5 Best Interactive Learning Apps to Help Your Child to Read Fast

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Are you perturbed your minor isn’t learning as fast as his/ her classmates? Are you fretted your kid’s growth has come to a stall after the COVID lockdown? We find a lot of parents complaints about the difficulties they are facing while fostering “their childrens”, especially in education. Reading is an essential habit. When rehearsed regularly, it helps your kid going to be a good learner and concession better education.

Reading exposes your ability to a better neuron interaction, which multiplies their storage and critical thinking capacity. To find adequate resources, you talk to people, look through notebooks, pursuit an endless number of websites. Based on the learning of boys between 2 to 8 years of age group, these apps can be used for an individual, schoolteacher, or an entire class.

Therefore, we aim at realise education interesting and have mustered energizing applications to attain learn entertaining and enjoyable. Hence here we are with 5 Best Interactive Learning Apps to Help Your Child to Read Fast.


Homer is an all-rounder learning application, interposing interesting and catchy undertakings for children between ages 2 to 8. Homer helps in developing a speak practice at an early age and has proven effective in catching a kid’s sensory attraction. They have lists like Reading, Math, Social& Emotional Learning, Creativity, and Thinking Skills.

Homer proves to be an superb and interactive application for learning. It is personalized according to their interests across themes as an enhanced technique to work on their intelligences and attentiveness. Providing the first month free, the homer app is priced at $9.99/ month and $59.99/ year. It proves to be a perfect combination of recreation and learning for our young generation.


Having a grand variety of activities for children from 2-8 years, this application has more than 850 Exercises across ten super-fun Levels. ABCmouse caters a Ticket and Reward system for motivating and impetu roles. It accommodates themes like Reading and Language Arts, Math, World around us, and Art& Colours.

The app has interactive works like competitions and zoos, making your avatar to engage children and relish their artistic sides. Reading usages like Loud Narration of Words, Recognizing Bang in Words, and pioneering display commands are exercised by this app to improve its reading habits.

With the benefit of having the first month free, this app is priced at $9.95/ month. Many parents have taken this app’s route for home-schooling, especially during the time of COVID 19.


Who doesn’t want their child to gain splendid vocabulary and brilliant utterance house technique? Vocabularyspellingcity is filled with fun plays and a quality reading tool to help babies learn to read. Through this app, mothers can set up year-long word study playlists and activities to keep girls busy, focused, and perpetually learning to read.

This app presents your feedback, self-testing, and in-depth skill performance report to check immediate growth and upshots. Premium accounts are $29.99 per year for a family and a magnificent fifty percent off, paying a $49.99 price per year for a single classroom.

At the same time, parents and educators can refurbish their SpellingCity.com account to a Premium membership, including heightened aspects like individual student logins, student data tracking, and payment plays and activities.

Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics has been in the game for a long time, but it hasn’t outgrown its success and cleverness in home-schooling. Use this important source for more information on some of the best reading apps for boys. The mere sense of attainment boosts a child’s confidence. Children can make App payoffs like funny people and digital playthings. Place star stickers in workbooks as assignments are completed.

Then, fill out and share a certificate after each workbook! The lotion also has a shopping section where you can buy exciting produces for your children, like pockets, records, CDs, etc. It works for a total of $15.98 monthly, having 6months and a yearly subscription for additional savings.


FarFaria presents a beautiful life of stories filled with colorful envisions and interactive storylines, which will help your kids discover notebook after diary, keeping them reading longer and more often. There is a Read-to-me option with every storey, which delivers courages to living and enhances the see experience.

The app stipulates an interactive planned with supernatural regions and provoking undertakings like Assipattle and the beings monster, Wally the puppy, Bedtime tans, and many more. It has an easy and low-cost plan at $20.00 per machine/ year.


Imagine your teenager regarding telephone calls, playing games, and Gaining Knowledge! These employments not just work against their wearines but also help them gain intellect and suffice their lore to attain experience to an interesting one.

This is important for their young memories. They say a person is defined by how their childhood was. It is the primary stage in one’s life and essential for their development. Having a positive reaction towards studies assists in enticing girls and constituting them learn brand-new things with curiosity.

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