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45% of Americans Say Their Internet is Too Slow – Only 16% Have Upgraded


With beings depleting more meter online, the fact almost half or 45% of Americans say their internet fasted is too slow is concerning. This is because a gradual internet speed can restriction increased productivity of what you are trying to do online.

And even though around half say their internet is slow, exclusively 16% have upgraded their service since the pandemic began. That is not to say, they have not tried. Countless simply do not have options.

According to the survey and report from, “ … There are wide swaths of “the two countries ” that have access to only one or two internet providers.” Add the financial challenges many Americans are facing, upgrading their internet services might not be a top priority.

However, the importance of understanding the internet service available in your region and how much rate there is a requirement cannot be understated.

Key Discovers of the Survey

The survey was be put into practice anonymously with the involvement of 1,000 Americans. The objective was to find out their opinions about their internet service and prices. Now are the key findings 😛 TAGEND

Internet is too slow- 45% Think the internet is overpriced- 61% Upgraded their internet since COVID-1 9- 16% Do not know what their recommended internet speed is based on activity and number of users- almost 75%

The report shows customers need to get more informed about their internet service providers, what is available to them and how much acceleration they need.

Getting Informed

As the report divulges, there are many regions in all regions of the country with simply one or two “providers “. This of course enormously restriction the services available to you.

First find out just how much moved you need for the type of work, amusement and browsing you do in your home or bureau. Make sure to add the number of people that will be using the service.

Next, see if the service you already have is enough to address this load. If it is not, start looking into what the provider/ s in your country furnish. Eventually look at all available options, such as satellite service.

Intermate speed

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