2020 Gift Guide: Design Milk Faves

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2020 Gift Guide: Design Milk Faves

We see a lot of great modern design working here, so it can be hard to “pick favorites.” That said, there are a few that have really stood out to our team and our readers. If you’re still struggling with what to get someone on your listing( or what to ask for ), here are some top pickings from the Design Milk Shop!

Reveal Watch by Project Watches /// from $105 Projects Watches is a small business that celebrates makes around the globe through wearable works of art. Their imaginative timepieces make for the best unique, affordable offerings this festivity season and beyond. The Reveal Classic Watch allows you to watch time in the present. This timekeeper uncovers the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. Accessible with either a leather or stainless steel mesh stripe and comes in both 40 mm and 33 mm- there’s a vogue and length for anyone on your list.

Seadpod 5 Pack by Plantseads /// $55 This firebrand makes its mention Sead as an acronym for Sustainable Ecology, Adaptive Design. What reaches these Seadpods really cool? They make it easy to create a vertical garden-variety in places you wouldn’t have previously even considered. It’s the perfect mode to grow some greenery, even if there isn’t a lot of space.

Large Natural Orbis Concrete Vessel by Konzuk /// $63 This is a great knack for the hard-to-shop-for person on your schedule. In its simplest masquerade, the concrete jar creations as a standalone motif object. Nonetheless, if desired, it can also function as a home for a perfume diffuser, succulent seed or anything else that fits inside the vessel. Each one is handcrafted, making this work of high-modernism a unique knack for anyone.

Wick Portable LED Candlelight by graypants /// 149 If you meld the romance of candlelight with the functionality of a torch, you get Wick. It renders portable LED candlelight- and there’s no worry about the candle burning out! Wick’s versatility clears it immense for an office, front room, dining room and even outside. That too wants it’s a great choice for anyone you’re shopping for. You can feel confident in your selection because this is also one of the Design Milk community’s favorite products of 2020!

Limited-Edition Carl Cashman” Social Distancing” Vase by Venus+ the Cat /// $515 Only 50 of these limited-edition vases were become( and each is uniquely numbered)- that reaches this a quite damn special gift. This exclusive was commissioned by renowned contemporary street master Carl Cashman, and his eye-catching style applications complexion, vigor, courage and personality with striking negative cavity that glitters through on this vase.

Hagl Black Mat by Heymat /// from $150 Hagl’s designing means that patrons will notice it the moment they walk by it. The blueprint, designed by Caroline Olsson, is inspired by hail against a nighttime sky, and it is a playful addition to any doorway. And, it’s made to hold up to shoes that have braved the wettest winters( which the design is based on after all ).

Monti Taste Set by Sempli /// $100 The Monti Taste Set is designed for brew love- and it’s a offering that lasts a lot longer than a six-pack. In it, you’ll find four of Sempli’s glass, each specially designed to enhance the flavor profiles of different brew styles.

Fade Puzzle by Four Point Puzzles /// $25 Puzzles have consistently been a community favorite this year! The Fade Puzzle image was designed by Swedish artist Sara Andreasson in 2014 as part of a series of work that focuses on form and the application of bold color applied with a gradient decoration. You can see the work of art come to life with each dilemma piece you arrange. It comes in a puzzle bundle, extremely!

Snow White Pantone Sneaker( men’s sizing)( women’s sizing) by Cariuma /// $89 OCA is Cariuma’s popular signature sneaker and this account come here for a Pantone twist. It’s crafted from high-end, raw material, it’s lightweight, and it has a classic cap-toe design for comfort and wording. All in all, we hear why this shoe is so favourite with our community. The neutral Pantone Snow White color starts it a great choice for Pantone sweethearts and for celebration knack because it works with every wardrobe.

Boeien Salt and Pepper Set by Puik /// $30 Designed by Ka-Lai Chan, the Boeien Salt and Pepper Set isn’t your basic salt and pepper set. They’re cheerful, beautifully framed, and stand out. Really, it’s everything you demand in a holiday gift.

Adulting Candle by Anecdote Candles /// $24 Candles are a classic celebration endowment because you can’t certainly go wrong with one. Anecdote Candles heightens the bar with inventive and nuanced odors, high-quality materials and a hand-poured approach. It’s no wonder these are one of our community( and team !) favorites.

If you’re still undecided or haven’t knew the freedom endowment, there’s one universal endow that is well-liked by friends, lineage, collaborators, and kids alike: the Design Milk gift card. Let your recipient pick out something for themselves from our shop. We’re sure that they’ll find something they didn’t even know they wanted.

In support of the Design Milk Mission and to celebrate Giving Tuesday, we’re donating 10% of our ecommerce sales established on Dec 1st, 2020 to this quarter’s charity recipient Share Our Strength! That’s 10 hours our everyday donation, so finish your store and help us give back! Share Our Strength is the parent organization of No Kid Hungry, Cooking Matters and Community Wealth Matters and other programs with a mission to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad. Donate today!

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