40% of Consumers Have Considered Creating a Website for a Business During the Pandemic

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pandemic website creation

Have you got an idea about creating a website in the ongoing pandemic? If yes, then you are not alone, my friend.

According to the latest survey from WebsiteToolTester, 40% of those canvassed have considered creating a website for a business or hobby since the pandemic started.

Pandemic Website Creation Survey

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most small business owners have by order or voluntarily admitted their employees to work from residence. Not simply businesses, but the pandemic has also driven most facets of our life online.

So there is no surprise 40% of people wanted to create a website for a pastime/ business amid the COVID-1 9 crisis.

However, thinking about creating a website is one thing, and doing it is another. 64% of respondents have said that they wouldn’t be confident to create a website on their own, as the survey results finds.

The survey also discovered that 53% of males and 60% of females have stated that not knowing to create/ design a website is their biggest hurdle.

Lack of knowledge to find the privilege website tools , not having the time, and the lack of funds are other challenges.

PC: WebsiteToolTester

Not many of us are skilled enough to build a website on our own. With a little search on the web, you can find tons of resources and tips to build your first website.

Needless to say, one can build a website within any plan constants. Roughly 55% of respondents have said they want to spend $100 or less to build a website. And 22% of respondents have stated that they would like to create a website for free.

PC: WebsiteToolTester

What is your budget for your website? 66% of small business owners invest less than $10 k to build their websites.

Yes, you can build a website for free with a free website make. But you shouldn’t go for a free website if you miss a fully-functional website for your business or hobby.

Robert Brandl, the founder of WebsiteToolTester, writes, “It’s important not to be blinded by the word “free.” If you can afford it, stay away from free plans for your business area, even if it’s a small business. Free contrives come with certain restrictions that can give your business website an unseemly glance, such as strange domain names and an obtrusive advert.”

Select a Website Builder

Be it a appointing hobby website or a business website, you expect a seamless website construct knowledge. And picking the title website make romps an essential role in your overall website build experience.

Here are the top peculiarities respondents would like their website makes to have 😛 TAGEND

Affordability of tools Template alternatives SEO abilities Ease of use Customer brace Reputation and refreshes

42 % of respondents have voted ‘ease of use’ as their top priority when selecting a website builder.

WebsiteToolTester Why Starting a Website Is a Good Idea

Unless you’re someone who doesn’t want to grow, it is always good to have a website.

Around 36% of small businesses have a website. So having a website will immediately supplying them with an fringe over many of your competitors.

The following are some reasons why you must have a website for your small business 😛 TAGEND

Your patrons want you to have a website( most customers now probe online before making any purchase) A website will render your business the very much social proof You stay 24/7 open with a fully-functional website( Your website can engender heads even when you’re sleeping) Your business will start showing in Google search results

Even if you don’t have any business idea to implement, you can create a website for your hobby and find a way to monetize it.

About the Survey

WebsiteToolTester canvassed 1000 people from the US to know what they think about creating a website. All project participants were aged 18+.

Image: Websitetooltester.com

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