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone — and the people I brought into each speculation would have a direct impact on its success.

From co-founders to entry-level predicaments, each crew member is vital in the success of a company. The same space every point participate on a baseball team plays a role in the overall success.

Understand the Importance of Supporters( Fans and Customers)

As a player, devotees and followers are very important. We would feed off the intensity in the ballpark. Supporter also form the world of professional boasts enter into negotiations — without their supporter, there used to be no professional baseball.

Fans buy tickets to the games, they buy merchandise and they watch sports on TV. Without them, a team wouldn’t make it and without the team, actors would have no home.

A business relies on its purchasers in the same sense. Without them, the business doesn’t survive. Professional players learn earlier today in their profession the importance of ensuring that their devotees and contributors and the role they play.

So, when onetime professional contestants transition to a business owner the concept of appraising purchasers isn’t foreign — the notions is fully understood.

Competition is a Motivator

Competition — the best of the best — was one of my biggest motivators when I represented baseball. I wanted to face the most dominant pitchers in the organization. I wanted to play the best teams. That is how you get better. Steamrolling weaker antagonists didn’t stipulate me with the same satisfaction.

I view business competition in the same way. Healthy competition can help you build a better business. When you are constantly making improvements you ultimately create a better produce or services for your customer.

Look at the most successful companies. They are constantly evolving and pivoting, pioneering added offerings that benefit their core patrons. A business isn’t going to grow and become more successful if they abide stagnant.

I’ve worked challenger as information sources of incitement from day one, and I’m not sure if that would have been the case if I didn’t leveraging and view just the way it is during my baseball days. Someone else might be intimidated by tournament rather than leveraging it as a motivator.

Ever Practicing and Learning

After I was drafted by the Seattle Mariners out of high school I didn’t really suddenly stop exercise or rehearsing. If anything, I had to train even harder. As a professional athlete, you have to constantly improve.


Because you have to earn your distinguish on the roster every day. There is always going to be someone behind you, working hard to try to make your recognise. This proceeds for every team, from Single-A and in all regions of the Minor Leagues to the Major League team.

As a business owner, you have to constantly learn and self-educate. From preventing up to industry news to learning new technology platforms, you have to stay up-to-date with everything related to your industry.

Self-improvement is important too. One of the things I do to keep my attention sharp is to read daily, even if it’s time a few cases pages. Your mind is a sponge for message — forever learning has a direct impact on your business.

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