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20+ Free April Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Content Calendar

The spring is an excellent time to pollenate your Instagram feed with radiant photos and to take advantage of all of the holidays and promotional opportunities it offers. There’s National Grilled Cheese Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, Autism Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and more. These ceremonies and topics provide opportunities for you to connect with your patrons, express your expression and evaluates, and creatively commit your audience–especially on social media.

April marketing ideas April promo

In this affix, we’re going to provide a register of April themes, festivities, and awareness starts as well as real patterns from businesses across numerous industries to help give you some artistic insight. So let’s get into it.

April holidays and awareness movements

Here is a list of the many holidays and national daytimes celebrated in April that can make for creative marketing for your neighbourhood business 😛 TAGEND

April Fool’s Day Easter Sunday World Party Day Walk to Work Day World Health Day Siblings Day National Grilled Cheese Day Tax Day High Five Day Get to Know Your Customer Day Earth Day Picnic Day Denim Day Administrative Professionals’ Day Take Your Child to Work Day Arbor Day Email Debt Forgiveness Day

Themes and awareness stimulates that last throughout the month of April include 😛 TAGEND

Prom Season Financial Literacy Planet Earth Sexual Assault Child Abuse Autism Volunteering Donate Life

Creative April commerce the suggestions and precedents

Between your website, blog, social media histories, and Google Business Profile, “theres plenty” of canals by which you can share your April content and publicities. Below you’ll find a plethora of imaginative April-themed sentiments from real enterprises just like yours.

1. Autism Awareness Month

Autism feigns 1 in 59 children in the United Mood. If you or someone you adoration is affected by autism, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness by getting involved in activities to give back to the community or causing money to donate to an organization dedicated to autism. Here’s a associate to get involved in an happening near you. Or you can show your support with applicable products, as with the speciman below 😛 TAGEND

april marketing ideas autism awareness

2. National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Show your support for National Child Abuse Prevention Month with a off-color pinwheel, which is the national symbol for the cause.

april marketing ideas pinwheels

Or plant a pinwheel plot at your place of business and share it with your followers in hopes of raising awareness.

April marketing ideas pinwheel garden

3. Financial Literacy Month

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, publish a blog pole on a finance-related topic. Or, urge adherents to start a speech about how they’d choose to spend extra cash if it fell into their sips. These explains could get reasonably artistic!

April marketing ideas financial literacy month

4. Prom season

Many types of businesses can figure out a pole to tap into the prom season delirium. This restaurant is cashing in on the esteem of “promposals”.

April marketing ideas promposal

Think about posting something useful for mothers who may be concerned about the goings-on of prom night…providing helpful datum is appreciated by your followers- no one wants to be sold to 24/7.

April marketing ideas prom education

If you happen to have an offering that is right in line with prom season, don’t be shy about promoting yourself either.

April marketing ideas prom special

5. April Fool’s Day

Have some entertaining with your marketing on April 1. April Fools Day is the perfect excuse to play a practical joke on your customers–just be sure to keep things ignited and recreation. Fitness centers can offer calorie-free cheeseburgers, preschools can offer a class for schooling ABCs to puppies, and rub studios can offer touch-free rubs. These are all obvious jokes related to your business. Another route to sell your business for April Geek Day is to run a competition for the best prank, or to share photos of your employees partaking in the fun.

april marketing ideas april fools

6. National Siblings Day

If you run a family business don’t forget about National Sibling Day. Celebrate your togetherness while promoting your business. Or simply add minds on the resources necessary to statu the day.

April marketing ideas siblings day

If relevant, led promotions specific to siblings with two-for-one treats. Or you can celebrate by simply snarling pics of all the siblings that came to see you your place and posting to social media.

April marketing ideas siblings day 2

7. The Boston Marathon

WordStream is based in Boston so we’re massive those in favour of the marathon, but you don’t have to be local to corroborate it. Show your expressed support for neighbourhood competitors who are running or traveling with own family members running in the marathon. Fitness centers should show their support across the country for the marathoners. Neighbourhood restaurants can offer” carb lading” pre-marathon meals and rub studios is available with dismiss to runners.

8. Administrative Professionals Day

Make sure to thank your support staff on Administrative Professionals Day. This is a good way to prepare your business and brand personal on social media and on your blog. Highlight what your support staff does for your business and interview them on your blog or on a video. Customers who interact with support staff will adoration appreciating them in the spotlight!

9. National Grilled Cheese Day

Everyone adores grilled cheese sandwiches so you should utterly find a way to incorporate a National Grilled Cheese Day post into your feed–whether you own a restaurant or not! See how these non-food related businesses did it use 😛 TAGEND

April marketing ideas national grilled cheese day 1

April marketing ideas national grilled cheese day 2

10. National High Five Day

On National High Five Day, ask your customers to pose for a #highfive and call them. They’ll likely repost on their own feeds and get you some more visibility.

April marketing ideas high five day

You could also up your Facebook following by inviting customers to tag parties they’d like to give a virtual high five.

April marketing ideas virtual high five

Or give your own virtual high five as a expressed appreciation for or special shout out to patrons, dealers, or even a lawsuit you support.

April marketing ideas high five AHA

If you’re up for it, think about running a promo that coincides with the quantity five…it doesn’t all have to be about a literal high five!

april marketing ideas high five day pizza

11. Take Your Child to Work Day

If you have children, making them to work on this day and tell your purchasers about it. This is a great way to school your child about starting and racing a business and inspire them to follow their dreams.

Take their portrait and upright it on social media, supporting customers to come in and say hello. Make your child the “boss” of the day. Posting representations or narrations on social media is a great way to engage customers and to personalize your firebrand. Plus, you can show off your adorable children!

April marketing ideas take your child to work day 1

April marketing ideas take your child to work day 2

12. Earth Day

Earth Day and Arbor Day are all about mood and trees. Use these holidays as a marketing opportunity for your business. Flower browses can host a class or write a blog about reusing bone-dry grows for decor, interior designers can provide gratuities about decorating with mood, and fitness centers can take first-class outside for a hike or workout that recognizes nature.

13. Easter and Passover

Restaurants, of course, can host Easter brunch or advertise their Kosher for Passover menu pieces. Photographers can run Easter picture specials. Daycares can make a special day for children to take pictures with the Easter bunny. Fitness cores can found a family recreation era with an Easter egg hunt. Bakery can post their themed broiled goods to enhance their lineups. Or, loped a “peeps” special like this business did 😛 TAGEND

april marketing ideas peeps

Our friends at LOCALiQ have abundance more Easter marketing feelingsfor you to check out.

14. Tax Day

Tax Day is a day that parties either love( because they’re getting a refund) or dislike( because they owe money ). This is prime time for controllers to busines their business–if they haven’t already. But other types of businesses can benefit from Tax Day as well.

Restaurants and barrooms can host upright Tax Day parties. Retail supermarkets can have after Tax Day advertisings to help people looking to spend their indemnity. Filing taxes is stressful, so fitness centers or yoga studios can use this as an opportunity to have a boot camp class or a special yoga class. For a little extra fun, incorporate a playlist of fund songs.

Or you can do something fun with lists, like this restaurant did 😛 TAGEND

April marketing ideas tax day special

15. Spring clean

Spring cleaning is high time for cleaning services, organizers, and interior designers. Use this as an opportunity to give your customers and capacity purchasers gratuities on how they can spruce up their house for the brand-new season.

Cleaning Services should offer promotions or referrals for brand-new or current customers to jump-start business for the warmer brave. Contractors or structure assistances should blog or affix videos about common issues that arise in the spring. If you’re getting started on a blog, spring emptying is a great topic for writing your first blog post.

16. Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day occurs on the third Thursday of the first month of each quarter, so January, April, July, and October–and is, of course, a great opportunity for interacting with your clients. Post questions on Facebook that engage them in a conference. Ask for their minds to help improve your services, what they like about your business, etc.

April marketing ideas get to know your customers 1

April marketing ideas get to know your customers 2

17. Denim Day

Denim Day is associated with Sexual Assault Awareness. Take a breaking from self-promotion and drill your partisans on its own history of the holiday.

April marketing ideas denim day

Or show your support for victims of sexual assault by inviting employees to wear denim to work on this day.

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