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1: YouTube Secures a Big Win in the EU Over Copyright

First off today, Ryan Browne at CNBC reports that the European Union’s highest court, the European court of human rights of Justice( EUCJ ), has handed down a find in favor of YouTube and other large content emcees by saying that they are not liable for copyright impinging textile uploaded by useds, as long as they work to quickly remove such violations after notification.

The lawsuit was filed by music producer Frank Peterson who alleged that YouTube was hosting many of songs he propped the rights to. However, the court has ruled that YouTube doesn’t have liability in this case because they worked to remove the works after notification.

It’s worth noting that this case deals with the previous situate of EU constitutions in this field. In legislation that recently went into effect, the EU has begun requiring that business like YouTube engage in some stage of content filtering to prevent infringing material from being uploaded. It is unclear how that mutate would have impacted this case.

2: EU Court Rules in Telenet Copyright Case

Next up today, Tim Richardson at The Register reports that the EUCJ has also handed down a find in such cases involving an suspect” copyright troll” and a Belgium-based ISP.

Microm International Content Management Consulting had previously sought to compel the Belgian ISP Telenet to turn over the appoints and info of users that were accused of sharing files via BitTorrent. The example was before a Belgian court, which turned to the CJEU for steering on it.

According to the CJEU, the rightsholder does got a right to compel ISPs to turn over such report but simply as long as the demands and actions are” proportionate and not mistreat “. As such, this case goes back before the Belgian court for a possible decision there.

3: 7th Circuit Squashes Floor-Plan Copyright Owner for Third Time

Finally today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has governed against Design Basics LLC on accusations that a different residence layout firm had illegally duplicated their designs.

The case began when Design Basics registered a prosecution against Kerstiens Homes& Designs over allegations that the latter had simulated a floor plan they contain the rights to. However, in its third ruling against Design Basics, the 7th Circuit again shot down those allegations, saying that the similarities between the two strategy are not protectable under copyright.

Design Basics is widely be considered as copyright troll, having registered more than 100 violation grumbles against residence builders. The field too held an gift of virtually $520,000 in advocates’ fees for Kerstiens.

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