5 Staffing Technologies Fueling Growth During and After COVID-19

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Gear up! Winter is upon us, and so is the hailstorm of staffing line-ups from your clients when the 26 million Americans who had applied for unemployment back in April is likely to be returning to work.

Pulling your socks up and increasing staff won’t be enough to help your buyers get these thousand of workers back to work. Before the hailstorm arrives, staffing houses need to do away with the conventional staffing methodologies and switch over to technological answers fueling rise for staffing customs during the Covid-1 9 and potentially post-pandemic as well. Now are some of those solutions.

Geofencing. With the increasing social-distancing rules, it would have been nearly impossible for staffing managers to track the workers’ timely presence on-site with limited supervising. What made it possible is that potent geofencing technology integrates seamlessly with the staffing software’s tracking functionality and enables staffing managers to create their own virtual boundary around the job site. The worker’s mobile device acts as a web-clock due to the integrated timesheet calculator that monitors the worker’s attending during the scheduled hours and brought to an end to buddy-clocking.

Set aside the woes of naming dedicated staff to supervise the on-site works or managing the timesheet errors due to inappropriate clock-in and clock-out tracking! The present and future is uncertain, but not the employee tracking with the help of geofencing.

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Video interviewing. The number of business utilizing video interviews to hire personnel spiked by 67% in February-March, 2020.

The brand-new ordinary requests a new route of interviewing over the conventional face-to-face interviews. Moreover, with the increasingly stringent government regulations involving everyone’s safety, it had been challenging for the staffing managers to interview employees and meet the staffing challenges. Video interviewing increases the flexible and security on both the implications of the interviewing process, augments the candidate experience, and lowers the cost-to-fill considerably.

Digital employee onboarding. We have all been accustomed to the traditional onboarding process comprising face-to-face training, team openings, welcome packages on the workstation, and lunch with the team members. Nonetheless, the growing Covid-1 9 crisis has certainly stirred it a once-upon-a-time experience for both staffing managers and applicants. But, should that stop you from requiring a valuable onboarding suffer to your brand-new joiners? With digital hire onboarding mixtures, certainly not!

Most of the companies, in order to prepare themselves for the post-Covid work seeks, have stopped relying on the traditional methods and have cuddled paperless onboarding know-how with the assistance of a staffing software that adds seamless digital onboarding knowledge and allows you to keep your onboarding tasks moving, all from the consolation of your home or agency workstation!

Two-way digital messaging. Communication is key, and even more so in these times of globally remote applicants, employees and staffing overseers. The deficiency of a systematic and uninterrupted communication channel attains “its very difficult” for the staffing managers to deliver consistent, right, and customized words to the new joiners and existing employees. Given that digital messaging is a favor mode of communications in today’s technologically-driven world, staffing directors can launch seamless communication with employees through their wished direct — email, verse sends or staffing portable app messaging feature.

Digital messaging substantiates “the organizations activities” as a tech-savvy place to work for and increases staffing managers’ productivity and efficiency.

Electronic compliance. Whether it’s the ongoing remote driving or the soon ” back-to-normal’’ working, employee conformity treats are inevitable and tedious at the same time. Hence, to get the current regular heap of employees compliant as well as the expected thousand of other brand-new joiners compliant, staffing managers are relying heavily on user-friendly and secure staffing software solutions that allow them to verify each new hire digitally and get them to sign the required forms electronically. Saving the time, rate, and campaigns, all together!

Not to mention, human errors are inevitable with manual compliance control. Hence, staffing administrators can easily cater to the ongoing compliance responsibilities and future necessitates while eliminating the woes of incorrect validation the examinations and missed out signatures completely.

The present is irregular, and so is the future! What is clearly predictable is the staffing companies’ growth and the increased level of duty efficiency through the deployment of the right staffing software that renders best-in-class technology solutions to streamline the part staffing process.

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