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10 Best SERP Tracking Tools in 2021

Are you interested in finding some extremely ideal SERP checker implements to check the search engine rank for your targeted keywords? If so, you’re in the perfect place to acquire the admirable tool to fulfill your needs. Nobody will deny that SEO is among the essential facets of Digital Marketing. It’s a discipline in addition to providing an skill which could take a great deal of time to learn since there’s not any behavior about it.

Though you’re performing the keyword study properly to discover the most crucial low competition keywords along with the LSI keywords, it’s vital to monitor the operation of their reproduced material. It is where you will need the ideal SERP ranking checker tools. Thus, without much ado, give us understand keyword monitoring and a number of the most most incredible SERP trackers.

10 Best SERP Tracking Tools in 2021 1. Pro Rank Tracker


Pro Rank Tracker is a high-performance search engine optimization position tracker that allows you to monitor your positions on most Google websites, Yahoo websites, Bing websites, and even on Yandex. With more than six years of constant promotions, PRT is reliable by nearly 60,000 glad patrons, including unit, SEO’s, and electronic marketers throughout the world.

Whether you would like to monitor your movies on YouTube outcomes or observe your record on all Amazon places, what’s contained within the Pro Rank Tracker.

Additionally, features such as International Rank Tracking, an Assortment of Research& Analysis tools, Comprehensive Reports, Website Audit, and Total SERPs are enough to alter the Search Engine Optimization match for you and your Customers.

Long Tail Pro is most commonly called the ultimate keyword analysis tool developed by many of the most fantastic bloggers and affiliate marketers internationally. While Long Tail Pro is primarily far-famed for Keyword Research& Analysis, the instrument cures track higher-rankings to your targeted keywords throughout its Rank Tracker tool.

It is a cheap SERP ranking tracker with over 60,000 customers. Operating for more than five years, the label has appreciated endless updating. Throughout the alteration procedure, Pro Rank has accommodated some of the very best SERP monitoring attributes.

Thus, it is now a powerhouse in position tracking and the part search engine optimization business. Pro Rank customers vary from site owners, SEOs, SEQs, partnerships, gargantuan agencies to SMEs. The cloud-based app ensures accessibility to some parts of the world.

There’s not any setup or download required to allow monitoring. Because of this, the stage can check until the very best 100 SERP upshots for your keywords and utterances. Additionally, you may get 30 SERP gists on your mobile apparatus. With daily automatic revises, “youre seeing” a competitor’s functionality along with your historical data too.

Many top search engines that can use the Pro Rank tracker comprise Yahoo, Bing, Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Applying this monitoring tool, there’s absolutely no danger to a website as it ensures data privacy. Additionally, it supplies a gigantic collection of search engines and attributes at minimum prices.

It originates it a favorite choice by bloggers, eCommerce websites, site proprietors, affiliate marketers, international businesses, and several more. Its solid implements and features include complex reports, keyword projects, PRT cellular APP, evaluation detection, unit programmes, and majority.

2. SE Ranking


If you’re hunting for a 100% genuine keyword grade tracker software using a couple of superior attributes, then your hand-picked ought to be SE Position. It’s an exceptional search engine optimization tool that has abide moving as one of its top features.

Following G2Crowd, SE Position is your highest rated SERP monitoring tool since it might provide more up-to-date info and comprises adaptable pricing planneds. Owning corporations’ best characteristics, this SERP monitoring software may take your concoction/ service to another level.

Its white-label& API characteristics are necessary for collaborative give. It’s true; it is possible to organize the workspace by causing sub-accounts to get the job specials. If the time comes to professional reporting on the customers, then nobody could subdue SE Ranking.

This Ukrainian platform stands out as one of the top serve rack trackers for SERP tracking moves. It hands flexible by enabling check positions in numerous languages and nations. SERP Checker observers rank across numerous search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google.

It caters reactions through a desktop computer or cellular services. Additionally, it moves Google maps and observes competitor’s websites at no excess freight. The principal benefit is that it enables one to add as numerous as five opponents’ websites and assess their positions for search engines and keywords.

Subsequently, it helps ensure that the user learns and racetracks near ten opposings and gives a entire collection of your SERP competitions.

Having a comprehensive reporting center, SERP Checker uses the bureau appoint or insignium to select a module to improve the outcomes. There’s also an option of get reports either mechanically or manually.

SERP Checker consumers like a flexible pay platform such as Enterprise, Discount Plus, Discount Optimum, Daily, and weekly rates. These expenses depend on every company’s keywords requests. SE Position is an all-in-one search engine optimization software included with each tool you will need for a 360 -degree evaluation of your site.

Whether you’re an financier who doesn’t understand how to deal with a website, SMB busy scale up your enterprise, a service looking ahead to rank the customers’ website, or business succeeding data in bulk, SE Position is for you.

With every implement you will need for SEO and advertising, SE Ranking is a fantastic scaffold for everybody. You can assess your site’s real-time places for targeted keywords across the most significant search engines on almost any place as many times as you would like.

Competitor Research instrument to discover keywords and ads used by the competition in various safaruss. Robust SEO reporting allows you to examine data based on rank period, customize utilizing drag-and-drop, and ship automatically to the users frequently.

3. AccuRanker


AccuRanker is a exceptional implement that lets you observer rankings for as many as 100,000 keywords. As a result of integrating works such as Google search games and Google analytics, the consumers may aspire to get detailed and educational data for every single keyword.

The icing on the cake is that AccuRanker allows you to compare keyword status to top 10 challengers. Your positions are updated daily; thus, the information you receive is always freshening. Likewise, AccuRanker does not limit the number of domain names that the users would love to monitor.

AccuRanker claims to be the world’s quickest keyword rank tracker for both bureaus and SEO professionals. AccuRanker was set in 2013 by both Henrik and Christian. It will help you with instantaneous, precise, and location-specific positions on desktop or mobile computers.

They support a wide-reaching selection of search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. Instant on-demand modernizes allow you to refresh your keyword locations when you are want. SERP history will help you better comprehend which SERP attributes raising tourists to your locate so you can create your proposes accordingly.

Moreover, attributes such as Advanced Data Segmentation, Google& Adobe Analytics, Google Lookup Console, Google Data Studio, Advanced Share of Voice, Landing Pages, Tag Cloud, etc ., make it the very best SERP tracker.

With over 25,000 clients, AccuRanker provides in-depth analysis and improved intelligence at an unbelievable rate. By extensive analysis, we imply that it filters and divides your information to permit the’ arrange your information view. From that stage, you can disperse revelations into an own team to start sensible and data decisions.

Moreover, the tabbed aspect entitles useds to insure their keyword functionality from all regions. Providing the flexibility of utilizing mobile computers or manoeuvres to look at SERP outcomes arranges organizations in management while allowing agility against rivals.

It fixes AccuRanker a favorite preference for professionals and SEO authorities. Another AccuRanker strong point is that the component of committing SERP history. The newest achieves this by constructing a natural existence through different SERP attributes on Google.

Therefore, business owners know which SERP attributes assistant drive visitors to their websites and the way ahead. Other advantages include assessing the effect of search engine optimization hopes and restructuring keyword datum with AccuRanker landing page peculiarities and call vapour. Thus, with flexible refund programs, the programme manages to tempt useds from all saunters of being. The most well-known means comprise specialists, occupations, and specialists.

4. Ahrefs


Ahrefs has rapidly cemented itself as a personal favorite of countless search engine optimization professionals and professionals, and rightfully so. It’s the second-fastest net crawler, supporting Google, and owns one of the critical ports considering ranking checking tools.

Its principal performs include competitive analysis, URL rank, Keyword analysis, backlink analysis, etc. The same as a lot of its peers, Ahrefs likewise renders natural research reports to its consumers. This instrument can sneak across the net and amidst a great deal of information to improve your search engine positions.

Ahrefs is among the greatest key explorers included exercising the ranking tracker, which enables you to raise your search traffic and, at accurately the same time, help you outrank your competitors.

It is a comprehensive package of all of the tools you want to develop organically, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking, Internet Monitoring; each instrument is on board.

Ahref’s Rack Tracker for SERP status tracking helps users move their standing on desktop and mobile devices across 170 countries. You have to enter your keywords, various states per keyword, and competitor’s URLs via a simple setup.

From that station, Ahref begins the monitoring procedure and continues equipping expected outcomes. Using Ahref’s Rank Tracker, you figure out how to acquire information on several different capabilities. Including supermarket upshots, thumbnails, peculiarity snippets, website ties, image compres, top storeys, videos, knowledge board, a mailbox, AdWords shirt, AdWords underside, along with many others.

Additionally, it imagines your keywords list with filters and tags. For an effective procedure, you have to zoom in on your information using different valuable filters. To acquire an innovative panorama of this standing procedure, you are eligible to named your keywords by tags.

From that point, the Ahref tracker amasses your information and exemplifies act by the label. This monitoring brand likens your website rank with around ten business adversaries. Subsequently, it specifies relevant information on three foreman spheres; search engine, stay promotion, and SERP attributes.

In the reports , an individual can get insights about the webpages and websites that compete for SEO tourists out of the listing of keywords. Typically, this scaffold exploits data from nearly 100 search outlooks for all your keywords and phrases.

In the procedure, you get deeper insights into your improved vital metrics on your key quotations. Furthermore, you can get regular email reports indicating substantial changes in your keyword SEO status. It comes together with a form of lost and achieved SERP facets with performance information on your tags.

5. SERPWatcher


SERPWatcher monitoring tool supplies daily posts in a listing of 30 times. The primary SERP tracker in Mangools guides users to move their website’s day-by-day status and watch them at the SERP previews. In the procedure, you receive mind-ups on all substantial monitoring changes by your email.

SERPWatcher permits users to see how their website plays via the SERP’s operation indicator. The main purpose of any orientation checking must be acknowledged the valuable organic freight to your site. SERPWatcher’s rendition show stipulates upshots will vary depending on the various search engines and existing keyword status.

Besides, they give place and device-based outcomes. That generally means that they move positions in almost any setting and hire any cellular or desktop computer device. Presently, this upright tracking corporation come here for an over 52,000 actuality in many people, states, DMAs, and cities on almost any device. In such regions, SERPWatcher likewise moves historical data across variou time frames.

Another substantial help of using this particular platform is your interactive report and frightens characteristic. From this attribute, a company causes the staff members and buyers ensure a website ranking simultaneously. Additionally, the event-based planned and reports frightens prevent everybody updated on the essential the changing nature of a website.

6. RankRanger


Rank Ranger is an SEO and announce platform which presents an expansive variety of application features and advancement business geared towards giving data coverage over the SEO and electronic commerce and ad disciplines.

Third-party applications integrating, 100% white tag automated reports expending a branded web boundary, in addition to lengthy customized and customizable report coverage, acquires Rank Ranger a comprehensive effort moving and tracking instrument.

Rank Ranger is your SEO and pushing software for a service( SaaS) stage developed under bureaus and cheap to almost any electronic push busines or in-house specialist.

Rank Ranger’s extensive internet advertise stage checks and roads natural, neighbourhood, cellular, curriculum, and movie ranking on countless search engines, substantiates, and tracks Meta information, and involves integrating ad metrics from a enormous regalium of third-party applications and solutions.

Personalized 100% white label reporting alternatives comprise a brandable drag-and-drop internet market dashboard who were able to customized to accommodate any website’s layout, in addition to solitary sign-on customer dashboards, utilization of custom-built URLs, and automatic scheduling of branded PDF reports.

7. Advanced Web Ranking


Advanced Rank Checking is an effective rank checking implement that includes a range of valuable capabilities. It exhibits accurate positions in approximately 130 countries and 22 search engines. The work is also acclaimed for enabling the monitoring of location-specific positions is attached to the zip code.

The tool likewise lets users compare their standing functionality with that of the opponents. Besides, it can document SERP Features. The implement modernizes orientations every day, thus ensuring that the information remains clean.

Advanced Web Ranking( AWR) is the world’s most precise, longest-standing rank monitoring tool, assisting you with reliable place primacies, practice SEO reporting, and contender research.

With more than 3,000 search engines and over 170 commonwealths, it is possible to monitor your site’s new positions not just in Google but on Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, YouTube, and more for almost any place, across numerous maneuvers. Google Data Integration, Performance tendencies, Visibility& KPIs, and Data segmentation imagine your search engine optimization functionality in the simplest way possible.

Keep your look on the opponents over the targeted keywords, their strong point, weak points. Replicate the opponents’ approaches that drive causes to outrank them. Ultimately, compile, customize, and share reports with your customers to reveal what qualities you’re bringing to your enterprise.

AdvancedWebRanking asserts that status tracking is stirred simple through the white label reports available from any other device. Several thousands of agencies& brands are employing this SERP keyword checker to better their busines development.

Among the very best SERP ranking tracker’s main highlightings are monitoring the keywords in almost any language you want. What’s more, it fills the human search emulation mechanism and geo-located proxy servers to offer high-pitched accuracy information.

8. SEMrush

SEMrush - best seo tool

SEMrush has been conducting the charge on status checking implements since its beginning. It permits users to evaluate the competitor in addition to their content. It caters its clients the best-performing web pages, material, and keywords exploiting robust metrics.

SEMrush has been demonstrated to be a salvation to a lot of e-commerce shops and site owners in comprehending the search engine optimization strategies of their resists. It’s the best implement on the market for both minuscule and midsize businesses.

SEMrush is just one of the very best SERP trackers with over 6 million admirers. Primarily, they cope with industrialists who wish to provide supreme work efficiently. Position Tracking keeps corporations in contact about any changes in their search engine optimization higher-rankings. Currently, they feed all types of organizations to maximize their search engine optimization attendance across crucial platforms.

Furthermore, they steer the way to think of locking material to the audience. Reputation Tracking allows the discovery of business growth opportunities. Furthermore, it lets users led observing ventures to get precise outcomes. SEMrush SERP tracker lotion lets the user to monitor their search engine optimization progress while tracking contestants’ functionality.

Launched back in 2008, SEMrush is now the# 1 option for bloggers, SEO experts, and electronic purveyors. Eleven years of rich know, over 800 employees in 4 commonwealths, and seven offices on two continents allow it to be the world’s top vigorous examine busines for most online advertising and commerce spheres.

And that’s the reason why 5,000, 000+ consumers and 20,000+ spouses all around the world grow organically and raise their revenue. SEMrush is an all-purpose Advertising toolkit with a Massive Assortment of tools for SEO, Advertising, Social Networking, Content Marketing, Competitive Research, and Management.

Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Difficulty Tool, Backlink Analytics& Audit, Link Building Tool, Position Tracking, and Website Audit are a Few of the top peculiarities mentioned here. SEMrush rank monitoring tool, the Position Tracking instrument, includes a few handy pieces like calling, filtering, sorting, and exporting reports, stirring it effortless for purveyors to discover just what they’re searching for.

9. SERPWoo


SERPWoo is an advanced platform developed by business professionals having over 30 years of mixed knowledge in search engine optimization( search engine optimization) and online reputation conduct( ORM ).

Its Deep SERP Analysis& Reporting can allow you to conduct SEO and ORM expeditions efficiently. Enterprise-ready reporting will permit you to create beautiful PDF and data-heavy CSV reports. Safeguard your label by tagging doubtful URLs blood-red, moving your SERPs for affiliates, collaborators, works, challengers, and co-ordinated occupation alarms.

SERPWoo is another incredible online tool for SEO Rank Tracking. It brings from the Deep SERP evaluation factor that will help you move and examine the top 20 results of every targeted keyword to comprehend better what the opponents are around.

With this ideal SERP tracker, you cannot just track or observe your area or site’s arranges but too enable you to compete with other manufacturers strategically. It is possible to check the historic SERP, comprehend why and how the opponents rank higher and optimize your locate or blog.

10. Authority Labs


Authority Labs is just another marvelous rank-checking tool with a relatively user-friendly interface. Authority laboratories make it possible for users to prove multiple websites and maximize a search engine optimization expedition. Additionally, it expedites in laser targeting your audience exercising location-specific rank monitoring.

The aids likewise help the consumers to monitor SEO safaruss being set up by their foes, thereby providing them an advantage over their competitors.

GEO targets search results for almost any domain name, any place on earth. We encourage all global rummage preferences, words, and locales, so it’s possible to pull geo-targeted outcomes from any nothing or municipal on both mobile and desktop status. Most scalable and adaptable to your group, you receive unlimited users who have an account!


Employing a rank current account can allow you to achieve the outcomes you seek, and you’ll find the fruits of your assaults ripening in the kind of high positions and enhanced marketings and prospects. You can quickly produce content and keep your competition.

There are many different SERP tracker planneds on the marketplace. Before deciding on a single, you ought to think about the position reports given, price, and extent of keywords they move. Remember that you can find a grade moving tool that can provide you daily, weekly or monthly updates distributed according to your finances.

Overall, make sure your choice checks your SERP attributes campaigns and outlooks at various neighbourhoods, apparatuses, and search engines. Your SERP reports will result you on the best way to raise traffic, developing in better conversions.

Assessing and choosing the ideal keywords for your web pages or blog sections and after moving your domain name’s search engine positions in addition to adversaries’ domain name for all those keywords is vital if you want to compete in the internet business now.

The SERP monitoring software tools are valuable in keeping tabs on your site or site’s functionality for its targeted search questions. The free SERP Checker tools are helpful, but they are not as effective as the top ones mentioned previously. Well, you may start your digital pushing or blogging outing with all these free Google SERP Planner programs.


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